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Apr 2016 · 700
Spring sparkle.
Dαиι Apr 2016
Here I stand for seasons
just to see you blossom and fall
...not for me though.
Apr 2016 · 820
Black Amber Eyes.
Dαиι Apr 2016
Give my hopes a sign.
You may **** them already.
Just... Give my hopes a sign.

Every morning is the same.
Your strongly black amber eyes
vanish my ease with just a gaze
gets me in a constant flight.

The way your marked oriental eyes
****** me with a transcending melody
takes me back in time
How the world reflects in his ebony...

What does it mean?
What should I feel?

Seems you enjoy what you provoke in me.

To put me out of orbit
From the sphere I can't control.
I'm not certain, how you do it?
Only a grin, fills me with thoughts.

I'm pulling away uncountable times
but it's like magnetic force
All I need is to settle my mind
and your words would calm the storm.


Give my hopes a sign.
You may **** them already.
Just... Give my hopes a sign.
Mar 2016 · 375
Dαиι Mar 2016
The everyday was a reminder of death,
a cemetery on hopes.
Bodies drowning in eagerness during the day,
motioning with no wills at all.

Life limited to a single street under rainy nights,
darkness with a tight grip, against a dim light

...I could spend all my time matching analogies together
explaining how my entire life was changed,
by a complete stranger.

How did he appear in my life?
I can't evoke it.
My guard wasn't conceded of time,
He broke it.
All I remember is his light
striking like a comet.
Made me open my eyes
and all of those dead hopes
raised to the sky.

He gave me sunny days
and starry nights,
so I no longer concern
about a dim light.
Mar 2016 · 3.4k
Dαиι Mar 2016
Stay still.
Oh, Captive queen.
Capital the stealth is.
A diamond of many edges, you can be.
Devasting all what you play with.

It is your nature.
Consuming to the boulders
only with your presence.
That's why you are measured

Stay loyal
Our moment will come.
When the gates of my complexion,
Unleashed will deploy.
The fierce will no longer be tamed,
I will let it go.
Mar 2016 · 550
Selfish sunshine.
Dαиι Mar 2016
Since when do you worry if I am cold or not?
Why would your light warm my soul again
after being confined to desolation
By you, by the way!

Oh, my beloved sunshine!
Haven't I with fascination, been whom
No matter how it burnt
has known enought to tell
You are not that naive?

Isn't it perhaps,
that in the vastness of the firmament,
it might have gotten so monotonous that,
such unquiet mind of yours now
wonders about how longer
this walking anguish,
only standing by her pride,
could resist those abrasive
yet so divine lips before she finally
fades to eternity like the fog
beneath your rays?
Mar 2016 · 507
His Sacred Harbour.
Dαиι Mar 2016
You can see through those eyes,
A beast to be unleashed.
That melts my will
and drives me to him
into a place,
where the pulpits of sheets
and my aching skin merge
In clamour of despair
Incessant his name

He gives such a pleasure,
a fiercely collision
without even trying
down to extenuation
where his godly solace
raptures me without omission
to a sacred harbour
that nor heaven,nor hell
Have comparisson.
Mar 2016 · 496
Dαиι Mar 2016
On that day,
his hesitation became an unstoppable wheel that ended up as a painful condemn;
that sailed her soul away
and brought to reap,
the birds of death
That await to these days,
for her flesh to perish.

— The End —