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Lyrical Dream Nov 2019
dear icarus,
i flew today

and, as my amethyst wings split the multicolored skies
and, the golden cloud's kiss left the sweet taste of euphoria to bless by tongue

i flew,

the sun's warm glow bathing my features
as the sea below waved a wave as calm as the mighty screams of chaos
in return,
i offered a sway of my hand.

i could feel the burn of envy in your ghostly eyes scorching my flesh as my arms reached to the beauty of heaven's flaming heart

and, finally,

i touched it.

it dripped like honey between my outstretched fingers,
puddling in the cracks of my skin,

ethereal &

it seeped into my bloodstream, breathing life into my dead veins and rhythm into my silenced chest.

it's warm touch trickled into my soul and
kissed my anxious thoughts into oblivion.

as i fell,

it whispered its name into the icy breeze.

"euphoria, "
the goddess spoke.

as the clouds below me fell up towards the bluing sky,

 it engulfed me,
a hand blacker than death’s,
colder than a corpse,
more soulless than satan himself,

she called herself,

but, despite the circumstance it was impossible to ignore
the beauty she possessed.

she was the face of heaven
and the heart of hell-

a beautiful Saint
with a blackened tongue—

a blood-stained blade
stealing innocent breaths
like a ruthless killer— 

a shimmering surface
with a dark soul
reaching the icy depths
of the raging
dragging moonstruck
victims to her empty core
to watch them drown in an endless deluge of shadows.

dear icarus,

is this how it feels

to die a euphoric death at the hands of the sea's blissful waves,

or am i only suffering a godly insanity?
Lyrical Dream Sep 2019
she wasn't his world.

no, to him, she was so much more.

her heart was the sun,
shining on even the darkest of days
and bathing the world in its gentle warmth

her eyes were the sky,
deeper and more infinite than the sea
and bluer than the finest sapphire

her cheeks were the constellations,
dotted with dark freckles like stars
against her rosy skin

and she was the universe,

the universe and infinity,

infinity and everything beautiful between the tips of its star-speckled wings

she wasn't just his world,
she was his everything.
Lyrical Dream Sep 2019
It's ironic, isn't it,

how the heart's gentle mascot,
the rose,
can make rubies pool in the creases of our flesh

or, how love itself can pluck the beat from our hearts until we are left numb to emotion

or, how we beg our heart to feel,
but when it does, we fill our souls with gasoline and choke matches down our voiceless throats,
hoping to make ashes of emotions that we fail to suppress?
Lyrical Dream Aug 2019
When I die,
grind my dry bones into dust,
sift the stardust from the ashes,
and throw my ashes to the sea so that I may become one with the rain and touch all the places I never got to see...
this is my death wish
Lyrical Dream Aug 2019
pour fire on my hands just to see if I burn
cut rubies from my flesh just to make sure I bleed
because though I've a heartbeat beating on
I'm not sure I'm alive just because that I breathe
Lyrical Dream Mar 2019
It was a beautiful way to burn-
To dig a grave in the brine and darkened corals of the rocky sea floor,
Her golden rays
Shimmering a soft blue against the scorching trails of wax tracing his limbs.

It was a beautiful way to burn-
Wrapped in her arms,
Trapped in her warm kiss,
melting his world away and flooding his body with gentle,
yet violent,

It was a beautiful way to burn-

It was suicide.
And, despite the warning signs,
He never realized that he was falling
Until he hit the ground.

But, of course,
it was a beautiful way to fall-
As a shadow against a sunset,
Stretching his dripping fingers
into the golden sky
As shimmering wax scorched his skin,
And blackened feathers drifted into sun's gentle rays.

And before he met the waves,
He gave a final, forgiving smile to the sun,
Who blew a warm kiss into the glittering sea.

It was a beautiful way to die.
Lyrical Dream Dec 2018
They claw at her mind,
Banging their ******
Fist against her skull-

Their merciless talons
cleaving her heart
And shredding the
Flesh of her ribs,

Breaking away the
cage of  fragile bone
and escaping into
every inch of her
Powerless body

As the night drags on,
Her moonstruck mind
Begins to wonder
Only an exorcism
could cleanse
Her soul of the demons
That roam its halls
So freely.
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