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Jeuden Totanes Jan 2016
I heard water
Little hiccups.

Where is it coming from?

It's from my artery.
Jeuden Totanes Jan 2016
She came and swept me
Like a river in the night
And I succumbed
To her tug
Like a puppy
And i drowned
In the flood
In my blood.
She came and swept me
Jeuden Totanes Nov 2015
The table waited
For the father and mother
For the merry children
For a splendid dinner
Beside the fire
Where memories flickered
Of roast turkey
And hot cocoa
And a puppy emerging
In a bright parcel
Of red and green
The festive colors

The walls remember
Candle lit evenings
Where stories were told
Under warm blankets
The children would snicker
And laugh in glee
And excitement
As the mother kissed them
And the father said good night

The porch reminiscing
Bright summer days
Where the family
Played joyous games
And sang with the guitar

The yard misses
Seeing the children
In clean uniform
Marching off to school
And coming home
With tired smiles

And the rusty old car
Creaks his hinges
As he weeps
Remembering the father
Who polished and cleaned
During dusty days

And the curtains were weary
For they wanted to move
To let sunlight in
To recapture moments
When the family
Would chase each other
Around the house
Playing hide and seek
Shrieking and exclaiming
In happy voices

The old tree so ancient
Bent over the house
Missing when the son
Would climb his branches
And when in night
He watches them in silence
Camping under his leaves
Huddling each other
In warm plump arms
And when the tree
Peeks in the window
He would see the daughters
Gladly dressing up
For birthday parties

And the doghouse
The wooden old doghouse
Falling apart
Looks at the past
At a little puppy
Licking at his bone
And then coming out
With dozens of other puppies

And the dusty floorboards
Weak and brittle
Will creak at night
Remembering footsteps
Entering and leaving
The grandiose proud door
With a bronze doorknob

And a chandelier would clink
When the wind passes
Filling the house
With flashbacks
Of a new baby
Of graduations
And weddings
And then of noise
Noises of fun
And laughter
And giggles

They cannot remember
The blind day
When everyone vanished
Not a letter of goodbye
Not a wave of the hand
No words no memories
Sadness and peace once again

They all sighed
As the sun vanished
In the edge of the neighborhood
They all wept
For the old wood
In the middle of everyone
Waiting for the family
The sad dining table
In ashes and burnt chairs
The table waited
Jeuden Totanes Nov 2015
the night sky
is a cold blanket
the stars- ice pellets
and I am a child
from nightmares
from heartache
and distress
i'll cry my fears
until the night
is no more
until i
am no more
Jeuden Totanes Oct 2015
I tried a haiku
And it sounds a bit funny
I'm sure you'd agree.
Jeuden Totanes Jul 2015
I bet you've heard of fingernails
raking chalkboard

And I bet you've heard of spoons and forks
scratching dinner plates

But have you ever heard of promises
slicing calloused hearts?

I have.
Jeuden Totanes Jul 2015
This poem has ten words, with the title Redundant Insanity.
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