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 Apr 2016 Dαиι
Adam Mott
We learn so much
We learn it all too late
Value of dreams, love, life
In favour of money, left to wither
Our children grow, uninterested in the passage of time
One last game of catch, tea, band practice
Whilst we look at budget reports
Time closes in

Wide, innocent eyes
Become wise and concerned
Each year, feeling shorter and shorter
While the visits to the doctor become longer and longer
The kids start to visit less
We never earned their time
We never tried our best

It all went by so fast
We, I, could have been better
Present, caring
Awake to that which made them smile
Even after they left home,
Should have seen, should have known

There was love inside their hearts
But we grew up blind
And now it's twilight
And the sun is already gone
We learn so much
We learn it all too late
 Apr 2016 Dαиι
Natasha Ivory
I met a man.. that I believe..I have dreamt into existence.
He spoke life into my dreams, dried my tears, when I cried from my ever healing soul, planted lavender below my window sills, surfed the ups and downs of my complicated moods and patiently waits..

He's the constant, I never knew was real, the strength that keeps my back from bowing, the gentle...that soothes every doubt.

He's the description of what truly meant to be.
Copyright © Natasha Ivory Evans 2016
 Apr 2016 Dαиι
A poets heart,
Is a very deep well
It holds many secrets,
Some we never tell

We speak in rhymes,
Or metaphors
We write of hope for the future,
Or sadness gone before

We are guilty,
Of feeling things too deep
And pondering secrets,
Life its self has to keep

Poets see things clearly,
That others cannot
We wonder about questions,
Which time, has forgot

A poets heart,
Beats at a different pace
A poets pen,
Defies time and space

We poets,
Create our own written place
We poets,
Are together, our own race

As poets,
We stand apart
And live in the deep well,
Of our poetic hearts
 Apr 2016 Dαиι
v i c t o r i a
rainless morning, awoken by comforting delicate taps on my window
velvet curtains lifted and fragile opalescent feathers revealed
the hummingbird sings songs for you
and my heart flutters in time with the tune
thanks for reading ❤
 Apr 2016 Dαиι
v i c t o r i a
dealt a bad hand of cards and cursed with an unlucky fortunate,
i stirred the cauldron until it boiled over
voodoo vibes ran through my veins
and you were my witch doctor
black magic in the streets and traces of you lurking in my sheets
no spell can give me absolution from the curse you cast upon me
thanks for reading ❤
 Apr 2016 Dαиι
 Apr 2016 Dαиι
how many sunrises is a lifetime worth?
Luscious Spring is wonderful avian theater ... The cameo appearance of Bradford Pear ,  a fragrant , beneficial Chestnut Tree of April ..

Melodious springtime , 'Creations Opus stage ..'
Voluminous , arthropod soloist , capering
the riparian rivers , break the searing afternoons ,
sing to me , the cool blessing of night ...
Copyright March 31 , 2016 by Randolph L Wilson * All Rights Reserved
Petrichor and wisteria interlace at the empyrean .. Electric blue spatiality , brushed in sable waves , protracted shadows connect days end ..
Concertos of twilight mourn her passing .. The insatiable Harvest Moon shimmers afresh ...
Copyright March 31, 2016 by Randolph L Wilson * All Rights Reserved
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