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  Oct 2018 Rh
i want to give you all of me
every single thing
i'm so tired of being scared
so here
here's my heart
i'm handing it to you
it is now in your hands
please be careful
it breaks really easily
so here
here's my mind
and all my thoughts and feelings
please be careful
i am very insecure
so here
here's my soul
and everything that comes with it
please be careful
it's really important to me
so here
here's all of me
please be careful
i trust you enough to do what's right for me
i trust you to love me and take care of me
i trust you
so please don't break me
i'm trusting you with all of me
Rh Oct 2018
As close as I would love to cling yet the further Iam from you is a sort of healing.
Being on the byline of obsession yet Iam trying to be on the verge of oblivion.
Custodian to your companionship yet I would love to be the cause of your hardship.
Dreams of you should be everlasting yet I can't wait to wake up and rid myself of the sting.
Eternal happiness is what I wish for you yet eternal hatred is what I wish upon you.
Fineness praising you yet I feel a sort of self -destruction when writing of you.
Grieving for my sort of delicacy yet
Iam addicted to you like Hennessy.
I hate  you but I  like you
Rh Oct 2018
Dried baptist ink.
Unholy flings.
Please  don't  catch unwanted feelings.
It was nothing more than a link between two broken  people not wanting to be labelled.
Why should we label what we have or had?
We both know it's not going to last.
Is this a test?
You talking french now huh?
Throwing all that  "we" **** in my face.
Acting like you own me all of a sudden maybe you're just going through a phase.
Why you acting "woke" all of a sudden?
Telling me what I can and can't do.
You don't own  me,no can't do.
Careful with that french you  throwing around.
Careful not to lose yourself in all that jealousy you spewing around  maybe  if you bite your tongue I might just come around.
Throw me off that high pedestal that you praise so much.
The view up here  is not all that much.
Why label it..can we not get  our  feelings involved?
  Sep 2018 Rh
Your thoughts are like paint dripping off a canvas
Decorating the floor with your ideas
The reds and blues
A thousand hues
But one color always seems to be missing.

The museum is filled to the brim with your art
A rainbow of pain and love
An ocean of wonder
Every color you could come up with.
All but one.

You paint the sky and the moon
The stars and the forests
You draw out the sunsets and silhouettes
You’ve painted a galaxy.
But you think it’s incomplete.

You are my favorite artist.
I could stare at the pieces you create forever
And hope that I could be the color you need.
That one day,
You could paint me pink.
For J
  Sep 2018 Rh
Running it through my head
Like a train without brakes
I know I’ll run this off the tracks
And burn it all to the ground
If I don’t stop chugging through
The same paths in my head

I just can’t imagine why
Somebody like you
Would bother trying
To make things work
With somebody like me

I’m a broken machine
Pieces missing and
Parts rusted through
Will you fill in my holes
And make things run
Or will I just keep driving
Until I get towed into
The same junkyard
Where all the other
Lost causes go?

Don’t get your hopes up
I know I don’t anymore
I doubt I can keep this
Up long enough to
Get comfortable

We’ll float suspended
Together in this purgatory
Of maybe’s and what if’s
Until we drift apart
You to something better
Me to something lonelier
And then we’ll both be
Where we belong

My fate lies somewhere
Destitute and alone
But for now let’s pretend
That I’m not an eroded
Abandoned house
Too far gone and left
Out to rot and let’s
Paint my peeling walls
And hang pictures in my
Empty halls until I
Inevitably collapse
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