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Hana Třasková Oct 2017
That cruel distance which kept us apart
Was nothing compared to our desires
Those thougts whirling in our heads all night
Were our only hope for love
I like the length. It's short but accurate.
Hana Třasková Sep 2017
The sun is in her skin, but her heart belongs to rain
The storm is the only time when she can freely breathe again
Temperature is high
She would rather be without the heat
But without the sunlight
She could die
Without happiness and warmth
She would barely be alive
Quick thoughts
Hana Třasková Sep 2017
I've started learning
The letters of Japanese
To be reborn again
It's simple but true.
Hana Třasková Sep 2017
He came in with ease
Everything froze in a beat
In beauty and breeze
My first one ever haiku. Written in my bathroom in 5 minutes xD. For fun and bcs of my frozen feet. Winter's comming.
Hana Třasková Sep 2017
The storm blew away the remaining clouds
But the raindrops are still hanging around
You can see all the creatures outside
Slowly awakening and ready to rise
Lightly treading on to the ground
Getting wet all of their paws
Soaking their hoofs into the mud
Feeling with mother nature in one
Hana Třasková Sep 2017
Constantly watching the birds
They seem so care-free
I wanna lose my mind too
Every morning whistling in the trees

I wanna become one of them
Every day fly on the air wawes
There are things pulling me down
I'm trying to loose these heavy chains
Hana Třasková Sep 2017
That enormous power
It has on your body and mind
Something so simple
And yet sophisticated
That you just can't stop

Your mind is focused on just one thing
To the rhythm your heart is beating
It's so fast
The mind isn't thinking
Your body on it's own is moving

This unrepeatable feeling
That overhelms your soul
Like a heat of thousand a stars
Which will never fizzle out
Will be forever written down
In your endless space of mind
My expression of dance
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