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Twilight state,
hungry to keep.
Hope it’s not too late,
to see you in my sleep.
Wiley whiskey,
drips and drains,
sip n' spills,
stings and stains.
Dilute the drink,
with time it wanes;
seeping spreading,
through my veins.
If there was a message in this bottle,
I'd sip until I could see.
Drinking dulcet dreams
of what I wish you'd say to me.
Boiling brewing,
brimming brink;
piping hot tea
to turn you pink.
Cream and sugar?
No need I think.
Scandal so sweet,
delicious to drink.
Vowels vermillion,
bleeding ink,
dripping dialogue,
lingering link.
Looking inward,
tearful blink;
pour on paper,
soak and shrink.
A picture captures a moment,
Entrapping it for view.
If I reach into the frame
Clutch and claim,
Can I have that moment anew?
A second can be forever,
but forever is seconds with you.
Elapsing fast, rushing past,
over before I even knew.
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