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Nicole Aug 25
someone out there
is praying
for the moon
for you
as i hopped my way to Saturn's ring

you went pass me, riding your shooting star

i stared at you with astonishment

as you light your way through the empty space of the galaxy

i thought i've already seen the entire beauty of the cosmos

i guess i am wrong.
Stewie Dec 2017
It’s cold outside. Too cold to be considered a typical day in Florida. The night sky plays a familiar lullaby that surrounds my broken spirit and carries me home. The clouds are breaking apart into a pattern of transition and dissolution. I close my eyes and imagine my energy bouncing off the atmosphere of cosmic infernos and leading me to a new destination full of happiness and serene promises. The stars giggle at my naivety and shove me back towards the earth. I frown and try to grasp the Milky Way, but my hands frolic among nothingness and the moon light blinds my crying eyes. I begin to fall and images of regret and pain crowd my foggy brain. Not everything you see is what it seems, whispers The Moon.
Come back down to earth, please.
Moon Ariella Apr 2016
I look up to the sky and realise how large this universe is and how endless the possibilities are and how minuscule I am in comparison, and I am dehydrated. I am dehydrated with a thirst for life that no man could ever quench.
Carley Feb 2016
"I'm fine,everything's fine" -takes a sip of Cosmo #1
"But everything hurts so bad, my heart is aching" -downs the rest of Cosmo #3
"I hate that I still love him even though he smashed my heart" -cigarette #2, Cosmo #4
"I need to stop crying" -lungs,eyes and face sting from screaming, crying and inhaling too hard
"Everything ******* hurts!" -but, where's my drink? I know I have a drink somewhere. ...where's my lighter, I need my ******* lighter.
"Everything's numb, I can't feel my hands" -Cosmo #6 now broken on the floor
"I can't feel my heart beat, and I can't cry, why can't I cry?!" -room spinning, eyes closed, lungs burning.
" **** " - ...
Original poem-also posted on my blog burningsaphire.
That One Guy Nov 2014
I don't know you did this Kagami
aashi Apr 2014
We are all so worthless
In this vast world.
with our puny bodies and big dreams,
when we look out into
into the infinity,
don't feel so powerful anymore.
But yet,
every time I look into a soul
I find another world,
another cosmo.
We can hold galaxies in our eyes,
and every imperfection a star,
We can feel as if
we have made a difference,
But not really.
We are yet too small.
You are everything, and yet you are nothing.

— The End —