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josie Dec 2019
nothing fills me with a feeling of power
a rush of strength
this feeling of being the clark kent of words
quite like the thoughts being poured out
white space being filled with black characters
the sound of my keyboard clicking as my fingers fly

I can create something beautiful amidst chaos
I can't change the world
but I can weave you a story
or make you feel something
something real or something fake
I manipulate those little curves and lines into
someone's life or my life or an object's life
or facts or lyrics or a story or an emotion

maybe I can't fly
maybe I don't have telekinesis or telepathy
but maybe I can control minds
but maybe I can create a world
maybe I can create a life or a story or anything I want
with 26 little strokes on a page
mixed and mingled with each other
sounds and colors and emotions
in black on white
josie May 2019
If I am constantly told that
my grades do not define me,
then why has my entire life
been centered around making
them perfect?
Why do you not care if I
have values or morals but
instead care if I know what
the hypotenuse of a triangle is?
Why am I graded on how much
I can jam in the already
stuffed file cabinets of my brain
when I am constantly told
I am more than my GPA?
josie Apr 2019
i never got the
shall I compare thee to a summer's days,
the take the road less travelled
and all that blah blah whatever

when i look at you though
i understand
because you are poetry embodied
someone stop me with these crush poems

I just really like taking words and making them pretty
josie Apr 2019
my entire life
(which isn't that long)
I've been told that
I am an old soul,
a grown woman
inside a teen body.
but around you,
I finally act 16.
josie Apr 2019
fluttering heartstrings
being tugged upon by
someone I promised
myself I would not let
in but here we are, and
when you look over at
me and I catch your
eyes on mine my doubt
seems to disappear for
just a half of a second
as I consider that maybe
I'm not as bad as I make
myself out to be inside
my brain, maybe I'm
just what you want and
need and feel deep in
your soul when you
think about me, the way
I think about you, and
that doubt returns quick
and all but it's no worry
because for just a second
you made me happy and
that's more than any drug
or pill could give me
because you're you and so
unreasonably handsome
and witty and I can't get
past the fact that you even
bother to make eye contact
with me, and even though I
normally hate eye contact
when I look in your eyes
my insides simultaneously
burn and relax and scream as
I think of everything hiding
behind those eyes and I can't
quite get it but I swear to you
I'd do anything to figure it out.
we're back with more on this dude
josie Jan 2019
your name
rolls off
the tip of my tongue
so easily
I think
I was born to say it
over and over and over
josie Jan 2019
all I think about is you
your dark hair, and your dark eyes
and how you're too good to be true
and the way you laugh and sound surprised

I want to bury myself in you
and never escape the feeling
of seeing the incomparable view
that is you, that leaves me reeling

and you'll probably never even know
that this is how much I care
but maybe someday you'll realize
that I was always there
this is my millionth crush poem so I should stop that soon
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