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Her bones are kind of weak when she has to stand up for herself. Like spaghetti, herself she just can not defend.
Until she stands for a friend, then her bones turn to steel rods, impossible to bend.
She is true, and she is a friend.
A little prototype
So fortunate there was no one alike
A truly remarkable prototype, but after all just that
And as it goes with those, it got replaced with another,
slightly better
Terrified and afraid, it was now sent to the shredder

But before it got there, it was revisited
The prototype thought that was wonderful
Its future was a little brighter, and colourful
It was happy to get another chance, to enhance
It did its best to look good, as it should
It now had an outstanding design
But unfortunately, once again declined

Now crushed and defeated it wandered the testing site and factory grounds, wondering why the world could be so cruel
Just a single approval could be so crucial
And every disapproval so brutal and roughshod
Simply the prototype, must be no good

Suddenly a pair of kind, caring hands picked it up
A pair of hands that understands the prototype
It was carefully looked at and a few screws was tightened
New technology was inserted, and a few bulbs was lightened
New hope rose as the insecurity was broke
Once again examined carefully
Now the prototype was truly a beauty
It jumped up and down, as it was finally accepted
and put into production, happy and relieved as it had now served a real function
Just a day, someone somewhere will find you and think, "Awe how neat".
She arrived like rain on fire
She possessed my every desire
She poured fuel into my cup
Inserted a sparkplug and started me up
Rocket engine fired up, boost activated and racing towards the top
Exiting the atmosphere
Never has my vision been so clear
Stars and planets cheering in excitement
Her voice is my drive in a space so silent
Thundering past gas giants and supernova’s
Competing against science in alliance with the gods, odds in our Favour
Hearts greater than nature
My saviour
Far off star struck
My mind was wandering in a dark and unkind space
There she came with the light, and a pulchritudinous face
I am lost please help
I'm trapped.
I'm trapped in a bottle.
Its got an engine, and goes full throttle.
There is nothing stopping this bottle, one day it will hit a wall, smash. now a billion pieces of glass with me in the middle, free of my pickle.
Bleeding but pleasing, now I can die.
I didn't survive.
My cockpit

— The End —