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Aishu 1d
Some eyes see
the truth as the truth,
the false as the false,
and the truth hidden in the false.
-Listen and observe-
Aishu 3d
Through my ink,
I'm designing my legacy.
Aishu 5d
Yellow-coloured wing
Dance among purple flowers
Pretty butterfly.
Aishu 7d
Under the sunset,
Two doves kissing each other
Lovely scenery.
Aishu May 8
I follow the rhythm of my heart.
I trust my instinct.
I believe in myself, and I do
all things with love.
Poem written in 2011
Aishu May 6
Flying in the air
Bright orange wings with black lines
Monarch butterfly.
Aishu May 4
My home is my living space,
my comfort space, my creative space,
an environment of inspiration,
good vibes, and memories.
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