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Jun 2016
Who are you?
I am.
Am what?
I am that I am.
And what is that?
Be more specific!
I cannot.
Why not?
I have no point to measure up to.
What does that mean?
I conceived the self that I am, I speaks for me, I sees, hears, tastes and smells for me. But I am not the I.
What do you mean?
A mind that conceives its self cannot use its self to see its self. Just like a knife can't cut itself nor can fire burn itself.
So you are the mind?
I don't know.
I don't understand!
That's because you already know.
Now you have lost me!
That too is a concept you know and have chosen to pour energy into. Where energy flows there is life.
But I didn't choose to be confused!
You chose knowing over not knowing. Anything new to you has a point to measure up to.
Was I wrong?
I don't know.
What do you know?
How can you know nothing? Haven't you experienced anything?
To you nothing is a conception measured against having something. For me there is nothing to experience outside my self if I am everything.
So you are the creator?
I don't know.
Then what are you?
You can't be nothing otherwise you don't exist!
I don't exist.
What does that mean?
I am without form I am that I am. I measure up to nothing.
Now I don't understand!
So now you know. Because you have relinquished the desire and pursuit of knowing, of understanding. That is karma.
What is karma?
Ignorance of action.
Sive Myeki
Written by
Sive Myeki  South Africa
(South Africa)   
   Alin and Arcassin B
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