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Under the blanket of stars
Thinking of you I had lied
The melodies of nature
Had lulled me to sleep
But when I suddenly woke up
My tear streaked cheeks
Sufficed that I had cried.
For each dream isn't a fairytale
My nightmare had proved that right
In my dream I witnessed
My darkest fears coming true
I saw your hand slowly
slipping away from mine.
I saw my incessant pleading
And I saw you fading.
I saw myself chasing
And I found you escaping.
Then slowly everything
Came upon me cascading.
I found myself in the middle of nowwhere
Surrounded by my loud cries and screams.

And just like a quirky thief
Darkness had stolen away
what was mine from me.
A fawn - limbs uncertain
Innocence of mind
A mind so trusting
A mind so pure
A mind so naive
Would it endure?

Danger lurks, creeps under
Fawn senses it
And returns on its own
Into safety.

So naive, so naive
With fear it has been borne
Yet it trusts it's own

When the armor falls
The swords strike
The one you thought
would protect you
Is the one
You seek protection from.

Under the fallen leaves
of autumn sky ,
I missed someone
who said goodbye .
Deep inside my heart I cried,
Each and every day I died.
There was a lot to be told.
How much I loved him
With my heart & soul.

I didn't had
the courage to describe ,
But the autumn leaf
Was there to write.
I started writing about
My past and present .
My hands were unable to rest
Tired I sat under a tree.
With pace I went to sleep.

Meanwhile nature
played it's game.
To prove that
It has some fame.

The autumn leaf was wrapped
By the winds which blew.
To describe a love so true.
It took it to the one
Who was searching for me.

Now he knew the truth
he was unable to see
Suddenly I  got up and
searched for the leaf
Wondering where it might be?

Then he came ;
I remembered his face.
My lost love
Whom destiny wanted me to seperate .

He came near
I thought how it could be?
Then he gave me something
It was the autumn leaf.
You may not approve
of what I do,
My words may not
Seem perfect to you.
But trust me
I do feel the same.
Being perfect was never my aim.
My simple thoughts....
The way she smiles
The way she laughs
Beauty is in everything she does

She's a tender flower
Needed to be nourished
Her eyes are the ocean
Telling a beautiful story each day
Her lips are petals
Like of rose
Soft and tender.

Her smile, her eyes, her laugh
Beauty is in everything she does.

When she cares
It feels special
When she talks
It's so very different.

She herself is an entire miracle
Cause the way she smiles
The way she laughs
Beauty is in everything she does.

— The End —