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FairlyCultured Mar 2020
This sense of non-belongingness
The lonely stare at the stars keeps me cold
My soul has ties to the lies of society and beliefs
Yet I am made of dust and mist
The romance of the unexplored universe is an adventure
Yet entire beauty is down here in a lover's kiss

Oh, faith! Play a part in my life
I just want to reset and rest
The stars don't talk to me
Until the sun rays warm my face
Sometimes thoughts are overwhelming and they just need to be written down.
FairlyCultured Jan 2020
Finding you was a dream or crime?
I have only learned to love you as mine.

We meet up behind the broken window,
You tell me your day was rough and hollow.

Wish I could do anything to make it good.
Also, wish you could let down the hood.

You take out a knife and ask me for some blood.
Some? For you, I'd let it flood.

As my nerves lets the guard down
You take me in your arms
Just before the storm.

You fall to the ground, hold your stomach, and bawl
Placing the knife in my hand, you ask me not to trust you at all.

Would you be here if it were so easy?
Who lives? It's either you or me.

Your grip on my hand is so tight,  
You confess you are so scared for my life tonight.

I take your face on my palms and sigh,
I wish this was as easy as black and white.

Now, I have a decision to make.
Where's the ****** coin for God's sake?
FairlyCultured Jan 2020
I will write you
The real you
In a different light

I will write you
Until you root for yourself
Until you find yourself
Until you realise you deserve the things you dreamt of
Until you realise you can dream more
Never put yourself down, what you need sometimes is to see yourself as a different person, to change perspective.
FairlyCultured Nov 2018
Be it a dead silent dark night,
With the clock counting dead hour.

Or a walk through a chaotic lane
With the people busy in chitter-chatter.

My thoughts have completely been absorbed
By the warmth, and everything that is him.

My mind has gone wild.
It doesn't stop dreaming and thinking.

I wish I could post my senses to an eternal rest
Because it's beautiful and exhausting.
Gleeful and yet hurting.
Have you ever fancied someone so much, that you keep thinking about them and it's tiring..
FairlyCultured Nov 2018
An exotic fragrance
An evergreen dream
A fire of desire
An aid while I scream

A touch of mystery
A feather of affection
A face of reality
A 'wow' for perfection

And alas!
A long wait with a lonely breeze
A tinted smile with the play of bewitchery
A half written story, and my smile would freeze
A moistened faith of countless escape
Is what gets best of me.
Is it in human nature to want what they don't have and no give value to what they have?
FairlyCultured Oct 2018
They say "Time passes so fast"
2018's November only means
2017's is now a past.
FairlyCultured Oct 2018
So consumed with desire
To write down whole of you
In the ink of love, imagination and freshness.

And then, feel you again
As warmth and memories.

A dire need of a fragment, a real you.
I promise it won't take long
Just the touch of the spirit to dream along.
Can't let somethings in life to grow in reality, only can shape them in my imagination, where it grows and lives by my codes.
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