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Aishu 7h
I'm strong enough to be me
I said to myself
Aishu 1d
As the sun shimmering through the window
As the bird's chirping
As a gentle breeze crossing over

I write a love note to the universe
Thank you, Universe
For this adventure called life
Aishu 2d
Love towards you formed even before we met
Aishu 3d
You never away from me
We are always together in this journey
Always connected
Aishu 4d
Life is beautiful
I have experienced it
I have also experienced
That it's hard to move on when you are not being you
Aishu 5d
My scars, my feathers
My freedom, my wings
My smile, my pride
My love, my life
My story, my unwavering strength
Be your own Inspiration
Aishu 6d
My guiding light
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