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Esther Oct 2018
rip your eyes away
from your phone
and look
with an open mind
like you’ve never actually
unfiltered view
the sunrise
which is different each day
like it’s no big deal
look at the people
walking by
imagine them living
their own life
changing every day
trapped in their own heads

without seeing
will destroy us
without listening
might **** someone
Esther Oct 2018
my camera
tries to capture
all that you are
and fails
because you are so much more
than a photograph
you are fluid
you are sound
you are fireworks
so you can't be captured
you need to be
Esther Oct 2018
be you
she said
I didn’t have the heart
to tell her
I have no idea
who that is
Esther Oct 2018
her eyes
were black
no trace of white around
and I always wondered
what they reflected
did they reflect her soul
her endless soul
full of mysteries
hidden in the depth
concealed by her
only for her to see
or were they a reflection
of what has been and
what will inevitably be
the beginning
and the end
of time

I lost myself
never to be found
Esther Sep 2018
just in case
you’re in a dark place
and can’t seem
to find a light switch
or matches even
I want you to know
you are loved
maybe not by yourself
but you are
even though it sounds
like a fairytale for now
at some point
you’ll find the light switch
or the matches
and you’ll be able to see
that the fairytale
came true
and you’re the one
that made it happen
Esther Sep 2018
all the pain
is it worth it
endless thoughts
is it worth it
all the hate
is it worth it
always tired
is it worth it
all the tears
is it worth it
this battle
where it seems
like I can’t win
is it worth it?
Not in a good head space at the moment.
Esther Sep 2018
I haven't been writing
like I used to
it used to be a flow of words
love or hate didn't matter
I just loved it when
the words
landed on the paper
elegant like butterflies
but now
they turned into rocks
scratching the paper
hurting my mind
they change
every poem I write to

please like me
please like
me please like me
please like me please
like me
even now I think, someone probably relates to this so maybe they'll like it.
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