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Rachael Grace Apr 2015
I've tried a lot of things
I've prayed a lot of times
But I'm still terrified of the needle that pierces my veins

Cried and cried
Shut my eyes
Clench my fists
A pain that never seems to quit

Helpful act
Leaving nothing but a dimple
In my brain though, it's not so simple

No child
But I remember
When I was a child
Over and over
Needle after needle
Again and again
Sickness with no end

Stuck with a fear
Bred inside my head
A fight I cannot fight
A threat I will always detect

No neglect
Just a kid who hid the hounding
Behind a sickness with no end
When I was in 1st grade I was bullied a lot and had a lot of fear while at school so I would make myself sick and go home pretty often. Because no one knew I started having tests done at the hospital which involved a lot of needles.
  Apr 2015 Rachael Grace
Riley Lavender
If the written word
ceased to exist
I would end with it
  Apr 2015 Rachael Grace
Irebby Tapnio
His warmth I love
Though never touched
Cause suns still burn
From far away

He'd hear my thoughts
Though never speaks
But silence talks
In many ways

Oh how I'd love
To have him near
To talk even
For just a day

But I know well
As dreams reveal
When I come to
That he's not real
  Apr 2015 Rachael Grace
Jeuden Totanes

how cunning
this tiny trickle of red
how horrid
this leakage of the dead

don't look at me
with plump red lips
go hide and flee
I might not resist

in dark-ruby richness
it lures the foggy mind
in acrid taste of thickness
it tempts our undead kind

pulsing in the wrist
the scent of human juice
our bloodlust is a feast
an ancient broken truce

so hold your breath
and gaze into my eyes
oh what a shame
a vestal sacrifice

close your eyes
your dreams will end tonight
you will rise
a graceful grandiose sight

blood! gimme blood! haha
  Apr 2015 Rachael Grace
Cierra Spina
I realize now
That passion
Is what keeps you going
In life, in love
In all things that matter
Without it you're just
            Wasting time

  *Filling space
  Apr 2015 Rachael Grace
LJ Chaplin
Heartbeats and concrete,
Skyscrapers and commuters,
Dreams and believers.
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