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May 2018 · 272
Blind Trust
Sive Myeki May 2018
On the eve of laying love to rest

I carried my emotions inside a clenched fist

Dispersing the air for all to see

To feel and mortify at an unrestrained spree

My presence was cunning

Sharper than a serpent's tongue

A forked road a hallowed path

That sheds the pretense of wrath

This was my catharsis at dawn

Spiraling about for my skin

Should I mourn my loss

Or meet the sun for a first lover's kiss
Oct 2017 · 391
Bottomless Sip
Sive Myeki Oct 2017
I'll find the answer I'm looking for at the bottom of an empty wine glass. So I'll name this story;


Don't justify your angst
Towards her with social stigma
The cropped top
And the bare brassiere strap
Wasn't for your pleasure and judiciary
It was a hot
And sweaty day man
And she knew I'd swing by tonight
Now listen here Layla
I know you work behind the bar
With another man
And I see how you feel
When his eyes tussle
With another woman's hide
Just like the other day
When you kept chasing my stare
And always seeming short
Because I knew
It was your turn to pry
I don't want to pick you up
Working behind the bar
Like every fool from afar
I've got something planned for us
But first I need to see
Where your commitment lies
You got a man at home
Waiting up and hopefully alone
I just need you
To give up on childish love
If you gonna look my way
Like an innocent dove
Take my hand
And lets make amends for lost time
But if you're serious
About the father of your child
Marry him forget me
And make more of your kind
Jul 2016 · 317
Sive Myeki Jul 2016
If ever there was a way
To see you as clear as day
And kiss you without say
Like children lost in play
Beneath the sun and its ripening ray
So love may bloom without dismay
If ever there was a way
I wish it sooner before this day fades away
Jul 2016 · 625
If i was inlove
Sive Myeki Jul 2016
If I was in love with you
What would you have me do
That I haven't done today
As though each life wasn't spent the same way
Chasing after you until the end of time
Now look what I've become
A figment of your hearts intent
The lover you lie awake dreaming about

You left it all too late
And my will could never outrun fate
I thought patient love would entice your heart
How wrong was I when death knocked first
Taking this mortal frame that kept love at bay
And flung my soul across a sky of day
Now the sky is in love with you
Day and night I fall for you

Since you left this world
Without saying a word
Like the silence of a stone
I will inhale your love and exhale my own
Because what if I was in love with you too
Always finding my way to you
Waiting for you to say what's true
Or pass the clue when born anew
And chart the way askew the frail in search of deja vu
Jul 2016 · 294
Walking Away
Sive Myeki Jul 2016
When I look in your eyes
I see a thousand stares
Of sacred ties
Lonely nights and shattered smiles

When I look in your eyes
I see the tears
You hid from peers
And kept in jars to water your fears

When I look in your eye
I see a sky of blue dye
A house of God perched up high
With angels and birds fluttering by

I know you're still in school
Too young to love an old fool
A man who hates to shave
And can't wait to dig his grave

So I'll be gentle in walking away
No matter how much I want to stay
I'll be your sun and shine on you today
On a day of pain, rain and dismay
So your heart may know the way
To love again, forever lost with jubilee play.
Jul 2016 · 239
Delayed Attempt
Sive Myeki Jul 2016
As soon as i have ideas
Of unrefined cinematic cues;
A rationalized introspect aimlessly drifting in
Or intuition whispered from within.
I differentiate thought from mental aptitude purposely
And go after one full heartedly.
One is external stimuli
And the other is a divine sigh.
One is taken and interpreted
While the other is given and subjugated.
Guidance over impetus
I give the mind no time and space
To doubt the method
Of borrowed wings from a dormant God.
I set my sails towards the storm
And brave the chalice for His adorn.
I meet my end
At the hands of sand;
Torn apart, lost at sea,
I piece my wreck and return with glee.
Just when the shores of Salvatore's island
Bode new beginnings, a comfort never fitting for a fearless stand.
It is my attitude of letting go
Which purchases the deliverance of the seed I sow.
Jul 2016 · 301
Silent Vow
Sive Myeki Jul 2016
I sympathize with you.
Never have you thought
Not to experience this way of life.
You are well adjusted
In a maladjusted paradigm.
I sympathize with the shallow extent
Of your imagination and humbly I accept
The token of our silent agreement.
While you mope, drool, ogle
And taste success with the tip of your tongue,
I will be knee deep in the trenches.
Dodging light speed arrows,
Defusing air bending whistling apples
Thrown from afar
In the safety of paper walls.
Built to repel the mirrored image
Yet pale enough to distort what you see.
I humbly accept the quest you have entrusted me with
To seek and return
With the noble self you abandoned in the forests;
When you grew tired of discovery.
Should I return with the gift as promised,
Then I have failed you.
For I have given up my search
And named the last I saw and felt as that I sought.
By the grace of the most high,
The hidden observer;
Lost to a ripple of self inflicting wounds guised as judgement,
A lever as light as a feather,
"By the grace of the most high,
Should I not return then I have failed you once more.
I have failed to find something you thought you lost,
Yet still resides within us all."
Jul 2016 · 283
Sive Myeki Jul 2016
Never have I felt this way.
Torn apart by conflicting certainties.
Not by any means did I foresee this day,
A sterling heart pillaged and rendered speechless.

