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Jun 2016
Imagine the morning of the birth of our child.
With it, as well as the reception and a new formed ally,
Will come the concession of identity befalling blind
And ascension of special rates that would have you sigh.
Even though I’ll be seeing the same face I have betrothed,
Your historical account of yesterday will no longer be.
Your day old memoirs combust over the scare of motherhood
And the Oneness you once were is driven by obscurity to flee.

To secure safe passage and divine guidance for your infant
You seek to grasp the physical world you detached from,
Because man seeks to usurp and make nature his student.
Conquer and control for the benefit of some.
Like nature, our reasoning is bereft of consciousness and value
Because we fear the consequence of being emotional
For this marks weakness subject only to feminine lure.
Oh how foolish we are to pursue progress from the external.

Because it is mother nature who gives life so boldly
And sow, I give you my life at will to reap.
So you may nourish me from your body,
Nestled in your arms I may suckle vitality in heap
From your ever flowing stream that fed me at birth.
For magic I have witnessed of woman and nature in marriage,
Interconnected with the mysteries of this Earth
And by the mysterious of us mystics, we shall be your carriage.
Sive Myeki
Written by
Sive Myeki  South Africa
(South Africa)   
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