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Dec 2019
I had a dream
that I don’t remember
I remember feeling
like I was floating
high above the world
crossing seas and jungles
joining the butterflies
surrounded by a cloud
of black and orange
they carry me
towards the mountains
where I leave the kaleidoscope
to be by myself
in my safe space
at peace

but I also remember feeling
like I was falling
further and further down
past the birds the towers and the trees
hurtling towards the ground
I brace myself for the crash
that never came
because when peek through
my eyelashes
I am surrounded by a cloud
of black and orange
slowly guiding me
towards the ground
their wings softly graze my skin
comforting me
until I land delicately on my feet
taking a deep breath
I am home
I am safe
I am at peace
guess I did remember after all
Written by
Esther  21/F/The Netherlands
(21/F/The Netherlands)   
   REY and Weeping willow
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