Purged of freedom I bend a knee to silence;
In worship of a cowardice tongue.
Now I lay in wait for a priestess sent to cushion my tears
And wrinkle my fears like a prune beneath the sun.

When words fail you, as they have I, like drought stricken
Crops; look no further than your heart.
Listen not for words, but to the pulsating rhythm
Of wanting to be alive. Therein lies the sought.

And In this fitting union of unorthodox souls;
Carry the torch and I'll see to it that this flame endures.
Jul 2016 · 561
Sive Myeki Jul 2016
For four timeless seconds,
The skies were eyes and his were mine to bode.
A cold and bold stare beckons
A stranger unravelling the gravel road.

We meet; he greets and halts the shuffle
Of his feet. Pairs my glare
When I take his hand as we stifle
The fear from one another with care.

"Because of my lode I shall lighten
The load you carry without cause.
My eyes belong to you my brethren
Like a trespassing truth troubling stumbling paws."

Bitten by hunger, the vulture's eyes steady the path of the wild dog.
"I have seen your herd
Prancing through the fog
Dancing like a headless bird

Through the pass afore the lean,
Past the crest of sacred grounds
Steering where your soles have been.
The graze astray from barking hounds."

And there goes my hope
In tatters and ragged apparel.
Effortless and careless he paces his lope
As though the path he crumbles was a familiar carol.
Jul 2016 · 548
The Hills Have Eyes
Sive Myeki Jul 2016
Whether it will happen or not,
Choose your attitude wisely.
Like the flower that saw grey clouds
Hovering above, swept in by thirst.
Yet went through the day without a drop.
An inch she grew, without a slant.
Her petals glistening with glee.
Sparing her last for the company of bees.
That night she payed homage
To the soil that fed her roots,
The trees that broke the wind
And the hills that braved the storm.
"Best you play your part," said the moon to the flower,
"And leave the rest to the circle of life."
Jul 2016 · 415
The Smell of Burning Skin
Sive Myeki Jul 2016
Hell is not a fiery pit
Or the great hall of a seasoned furnace
And demons striking flint.

It is not the final resting place
Of kin and foe who disobeyed
The crown and cross.

It is the unnatural state of mind
Congruent with coin and a toss.
It's the game of chance;

Taking on maleficent advisory,
Abandoning silence for a predisposed penance.
Prescribing your breath as one hoards immortality.
Jul 2016 · 861
Artificial Intelligence
Sive Myeki Jul 2016
A person will make a mistake
And mistakes will create the persona.
A person will wear this fake
Guise to musk the odour.

The scent of an imperfect idea.
A spontaneous thought so mighty
As to command action without fear,
Yet atrophies in the absence of sovereignty.

The fearless becomes the fearsome;
Tactful and timid we conceive a new face.
From the angst of letting go; we succumb
To duality, tightening the noose

