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Aishu Dec 2022
Starry dark blue sky
Brilliantly sparkling stars
The beauty of the night.
Aishu Nov 2022
Oh little butterfly,
by spreading your wings
in the morning glory,
you make my heart and soul fly.
Aishu Oct 2022
Little yellow birds
Greet my window this morning
Lovely beginnings.
Aishu Sep 2022
Wake up, my dear friend.
"It's a new day today,
and I have a new song for you,"
said the yellow-bellied sunbird.
Woke up to a beautiful song sung by a bird outside my window. The little bird told me to wish you a very good morning.Have a lovely day🌷
Aishu Sep 2022
Today everything is dull,
and the raindrops
keep falling.
Aishu Aug 2022
Your smile is like
the diamonds in the sky
So bright and lovely.
Aishu Aug 2022
The sky grew darker
Thunder rumbles angrily,
But no rain descends.
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