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Nashoba Sep 2018
As I read through the words. The pain of many cast a picture of darkness. Of sadness. Of despair. This world has lost our children. The right ways. Love in the home. Seems as if many have severely broken days.
If there was fairy dust. Magic glitter. Rainbows we could ride. Magic wands to wave to make you feel like you no longer want to die.
Warmth inside another's arms. Loving hugs to make you know no harm.
Unicorn *******. Rainbows all gone. What has the people of this planet gone and done.
Hope for you. Faith in another. I pray every day you can escape your foul mother.
The terror she's placed deep inside. Manipulated even your brain. What a surprise. Thought that the smart side of you would let you see who was being true. Now you seek vengeance. So much hate inside. I'm so sorry my dear she even pushed your angels to the side.
Rainbows and unicorns do truly exist. Only you have the power to coexist. Once you stop being a child all magical thoughts become truly hollow.
Make your world a beautiful place by believing in your dreams. Don't become shallow. You see she wanted that. You were the subject of a weapon one that can never be repacked.
You were used lied to by her. Abused and know it. But deny the truth behind it.
Search for your rainbow. There's truly a *** of gold. Not like the one she's made you think that your owed.
Nashoba copyrighted 2018
Nashoba Dec 2017
The tradition of ending the old year ringing in the new. What has this tradition really mentioned to you?
It's a fun thing to do. I get it for the most part. But to me it's just another winter day.
As with all the holidays the consumers sink in. Ringing in the new year is just another sin.
The money you have wasted just a few days ago, now you're credit cards are huge so owe and off you go.
Make the resolution to be your self this year. Why must you follow what others do each and every year?
Maybe you all can realize the rich and famous are the ones that you follow are the ones that are getting more rich.
Don't get drunk at midnight should be a resolution to make to your self if you  can't find a way to put the alcohol away.
Help another that isn't so lucky a small token of maybe even a hat goes a very long way. That's a resolution that would give back.
Change for 2018. Become the leader of the pack. Stop following everyone. Start giving back.
Nashoba Dec 2017
The sunrises with powerful myth. The sky lights up as it was on fire with reds the camera can't collect.
The shopping centers still all a jam.  When all I wanted was to buy some jam.
People pushing rushing like it's the end of life. Of my God there's only one more Barbie let's get into a fight.
Yesterday I begged for food. With others that have no one,  no where to be for this crappie holiday you see.
Jobs were cut. Just in the nick of time. As disaster seems to cloud this world of mine.
If I was an immigrant even better to be illegal. I'd probably have a ******* pillow.
Excuses from the social worker, about vacations and not enough people to help those of us.
Here we sit 2 days before Christmas. No tree in the house and not a single gift. Ranch dressing is what's left in the frig.
I paid my power bill so I could be warm. I guess that's now a choice to be hungry or warm. This life we have is really about feeling abused and worn.
Christmas can come and be gone for all I'm concerned. There is no longer the love during the holidays. Even the churches have gone a stray.
I'll give you this loaf of bread but you must stay here and let us get inside your head. I'm hungry, don't need a sermon . I've heard them all being raised conservative almost worst than a mormon. I've prayed for changes no one answers my prayers.
This time I'm giving up. And I no longer care.
Merry Christmas to all you that have everything. ***** those of us that have lost everything.
Nashoba Dec 2017
This mess the media has helped create. No longer about the love for all mankind.
Is about the sales and junk you can buy. What's Christmas if there are no gifts. Big screen tvs, Xbox or play station, that's all the kids think about, not what they need but want.
Consumerism is like communism. The holidays are basically for junk.
Gold digging *******, teaching her off spring the same. Life is filled with so much hatred it is truly a shame.
Many are alone. Become depressed as they have no home. No food to eat. No families to greet. Or they have the families, but they are just like the holidays as fake as that tree in the corner of your house.
Suicide rates climb high on Christmas day. Depression sinks in deep as they are forced to feel like they have no others. Children ripped from their arms due to greed. But hey that's what Christmas is supposed to be.
Dam the poor. Leave them out to die. For the majority of the world you all can ******* and die.
I quit the holidays. I will not let you win. As the days mean more than your immortal sins.
Nashoba Aug 2017
I told you how I felt. Finally enough to make me melt.
Not love which was what you wanted to hear. But dismay of life living here.
I'll say my goodbyes. Late at night so I don't have to see you cry.
Silent I will be. Don't come looking for me.
I feel nothing. I wish you didn't either. This was a big mistake.
I wanted an adventure. Not more pain and sorrow to grasp me into the cold arms of death.
I had enough of my own. Put aside to build my life. A new home.
Every day is a reminder of the sorrows your heart hungers.
Goodbye. I know this will hurt. Move on to find your own light of life.
Live life. Love life. But don't morn me. Don't love me. Don't miss me. Don't try. Just do it.
This is my final goodbye.
Nashoba Aug 2017
Red lighting so brilliant against the black sky. White lighting dance before my eyes.
Explosive in the storm waiting to break this warmth. Bringing fear to many, while captivating more.
Reminds me of reminiscent times as a young care free child waiting for the storms. The smell of the ionized air, the smells of the desert alive as lightning
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