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Dana Apr 26
Clasped in her hands
are the secrets she keeps.
Fireflies captured mid flight-
at midnight, she creeps.
Their sparkle, their sight
now restricted, air tight.
She hides them away,
Reassured they are not showing. Passerbys look
Yet no one can see them glowing.
Insects as new pets.
A hoarder, she collects.
A private sinful stash of consealed facts,
stowed away like getaway cash.
They cry out and weep,
locked up inside deep.
Begging to be released
But she closes her eyes and goes to sleep.
For all the things left unsaid.
Dana Apr 7
As i open the door, the living room deflates. I force myself forward. Taking a seat somewhere between my strong will and constant search of comfort. You smell like stale popcorn and feel like an uneased sympathy pat on the back. I remember the excitement which once lived here in the space next to me.  Its memory almost evaporated into a musk that barely lingers. I remember the coos and awes and sounds of admiration now air bubbles trapped beneath frozen surface. Each moment passing, an empty exchange watching gravity ****** sand from my lifes hour glass. Leaving my soul to crave affection as you snore and i absorb the television screen.
The difference of distance, inches yet worlds away
Dana Mar 28
A budding flower,
I egress on the ol' soul retreat,
Where the sun is hot and pleasure tastes sweet.
A busy bee making friends with all that i meet,
While harnessing the power nestled in my own two feet.
She is spontaneous, the spirit that resides.
The emperess i love most, but whom often hides.
Adventurous, as she explores new depths inside.
Fresh squeezed freedom,
Days that taste like lemonade,
All the while disobeying lifes civil masquerade.
Illuminating forgotten dusty doors,
Shackles of responsibility breaking loose,
My wild lion heart roars.
The feeling of stepping on a one way flight,
A jelly fish adrift a cool current,
Flowing night after night.
Unlocking ingredients of the person within,
As my inner goddess smirks at me with a welcoming grin.
                               Free to Be,
                                  Free to Be Me
Wild locks, tanned skin with a tooth-full smile,
She sees something in her reflection she hasnt seen in awhile.
Forgive me self, for i have sinned
I let myself forget the refreshing feeling
Of the mountain top wind.
Wrote this after my experience traveling to Hawaii, it is also the first poem that i wrote that I shared publicly. Thanks for reading ☺
  Mar 28 Dana
Bryan Dahl
Her name,
passing over your lips
like the cosmonaut's smile
at first sight of the Earth.

Since birth, she has been
swimming the stars, but still
never goes beyond dipping her toes
when the shoreline hisses withdraw.

As her earth gives
my sea his home, I wonder-

Would she let me
take her hand, gently,
walk her out a bit deeper.

Would she hold me, fiercely,
lift up from the wet sand,
her feet, trusting the sea, trusting me.

When earth, sea, and stars all hold each other dearly,
however distant they may be,
Her deepest fears all devoured
by a pack of wild ladybugs.
Dana Mar 27
Purgatory feels like...
A dance with the devil who wears my lovers face. It feels like a disregarded boiling tea kettle of our responsibilities that is ready to burst. You hand it back to me as if it were an unwanted gift, making promises with fingers crossed in attempt to silence me. You force it into my arms and my arms alone as you are shaking your head in disapproval.  Selfish snakes have stolen your once sweet tongue, now sour, as you ignore the fact that I already bare the weight of the world which clings onto my shoulders. Animosity swells inside me as two lives crash and burn. You walk away disconnected from it all, continuing on in your child-like life in a cusioned bubble of ignorant bliss. I am swollowed by quicksand inside this burning fictional house we built - standing here, paralyzed, mouth sunk open in disbelief. As you walk away...
Dana Mar 27
Its a pins and needles tingle
Which slowly fades away
Muscles aint moved a single
Laid in bed all day
My insides are empty
Because my love has left me
Alone in the darkness
Dana Mar 26
As the unforgiving winds changed their beat
And all that was stumbled into last week
Future times, where lovers eyes no longer meet
Two strangers, opposite sides of the street in retreat
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