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I want to want to
Be happy

But maybe I don’t want to
Be happy
Her Anatomy is Astrology

With her starry eyes
She’ll lure you in
Her gaze giving you
A glimpse of
The galaxy within

Her miraculous mind is an
incredible constellation
Glistening with dreams,
Painted with imagination

Her soul shines brighter
Than Luna’s light
She’s as honest as the day
And mysterious as the night…
Tell me your favorite song,
I will probably listen to it many times, even if I don't like it.
Just mention one by one,
I will make them my favorite playlist.
I've been listening to everything since the first time I met you.
where I will play it all as a lullaby,
or a string of words that is now a magic and grows in my head.
I will make it a favorite song.
Just count it, I'll start it.
I already like it.

And now your favorite song is mine.
Indonesia, 16th July 2021
Arif Aditya Abyan Nugroho
 Jul 16 Mister J
Nights feel so lonely
I wish I could see you
Talk to you
Pick your mind
Feel your skin against mine
But atlas, we have no time
 Jul 16 Mister J


Keep me
You're a poet

but be my
A friend
By : Karijinbba
Please repost
My Silence won novel poem price
But silence is friend and for.
 Jul 16 Mister J
Humans are beautiful, but some
see themselves as flawed.
They've believed the lies they've heard,
comparing themselves to others
old programs play in their heads.

Oh! the torture of intellect
many conjectures and plans
versus a peaceful heart,
and the ecstasy of being alive.
What started as infatuation
unexpectedly grew strong-
My mind overwhelmed with love
I no longer feel is wrong.

My days are so much brighter
and happiness filled inside-
No longer want us to be a secret-
no longer want to hide.

The missing pieces rediscovered
and the path is clear to see-
This life now feels complete
with you here next to me.

Beginning a new chapter
as this love feels so true-
Accepting this new reality
that my heart belongs to you.
 Jul 16 Mister J
Yeah darl, I carry the heat of the sun

from my roots straight to my loving heart

in soft whispers of anytime groove I'm ready

I'm I not that one that is like no other standing

that lover with the slow hands and gentle moves

who make you purr like a cat and burn like incense

yet calm as the languid deep to roar into high waves

in the truculent motion of the fire rhythms in the deep

reaching places untouched to speak the in language of us

in our groove in our time in our space in our hot cool wetness

and in panting giggles and smiles of afterglow I will hold you close

and tell you again what you mean to me and the world around you

and it will be just you and in the starlight of a thousand shines its

still just you
NOT autobiographical or wishful thinking, just an homage to lovers everywhere.For the Debbie Downers please get over yourselves and don't get your knickers in a twist because you are incapable of loving and knowing that a loving heart wishes love for everyone. Its not my fault if your parents are divorced or you don't believe in love or you've had a bad experience or you're just a plain miserable *** Its a lovely summer evening so lets celebrate love. Its to all Lovers where ever you are..Viva.....Amouree
 Jan 27 Mister J
She spoke to a captive world
Hearts and minds attentive
Words meant for change
A change for generations

Insight years beyond her youth
Ideals of a new narrative
One of peace and harmony
Thank you Amanda!
 Jul 2020 Mister J
It’s TIME for judgement day to come
Is what most people are saying
It’s TIME for Christ to return
Is what most people are saying
It’s TIME for the end of the world
Is what most people are saying
But what if in reality it’s actually TIME for us to change
Real change occurs in the Heart
It’s TIME for us to be compassionate
It’s TIME for us to love our neighbors
It’s TIME for us to allow Jesus Christ to enter our hearts
In this time of darkness, I pray that each and every single one of you that got this far in my message takes the TIME to look within and allow God to fix what’s broken.
Because it’s that TIME
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