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Apr 2016
Soft words that fall into the space, just outside delicious blood red lips
When you say my name, you will never feel how my lonely heart skips
Remember your spoken words, how my eyes were fixed solely on you?
Did you ever think to ask yourself , who it is you were really talking to?
I catch my breath after you stole it way, leaving my lungs so absent of air
I lay slain in your field of blue, hopelessly lost in your words somewhere
I tried so many times to tell you how I feel, my spoken words always fail
My words are just like a blind man, searching through volumes of braille
Your eyes saw right through me, and held me captive on through the night
I wonder if you ever knew, that it was a single moment of love at first sight
Hope you enjoy this contribution, thanks in advance for critique/comments....
J Ray
Written by
J Ray
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