Around our inner gumption.
All this for an artificial reputation.
Jun 2016 · 288
Sive Myeki Jun 2016
I'm not from this world.
And my presence brings about discord.
I look at the stars with rendition
And I see my own reflection.
When I look at the sun
I am blinded by my own loved one.
I have misplaced my home.
Betwixt and between. I am destined to roam
This plane with false convictions.
Drowning my pain in addictions.
I want to go home, but this
Body, this cage; still breathes.
Jun 2016 · 614
Sive Myeki Jun 2016
I watched how violence manifests in the hearts of men.
When I walked passed a spider,
Resting by the entrence of my home.
He had no quarrel with me
Even when i took his sun without say,
Nor was he scared of this great figure
That he would scour away.
It was I who was gripped by fear,
Imagining the unimaginable.
In my minds eye
I had already seen my death at the hands of a spider.
My ignorance had lead my imagination
Into a great series of unfortuitous events.
Without knowing, without seeing for my self
It began
With thinking if I leave this door open,
He will enter.
When he enters,
He will make his way to my bedroom unseen.
And when the night takes me away,
He will make sure my soul never returns to this body.
This is when my fears soon turned to hate and anger,
Spurred on by the fear of death
I had no problem sending this creature to the great unknown
That I was scared of.
My superiority in statue,
My enduring strength to **** without the need to feed
And this consciousness I possess to differentiate between victim and transgresser,
Is the proof and worth
Of my life being spared and yours buried beneath the rubble
Allowing worms to feed off your decaying matter.
I will not be reduced to such insignificance
And be shamed by this inferior peasant with no home.
I had seen how fear had contorted my imagination
Influenced my thoughts to vibrate at a low frequency
Of; hate, anger, fear, doubt and anxiety.
With the aid of memory,
What I had conceived vividly in my mind
About how this creature wanted to belittle my existence
Now latched on to feelings from the past
That also vibrate at a low frequency.
The trauma I had to endure
From shame and moments of embarrasment,
Was the great encourager in killing
Preventing a reoccurrence of this pain in the future.
Even though he should succeed in my hyperthetical death
Where I would no longer exist to bare this worry,
I was still scared of what people might think of me after death.
If you have read this far. The spider still lives. I left him where he was. As the impartial and passive head to this temple I call my body, I listened without intruding. I allowed the self to heal my mind without the intrusion of the ego. The spider is welcome into the home I built upon his home.
Jun 2016 · 700
Sive Myeki Jun 2016
You are okay with disallowing the truth
Because it lends a threatening aspect to your security.
Your security,
A false sense of entitlement,
Is by no means your creation.
Your security is the safeguard
Of another man's security.
You allow your self
To be enslaved
Because you do not know how to walk alone
And the master has told you many stories
Of heroes, villains and creatures alike
Who sought this adventure;
Its dangers, toils and snares.
The good bit he left out
Because he too is enslaved by your obedient labour.
The good bit he keeps to himself,
To remind his self of the goodness he has carried out.
To save a soul
Who dared question the existence of the master,
And steer him back in line
With shovel and pick in hand.
To him
This journey must be split between the eye;
One must enjoy pleasure
And the other
Must enjoy the displeasure
Of creating pleasure for another.
Jun 2016 · 309
Pool Table Blues
Sive Myeki Jun 2016
She watches herself
As her fingers reach for the white ball
A miscued hit
Lends a hand to an ailing duchess
Its no mere coincidence
That now the ball sits at rest
On the palm of her hand.

"I need a closer look
This game has my attention
A shame to be stuck with inertia
Curse the pipe that took my legs
I ****** my hands
And cast the gesture of a lighter
Someone is watching
Stealing a glance
Of playing God with folly angels
This cigarette won't light itself
Find a peg and follow your gumption"

I observe
She goes for the settlement of doubt
Reaching gracefully to her companion
Beckoning the question
What to do next.
Gracious he was on hints
But cheap on specifics.
Such is the unwritten word
Absent in mind
Conscious in the experience and interdependent of reality.

For the woman had it in her grasp
And need not focus on her fear
But rather knowing what you know
Because the unknown will illuminate
In the getting to know
What you already know.
Jun 2016 · 297
Lets Take a Walk
Sive Myeki Jun 2016
Moon, I thank you for brightening the night
With all your might
Bringing light
For transparent sight
Today let's take a walk
back in time before the deadlock
Back to the infant
Before the internet
Before freedom
To the pillars of your kingdom
An entrance to eternal bliss
A winding road into the abyss
Jun 2016 · 277
My First Crush
Sive Myeki Jun 2016
Beyond the twig before my eye
i stare in wonder as i pry
with my sole cushioned against autumn's harvest
drawing was each leap to edge farthest
your silhouette shines bright by light
as the waters flow gracefully beyond your crouch
with grace your reflection reaches for your touch
and to see one enter within ones self gave me such fright
for the joy of discovery was brought forth in tear
but it was your unperishable smile that lead me astray from fear
now before the twigs my sole stands in flight
Jun 2016 · 239
Old Soul
Sive Myeki Jun 2016
The *** sits gently above the fire
And the embers flicker in surreal delight
As my gaping lips draw nearer
And sit back I shall for this splendor of sight

