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Nashoba Aug 2017
The overwhelming feeling of defeat, today it was such a great feat.
Nashoba Aug 2017
The night sky is so bright. So vivid of the galaxies far away. The constellations seem to intertwine. As they look like they are dancing as they all touch each other when you get to finally understand.
Laying on the ground looking up for all that has been gifted to us. Amazed as how much resembles glitter dust.
Maybe that is where we all go once our being ends. As we simply are made of Star dust.
  My time here is numbered I know. Never had a fear to go. I see the galaxies with the stars all around. Ready for my new world. I wonder if it will be just like this hard ground.
Death comes the ones that are left behind. Waste foolish funds thinking it's the right choice to make their good byes.
It's not what I want you to do. Just send my ashes to the stars when I am through.
Nashoba copyrighted 2017
Nashoba Aug 2017
Was just dust or dirt to most. Ignorant as to what the earth truly hosts.
From ancient times, what is now considered art. Taught to combine the elements into art.
Red earth, crushes quartz and sand add a little water. Smash it all between my hands. Work it like making bread she says. Put your energy into each piece you create for those outside, maybe they will keep it by their bed.
Your inner strength mixed with the earthen powers is how you create health for all those that you shall encounter.
Your art is unique as the earth is as well. Only a very a small group of people can tell.
Maybe at a pow wow. A stranger picks up a piece, eyes meet no words speak.  You might see some change, you might even feel their pain. Maybe you can pull that away. Or maybe you will even bring them peace even if it's just for that moment or that whole day, you will never know how long, you will just know that you served your purpose on that particular day. You come from the family of healers. Remember your gifts. Never forget your people. Never forget what you have to give.
Nashoba copyrighted 2017
Nashoba Aug 2017
Hey yah hey yah oii yaa haaa yaa.. the drums the songs the words are not gone. Deep within my blood my love for the earth my home my spirit my world. All that my Grandmother taught me to be to this forsaken world.
I dance under the moon. The brightness of her light. Prayers out loud each and every night. My songs and music signing for you. To save this earth from the forsaken fate that has been placed upon you.
I love differently than others, many do not understand. My spirituality is grand. I am free with no pain. I seek no gains from the world as most do.
The only gain I wish to seek is to protect you.
Copyrighted Nashoba 2017
Nashoba Aug 2017
Oh what a prickly thing.
Oh what a fuzzy thing.
Oh what a misconception you can bring.
Some of your petals soft looking with maybe no thorns to stick. Some fuzzy that makes us want to cuddle but oh **** watch out for that *****.
The cactus the beauty in the desert. Blooms with flowers then withers up. Always there to trip you up.
Nashoba Aug 2017
Is it day or night? The clouds have not moved away from my mind in years. I have no longer been able to see the sun through the broken windows of this broken house. Is it day or night?
The floors are cracked the ceilings are high all so dark is this only how I feel inside? Is this no longer how I can not see if it's day or night?
Paint on the walls has fallen off. Mirrors shattered with the reflection of something thing.
I don't recall what that image may be at all. It doesn't change over time. As I no longer have a sense of time.
Is it day or night. I really don't care. I'm happy in my hell as long as you leave me there. Don't come back. Stay away demons you are. No matter what shape or form you come in your all the same to me.
Is it day or night? It only matters to me.
Nashoba Aug 2017
You say you hate me. You say you don't love me. You say you never did. These words you use are swords from the mouth of not you but of another that I not know of.
Pain grasping me, wrapping around me encompass my every thought the images of you lashing out at me the Meer horrific thought.
I've never wronged you. Loved you. Tried to be there for you. But had this stolen from me. As if death was provided at this very moment you wrote those words of hate in that message for me.
You have not been taught what love is for sure. Lost in the shadows by the mean ones in your life. Hateful is the term the teachings that you are taught each night.
My home was full of love. And will always be for you. No matter how evil the words you spew as I know it is not you.
Pray to God. God hears us all. God will listen when you think no one cares at all. I will always care and love you just the same. No matter what anyone one tells you. I am not to be blamed.
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