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Juniper Phillips Oct 2017
It could be the sweet smell of lavender,
the long dark brown hair.
Is that love?
The contagious laugh
or the silly remark.
Is that love?
How about the warm embrace of happiness?
The feeling of a hopeful tomorrow.
Is that love?
I would wish.
He must only feel friendship.
Is that love?
It must be.
It will have to be.
Juniper Phillips Oct 2017
The mood is right;
loud noise,
babies crying,
tight spaces.

You notice all the curves and lines you would have never saw, some people close their eyes while others stare out a small glass circle to admire white cotton candy and mix of green and blue.
No matter your place at the moment, you dream of the adventure to come when you reach the place where the ants roam.

The mood is right;
head dreaming,
loud thoughts,
babies learning,
new spaces.
Juniper Phillips Oct 2017
Imagine a place with only green and yellow.
No black, no gray.
Just bright and mellow.
But that is only a place of the mind.
Our mind can be a place of yellow and green.
However, the place around us sees only black and only gray.
We could imagine green and yellow but out image is not a real place of bright and mellow.
Juniper Phillips Oct 2017
My heart fills with joy.
My mind fills with uncertainty.
Uncertainty with life,
Uncertainty with myself,
Uncertainty with the joy in my heart.
I want the joy but my mind questions it.
It wonders how to get it.
It can't figure out how to get the true joy.
My mind gets stuck with the imitation.
But one day, I hope the imitation will flee and my heart and mind can be free of uncertainty.

— The End —