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Michael H May 2019
I thought
We reworked
The plan
To take it in,

To emancipate myself
Test out
While I could

But trauma prevailed
264 I thought this one was cool, only okay but illustrated some thoughts. Working still to organize poems. There was a lot more feeling about the story than is shown through the poem...
Sive Myeki Jun 2016
You are okay with disallowing the truth
Because it lends a threatening aspect to your security.
Your security,
A false sense of entitlement,
Is by no means your creation.
Your security is the safeguard
Of another man's security.
You allow your self
To be enslaved
Because you do not know how to walk alone
And the master has told you many stories
Of heroes, villains and creatures alike
Who sought this adventure;
Its dangers, toils and snares.
The good bit he left out
Because he too is enslaved by your obedient labour.
The good bit he keeps to himself,
To remind his self of the goodness he has carried out.
To save a soul
Who dared question the existence of the master,
And steer him back in line
With shovel and pick in hand.
To him
This journey must be split between the eye;
One must enjoy pleasure
And the other
Must enjoy the displeasure
Of creating pleasure for another.

— The End —