For each gasp of breath we take
We kindle the flame within our heart
And tender is my touch as we transcend our make
But such is our way to drift aimlessly apart

Primitive are the ashes tending to my soul
And grateful I am for the timber of old
For in its absence my stew grows cold
And so without light, I am just another serving bowl.
Jun 2016 · 349
Sive Myeki Jun 2016
I am the flower in your seed
And I will not bloom
Until you have seen me grow
My growth is mine alone
And bound I am to your will
For I may wilt along the riverbanks
And bask in the scorch of your light
But it is You who fertiles my soul
Jun 2016 · 211
Sive Myeki Jun 2016
Allow me to warm up your soul
So you may tread earth with your sole
In my wake I will see you quenched
And tend to the embers you have forgotten
Because my breath endures the holes you trenched
And such is my lode; to see you through mortem.
Jun 2016 · 192
The Mystics
Sive Myeki Jun 2016
Imagine the morning of the birth of our child.
With it, as well as the reception and a new formed ally,
Will come the concession of identity befalling blind
And ascension of special rates that would have you sigh.
Even though I’ll be seeing the same face I have betrothed,
Your historical account of yesterday will no longer be.
Your day old memoirs combust over the scare of motherhood
And the Oneness you once were is driven by obscurity to flee.

To secure safe passage and divine guidance for your infant
You seek to grasp the physical world you detached from,
Because man seeks to usurp and make nature his student.
Conquer and control for the benefit of some.
Like nature, our reasoning is bereft of consciousness and value
Because we fear the consequence of being emotional
For this marks weakness subject only to feminine lure.
Oh how foolish we are to pursue progress from the external.

Because it is mother nature who gives life so boldly
And sow, I give you my life at will to reap.
So you may nourish me from your body,
Nestled in your arms I may suckle vitality in heap
From your ever flowing stream that fed me at birth.
For magic I have witnessed of woman and nature in marriage,
Interconnected with the mysteries of this Earth
And by the mysterious of us mystics, we shall be your carriage.
Jun 2016 · 184
Sive Myeki Jun 2016
She was the fruit perched high up on the tree
And the lather of a thorn which cut deep
Now again I rise from a very ashen dream
With a hide much softer than before
In love I fall at the whim of likeness
And out of it I walk at the loss of identity
Jun 2016 · 302
Doctrine of the Conformist
Sive Myeki Jun 2016
A mistake we have taken to conscious
Into thinking we have gained
A belief we have rationed with
For the loss of our wrongs
Comfortable is the thoughtless life
Especially when its all laid out
Because lavish is the art of choice
For as long as I reign supreme
So until I hear the echo of your silence
I will live accordingly to their will
My right to rule forged by instruction
Because there is order on a road frequently paved
Where twigs and thorns cease to be
My ruin becomes the shelter I harbour my soul
So when the herd bellows through without toil
I will lick my wounds with salted breath
When will my brethren wake from within
Because censored is the grief we inherit
So too is the past we live today
Because senseless is the misery we choose to be
So if none must come to My rescue
In solitude I am happy to be alone
For I am not alone when I am All in One
Jun 2016 · 449
Horus Lost An Eye
Sive Myeki Jun 2016
the sound image of a tree
a word of mouth it cannot be
nor can a pecker of wood see
but in our mind's eye we recite
the four veda's of creation
absent is your breath when fires ignite
in nourishment of a flowing imagination
for this is what the tree had said
on a rooted bed the boy sits being fed
the ability to recite a word
to thee in mind without speech
speaks of one sound image
to see and hear one's own phenomena
because rather than the physical sound
the tree recite's the word tree to thy self.
Jun 2016 · 859
Sive Myeki Jun 2016
Her sole tread this earth when faith became narrow
With the sun disappearing beneath her earthly crest
And perched high up her kin bid her good morrow
Her scent revered across the land when war she laid to rest
This was Pleiades the seven studded sister rooted in love
She who prunes the shrub down to the stem
So light may cleave the soul that fell from above
And such was her beaut the beloved daughter of Shem
Cast into a world fashioned in hate
Eager to condemn and prosecute in cod
How difficult it is to welcome our heavenly fate
How can you experience your self anything less than a God
So when her lips seize to move she awaits your state
Because only your self believes your self to be flawed
Yet things and beings remain as the same
As the tree still rooted whence she sway
As the nightly stars whence she came
Jun 2016 · 280
Sive Myeki Jun 2016
when she heard him speak
his words sent her heart to its peak
truth was the melody played
and grievance was the tune she plagued
self assured she sought to revenge
and swiftly her darkest thoughts arrange
tireless she became to find her toy
but playful was the heart she tried to destroy
silent was the ignorant man who had done no wrong
making it up as he hummed his song
and pungent was the wise ready to mock
who gathers her flock eager to split this rock
on deaf ears fell her sword dipped in venom
because wise was she to abrupt the fools sermon
Jun 2016 · 238
Peace Keepers
Sive Myeki Jun 2016
The heaven's rumble and the shutters mumble
Insidious is the echo of a thunderous raw
The comparable terror on both fronts becomes indistinguishable
And when the earth quakes we hug the floor
The children weep and a mother's hope makes way
The wounds of shard cleansed by molten tear
Inside we howl at the dart that went astray
A target it found when the mind was cornered by fear
The heavens rumble and the shutters mumble
Darkened shadows flicker within the shutters fiery light
A teary mother contemplates death when her kin she must ******
Feen or foe a monster parades on her blight
Jun 2016 · 310
Sive Myeki Jun 2016
The dam is kept murky,
ill and distorted
by its inability to be active,
although the heavens shower its blessing.
The stream is ever clear,
translucent, luminous
and forthcoming with life
because of its intention to flow.
The principle is there
for all to see and be,
the variance
lies between the lens
through which we choose to see from.
Jun 2016 · 341
Sive Myeki Jun 2016
Dance with the body
So it may know the lead
Listen to the melody
And become what is said
Flexing with the rhythm
No stance is lost in vain
Breathing with the ism
No soul is left to pain

