Esther Nov 20
trapped in this world
kept on the ground
no way up
I want to leave
this organized chaos
swim in uncertainty
bathe in silence
wash away
the stress that clings
to my skin
free my mind
from the noise
which keeps me
from seeing

I want to fly
with the falling stars
count the colors
of the rainbow
help the sun
paint the sky
and I want to befriend
the stars
play games
forget that life is hard

but here I am
my feet stuck
to the ground
Esther Nov 7
when the light leaves me
to brighten someone else’s
I feel selfish
because I want her to stay
I need her in my life
without her I can’t see
where I am
where I’m going
who I’m trying to be

I’ve begged her not to leave
I’m nothing without you

I’d given up hope
staring at the dark blue
and high above
out of nowhere
light came through
Esther Nov 1
easy to light
burning slow
seeming harmless
but do not be fooled
she breaks herself down
and determined
if you don’t put her out
make her stop
she’ll never shine again
Esther Oct 25
bubbles popping
rain dropping
time stopping

thoughts speeding
mind bleeding
I am dreading
where I’m heading

words slurring
vision blurring

time stopped
Esther Oct 16
rip your eyes away
from your phone
and look
with an open mind
like you’ve never actually
unfiltered view
the sunrise
which is different each day
like it’s no big deal
look at the people
walking by
imagine them living
their own life
changing every day
trapped in their own heads

without seeing
will destroy us
without listening
might **** someone
Esther Oct 10
my camera
tries to capture
all that you are
and fails
because you are so much more
than a photograph
you are fluid
you are sound
you are fireworks
so you can't be captured
you need to be
Esther Oct 6
be you
she said
I didn’t have the heart
to tell her
I have no idea
who that is
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