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Peasant The Poet Jul 2020
fluent flume
scribble and scrawl
ink stains slither
wriggle and crawl
Across the page
fluidly fall
mind spilling, scattered
no semblance at all.
Peasant The Poet Jun 2020
Wandered a whiff,
trailing a breeze;
an inkling waft,
a tickling tease.
Faintly familiar...
Fragrant with ease.
Perfume of past,
present to please.
scent memory
Peasant The Poet Jan 2020
Sketching scripture,
a seductive scrawl.
Fingers tracing,
receptory recall.
Tapering with time;
a melancholy erase.
Reminiscing your writing,
healing hieroglyphic efface.
Peasant The Poet Jan 2020
Honey colored gem,
a resin relic;
sweet suspension
of past to present.
Peasant The Poet Oct 2019
Sneaking, slithering,
creeping down;
snaking hands
prey they've found.
Wrapping, writhing,
closely wound;
warping warmth,
sleeping sound.
Peasant The Poet Oct 2019
Twilight state,
hungry to keep.
Hope it’s not too late,
to see you in my sleep.
Peasant The Poet Sep 2019
Wiley whiskey,
drips and drains,
sip n' spills,
stings and stains.
Dilute the drink,
with time it wanes;
seeping spreading,
through my veins.
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