Aum Aum Aum
Jun 2016 · 231
Where is my Ale
Sive Myeki Jun 2016
What is the most valued thing to you
O' child of luminescence
What ails your heart when death approaches
Name this weight which grounds without humility
Share your value and hide your worth
Me doth thinks you are scared
Scared of not being seen
Scared of leaving individualism and being nothing
The same nothing that bore you earth and still you seek an atomic crown
Such a reputation your divinity has built for your body
No applause no pause no reflection only egotistic esotericism
Your self you keep for a select few
Your worth you limit by the number of fingers you count
Such a life you have built from nothing
Upon the gravesite of a child that once dreamt your life
The same child that gladly sacrificed itself so you may surface
What is it now that attaches you to this persona
Tell me now O' light bearer
Where can we find your flame
Was it the last thing you sold for gold
Who here can rise above this one thing
Who here is unburdened by the fear of loss
What is the least of your desires
O' man of pleasure
Can you not sit without your ale?
Jun 2016 · 354
Joplin & Hendrix
Sive Myeki Jun 2016
To Jimi & Janis

Lost in a fools paradise
No map to land my dice
No body to govern this space
This bearing aligns my chase
This day I will seize in thought
And forth I will bring what is sought
This seed I sow in fertility
A mind surreal as lake tranquility
The depths I see
This body I flee
I set the task for you to do
Space and time I shall subdue
Under control of mental abrasion
Layer by layer free from emotion
A foolish man retrieves the soul
Lost in paradise he becomes the whole
Jun 2016 · 182
Sive Myeki Jun 2016
Look at that plant over there!
Embedded between concrete with no care.
Does it look worried if I stare?
Or does the the rubble on his sheen disturb his flair?
There's a lesson to learn from this creature so fair.
A good life it leads, happy with its share.
This is the tale of a plant that grew within the tear.
Jun 2016 · 188
Sive Myeki Jun 2016
We must be light like water
Taking the path of least resistance
Until the land levels out
Every droplet coming together as one
And here we sit waiting to rise
Before the sun sends us back and forth
Jun 2016 · 241
Dialect of a Shaman
Sive Myeki Jun 2016
Who are you?
I am.
Am what?
I am that I am.
And what is that?
Be more specific!
I cannot.
Why not?
I have no point to measure up to.
What does that mean?
I conceived the self that I am, I speaks for me, I sees, hears, tastes and smells for me. But I am not the I.
What do you mean?
A mind that conceives its self cannot use its self to see its self. Just like a knife can't cut itself nor can fire burn itself.
So you are the mind?
I don't know.
I don't understand!
That's because you already know.
Now you have lost me!
That too is a concept you know and have chosen to pour energy into. Where energy flows there is life.
But I didn't choose to be confused!
You chose knowing over not knowing. Anything new to you has a point to measure up to.
Was I wrong?
I don't know.
What do you know?
How can you know nothing? Haven't you experienced anything?
To you nothing is a conception measured against having something. For me there is nothing to experience outside my self if I am everything.
So you are the creator?
I don't know.
Then what are you?
You can't be nothing otherwise you don't exist!
I don't exist.
What does that mean?
I am without form I am that I am. I measure up to nothing.
Now I don't understand!
So now you know. Because you have relinquished the desire and pursuit of knowing, of understanding. That is karma.
What is karma?
Ignorance of action.
Jun 2016 · 322
Mirror Stage
Sive Myeki Jun 2016
You are going to fall
Brace your self to brawl
For your destiny
Exhausting your chesty
And living off
Each breath as if
The next were not guaranteed
Because this is the seed
Life grew from
A stenciled conundrum
