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Joseph Koch Jun 2018
Are you okay?
Give me the details,
And I'm so sorry,
We should catch up soon!


This future was chosen for me

I'm on my own again,
I take a deep breath,
Then I close my eyes,
And once they open,
Everyone has vanished


I feel it.
I feel something...
Pity, for myself.

Days and weeks,
Weeks and months,
Months to years,

The sympathy is temporary
Your abandonment is cruel,
Once one ends up all alone,
Thoughts of forgiveness prove
That I am a fool.
The only person who's going to be there for you is yourself
Joseph Koch Jun 2018
Abandon my most
salient connections


I stumble through a haze of gray to survive this inane existence,

Bask in the peak
of my artificial elation.
The cruel facade it is.
Feelings of contentment
slip away,

I slowly fade,
into the anguish of my reality,

Back into my world
Where all is gray
Writing occasionally helps me ease my thoughts. I thought I might as well share some of them with the world.

— The End —