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I've had all day to work.
Yet I procrastinate until the next–

Until 3:30am.

At 3:30 I'm so exhausted,
I don't even feel alive anymore.

It feels unreal.

A dream.

I haven't eaten for seven hours.
I fear that going to the kitchen to fill myself
Will awaken the family

Out of their gentle sleep,
And into my reality:

My task gives me so much anxiety.
It's dreadful.

I put it off.
Until 3:30am.
I don't think about it.
I rid it from my mind.
Until 3:30 am.
Eyes bluer than the ocean
Smile as warm as sunlight
When we embrace
She heals my soul– gentle, yet tight

Lips redder than fuji apples
Skin as pale as seafoam shore
Everything about her
I simply adore
There are books and children
But I’m stuck here day-long
I compare it to prison
So isn’t that wrong?
Deep in the evening
Time begins to slow
When will it end?
Does anyone really know?

Too dehydrated to cry
These hours feel like hell
The sun begins to rise
But it never really fell

Temperature drops
Body so cold
These late nights
Are getting old
I despise many people
Many people despise death.
I am death.
Chasing the clouds
In the morning sky.
Picnics with lovers
In the fields of rye.
We Are All Human;

Gender or Wealth,
Religion or Race.
If you disagree,
Then you're a disgrace.

Healthy or Disabled,
Straight or Gay.
We Are All Human,
So treat us that way.
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