Found in fellowship of a bee
And flowers reigning free
Where wind and sail
Chart the way askew the frail
You are going to fall
And you will want to crawl
And scout for crumbs
Until the knee bends and becomes
The servant of tribulation
Bowing to the puppeteers' constitution
Torn from self
You decorate the shelf
With accolades past and present
Idolizing the image you rent
From a faceless Lord
Who hands you the cord
To dangle your corpse
All in benevolence
Of pampering the collective consciousness
Filling the emptiness
With gurus, trinkets and wealth
Anything but the breath
That keeps alive
The entire hive
From a single exhale
That keeps a greeny dale
To the heart that beats once
Giving you one last chance
One last glance
At the ball of fire
A tapestry of ancient Maya.
Sive Myeki Jun 2016
You will not understand my bible.
Nor my religious ensemble
Because the experience of man
Should not stockade the lamb.
The holiest of holy
Will not coax with their folly;
Instead we laugh,
We laugh at a deity so far off,
Living with guilt.
A primal lapse of living with out.
Attached to the congruent self,
The belligerent nod waging fear over life.
Smearing adverse anxiety.
We negate self love willingly;
So love is not the engine,
A beat down city pigeon,
Feathers plucked by famine,
Limping upon a drudged talon.
Wings clipped by obscurity;
Disheartened, love preys on insecurity.
So we listen
Without reason
Waiting for a faint voice
A hidden angel of observance
Vanquished to your medial
Awaiting resurrection of denial
Denouncing the paved road
Shedding the serpents load
A callous exterior
Boxing the ulterior
When you fathom this ensemble
When you see a flaming candle
A string thwarted in wax
Melting away the complex
And when you fall for the fable
You will understand my bible
A clean page
With each teaching sage
Jun 2016 · 296
Sive Myeki Jun 2016
One two three
Awake and see
One two three
Dream and let it be
One two three
Return to sleep, deep within the shee.
These are the stages
For ripening the sages
One two three
And your will is set free
Jun 2016 · 369
Sive Myeki Jun 2016
The next time you go out into nature,
Leave your dog behind.
Don't call a friend to join you
Or bother your spouse
With something done alone.
Don't saddle your bike
And rush to catch the sunset with your camera.
This is not a memento to share,
Parade and shackle
With the rest of your dreams.
Don't claim love over her
When you still fear the creeping
And the crawling
Or pretend to meditate
While posing for the lenses
She is not an heirloom
To be passed down
Like the stigma
You have burdened femininity with
She is more than that
She is a mother
A mother to children who shredded
Their umbilical cord
Lost their way home
And now return soaked in pain
She is your mother
Not some ****** hostess for your events
Nor the burial ground
Of her infants dying in vane
The next time you go out into nature
Talk to her
Feel at home amongst your kin
Laugh sing and dance
And do not be deterred by her silence
Stinging words or prying eyes
All your life she has been your voice
You are still alive today
Because nature did not abandon you
When you tore her apart
With your cashmere this
Your pine that
Your 200km/h
The trophy heads
And your vile arenas that shave her bare
Not even when
You silenced her voice
When you looked the other way.
Jun 2016 · 247
Give And You Shall Receive
Sive Myeki Jun 2016
I come to you now
Bearing gifts of wisdom
How you accept them
That i leave up to you
I know who you are
You are destined for greatness
learn to see past your fears
but do understand this
the more you think of them
they gaze right back at you
I come to you now
Bearing gifts of wisdom
Why you accept them
That you leave to me
Where your heart calls home
Is of your own choosing
With my light
Great is thy existence
For greatness alone
Is more feeling than thought
Gifts you shall receive
Unseen to the eyes of man
Give and you shall receive,
