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Mito Dec 2019
you left me
so i’ll
leave you
the same way.
Mito Nov 2019
as delicate as
she was,
as curious
she became.
“How easy
will you break
by my hands?”
she thought.
it’s 2am and i’m still writing ✍️
Mito Nov 2019
purple painted
beauty and
in one.

similarly you

brown coloured
warm gaze
a strong gale,
never thought i’d
find the one.
i loved that side of her. She was uncontrollable.
Mito Nov 2019
I’ll never
promise you
was when
i was with
i guess a part of me still isn’t over her
Mito Nov 2019
her eyes,
you’d mistake it
for the stars.
her lips,
they shine
as light dawns upon.
“will it melt
with a touch?”
I ask.
She turns away,
she laughs.
“will you fix me
if it does?”
Hoshi = Star

probably my personal favourite.
Mito Nov 2019
satisfying my
****** desires,
was all
I planned.
your lips,
your hands,
your hips,
your eyes,
you entice me,
you’re all i think about.
you made me fall for
well i guess one could guess it by now. But yeah, i used to have someone who was my friend(?) We agreed to be friends with benefits but, i caught feelings for her.
Mito Nov 2019
and she left. the day i dreaded the most, the day i wished would never come, the day i prayed she’d never say those words.

“i’m tired of you”

was all she said and left.
it really did end up this way for me. i loved her a little too much until I became a burden to her.
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