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 Oct 2021 Megan
Dear self
 Oct 2021 Megan
Dear self,
In losing you

Days seem blurry
Nights seem scary

Heart grows weary
Eyes turn teary

I lost the merry
I lost the power to write my story
 Oct 2020 Megan
mal frost
 Oct 2020 Megan
mal frost
of love
but I chase it anyway
I love life right now for the first time in a long time
 Oct 2020 Megan
Laying open on the table
They are pulling
A person at each limb
Tugging me apart from within
Competing for all I can give
Their nails sinking through the skin
Don’t let them in
Tension through my bones
Finds an epicentre at the core
And will rupture I am sure
under the opposing pressures
torn by what what they want from me
I am the crossroads
This strain entices me to cave
Oh self please consume me
I am impaled by these paths
that pervade my airways
Nostrils filled by roads
that suffocate me
Which do i take?
or is it that I simply break?
 Oct 2020 Megan
 Oct 2020 Megan
Surrounded by darkness
Put myself in that harness
I think that’s the hardest
part to accept
realising you are the source of your pain
 Oct 2020 Megan
Double glazed prisons
that suffocate us in
Stopping air
dainty pure
saturating chakras
and healing pores
Skewed panes
Isolate and whisper
keeping us inside
to jeopardize
All destiny
Meant to thrive.
Glass severing
our connection
to the quaint outside
Leaving Nature,
Our spirit guide,
meekly to subside
when seen
through this lens
of poisoned eyes.
Windows distort our view and act as a barrier to outside. I don't think seeing things through a window is the same as experiencing it up close, feeling the air and taking in the energy of outdoors.
 Oct 2020 Megan
I build myself but
She hands me the tools
with hard worked hands
of a sensual warrior.
She does not abuse them
But plucks strings harmoniously
to cast a spell
of peace and tranquillity
She; the apple
catches my eye
In the midst of a storm
and steadies me
Her eloquence a spirit
that guides me gently
back down to Earth
Where her tender chest
absorbs me in sweetness as
I mould into she
who nurtures my soul
With intimacy
My heart speaking it's truth for the only woman I'll ever see. My love for her, so deep I didn't believe in its existence. She helps me grow and I am truly lucky <3.
 Oct 2020 Megan
A voice, dressed
in camouflage
tries to poison
the delicate mind

A voice, foreign
Seeks to shriek putrid words
that contort & ricochet
about the brain.

Despite subtle tiptoes
A wobble in its timbre
trips a wire
in the maze-like mind

A vile voice, doesn’t belong
to true Self-
seizes the intruder,
to unmask a cowering Ego
Noticing that the negative voice in my head no longer even sounds like my own. It sounds as if a foreign voice is saying these things, whereas once my own voice and this voice where much the same.
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