Give and you shall receive!
Cradle those arms of yours
As you take a knee
stroking that itch
You are now sitting with your fathers
We are to you as you are to us
As are your deeds to us
So shall our deeds be you
Alone we stand and ruined of our strength
And so is the plight of man
But to ye of little faith
Gifts you shall receive
Give and you shall receive
Surrender all false pretense
Rally with the rainbow warriors
For our individual strengths
Solidify our imaginations
Give a gift that keeps on giving
Jun 2016 · 423
Sive Myeki Jun 2016
Will you compensate truth for fame?
With your skillful tongue more active than your
Will you continue to administer sorrow freely?
Incidently blessing whom you come into contact
And what chalice do we dare drink from?
A potion cleansed in what is common and
Because my life you require for the charge of
your own.
By design you will my motion to build adoration
for guilt
Because your shrine has institutionalized my guilt
as a virtue.
So guilty I am for rejoicing your esteem
Now my eye is ceit of your deceiving womb.
The divine being in me greets the divine beings in
Jun 2016 · 341
The Skin
Sive Myeki Jun 2016
An experience before I,
One must at least try.
So I may die
Then All shall fly.
Because action without tact
Is an act masked in fact;
Your sight seen as cracked
And the blind will always react.
An experience before I,
As within we incide the tie
With out the mutiny of I
The self will multiply.
Transparent the self must be
Then All is seen as Thee.
When light has pierced your three
The experience before I is set free.
Jun 2016 · 623
Siddhartha Road
Sive Myeki Jun 2016
When I die
Mama don't cry
I'll still be here
On the highest tier
Gone from memory
Free from worry
No straddling of duality
No tears of joy
Just an opaque mind
Returning to its kind
So take this body home
Before I turn to stone
Wrap it up
And fill my cup
Find my stead
A lonesome shed
Beyond the hill
Lest you abandon my will
I know you tried
Every turn taking my side
Without knowing why
A mother's love to see her infant fly
And I wish that I
Was never born to die
But long before I came to be
In your slumber I asked to be set free
So let me live this life
Though it may be tough
Let me show you something
Not of this living
Abreast your chest
Within your crest
A sylvan right
Stained by blight
Let me live this life
By the sweat of my strife
And take you with
Until His Majesty cometh
Because this will was carved on stone
And I alone
Will carry it out
I alone will wither and sprout
Leaving nothing behind
Nothing of my kind
And before dawn breaks
Before the shepherds ear aches
Borrowed oar in hand
Past the shore I stand
In the hands of dylan
In search of man
I leave the land
To part with the facade
No hope of Salvador
I believe this is what I saw
Death at the hands of a friend
The end.
Jun 2016 · 817
The Advent Day
Sive Myeki Jun 2016
The advent day has come
And with it a lonesome
Fellow cloaked in black.
He trudges back
And forth; unseen by brailing sirens,
The gazing and scavenging talons.
He sways the crowd
By swelling the cloud,
Dispersing the onlookers
With the phobia of ombros.
Only the shepherd of the dead
Knows the folk lore of the serpents head.
"Ready my carriage," he says
"This soul is destined for better days.
Leave the body behind.
Let it stew with dust and sylvan kind
So seed may sprout, decay and replenish
Its androgynous abode afresh.
And I may keep a promise,
Finding solace within my grimace.
O' friend of mine;
Take a sip of cordial wine,
And rise from your pale souvenir,
Embellish your wings and climb the firmament tier.
Scour the stars, sun and moon's face
For the heaven promised beyond space.
The home of saints and martyr;
And when this path leads to a furnaced altar,
Know this as your fate
For going through the narrow gate.
A prudent soul you were not,
Always chasing the Dharmic knot.
By the power vested in me
I set your spirit free."

— The End —