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Beat me up

until my skin turns blue

Slice me up

until my blood dries out

Choke me hard

until my throat can't shout

End my life

so i can meet with my lover...

im coming darlin
There's a Song I Keep Singing In My Head
A song that I once Wrote While Lying in My Bed
A Song That I Want To Sing Out Loud
But It's Never Meant for an Entire Crowd

A Song That Its Intent is To Reach You
A Song That I made Just For You
A Song That Shouts I LIKE YOU
A Song That Was Made Pure And True

But Whenever I see You Around
This Song I Made Won't Convert Into Sound
My Throat Went Dry My Voice Can't Be Found
Now What Should I Do? I think While Looking Down

Now This Song Is Always Stuck In My Head
A Song That I Once Wrote Under The Night Sky's Bed
Somewhere Soon My Song Would Turn into Sound.
This Song Of Mine Where My Feelings Can Be Found

But Today is Not The Day To Sing The Song In My Head.
I Decide Not To Sing.
But Started Humming Instead.
Francis Coquilla Dec 2018
I don't care about what will happen tomorrow.

But I regret

What didn't happen yesterday.
i'm locking away my heart
throwing away the key
building these castle walls higher than before
i'm done with love
no one even wants me
so i'm hiding my heart
so no one breaks me
i'll act tough
i'll be rough
and i'll scare away anyone who talks to me
no, you can't have me
no, you don't even want me
you just want to use me up until i'm no more
and you want to break me into pieces
you don't want me
stop acting like you do
now i'm going to live my life forever lonely
no one is allowed through this door
Francis Coquilla Oct 2018
Every night i count the stars
Sitting on the grass,
Looking from a far.
Every night I wish
To capture all the stars
To juggle them in my hands
And put them in a jar.
But i believe.
If i do that...
The sky will be losing its light
The sky will be blank every night.
Every time i think of it
It feels not right
To be selfish and greedy
For taking all the starlight
But your smile keeps on barging in my mind
The memory of you being happy
While watching the stars dance in the sky
Suddenly i feel lonely
Knowing i will no longer see your smile
"Please give the stars to me"
That's what you said
Before you
Francis Coquilla Sep 2018
It's 8:11 pm

I'm thinking of a word that best describes you


No, that's not right...


No, not that either...


No, that's not it...

My mind is racing. What can't I think of a single word? And then it Hit me

You're not just beautiful

You're Stunning

You're not just Funny

You're the most charming girl that I've ever known

And You're not just an intelligent person

You're the smartest species that ever exist!

But then again, I only need one word, one word...

What is it? And then I realized something

A single word is not enough to describe you,

Therefore there's only one word that can explain what you are

You are Everything that makes my reality more bearable


That sounds right.
Francis Coquilla Sep 2018
i told you before
that i will go through the storm
because i know you're inside
you're creating this storm tonight

the rain is your tears
the wind is your wail
the dark sky's your emotion
and your anger is the hail

the wind is saying to stay back
but i forced my legs to march on
splinters of wood are penetrating my skin
but i braced myself to hold on

i can see you now
you're the eye of the storm
you smile as i arrive
but there's a man inside

the storm calmed
as you rest your head on his chest
that smile wasn't intended for me after all
and then something from my eye fall

i step back
and turn around
my face is wet again
and it's not the storm's fault
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