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Jun 2016
When I die
Mama don't cry
I'll still be here
On the highest tier
Gone from memory
Free from worry
No straddling of duality
No tears of joy
Just an opaque mind
Returning to its kind
So take this body home
Before I turn to stone
Wrap it up
And fill my cup
Find my stead
A lonesome shed
Beyond the hill
Lest you abandon my will
I know you tried
Every turn taking my side
Without knowing why
A mother's love to see her infant fly
And I wish that I
Was never born to die
But long before I came to be
In your slumber I asked to be set free
So let me live this life
Though it may be tough
Let me show you something
Not of this living
Abreast your chest
Within your crest
A sylvan right
Stained by blight
Let me live this life
By the sweat of my strife
And take you with
Until His Majesty cometh
Because this will was carved on stone
And I alone
Will carry it out
I alone will wither and sprout
Leaving nothing behind
Nothing of my kind
And before dawn breaks
Before the shepherds ear aches
Borrowed oar in hand
Past the shore I stand
In the hands of dylan
In search of man
I leave the land
To part with the facade
No hope of Salvador
I believe this is what I saw
Death at the hands of a friend
The end.
Sive Myeki
Written by
Sive Myeki  South Africa
(South Africa)   
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