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  Jun 2018 Penny Iloa
Shadow Dragon
If you are in charge
you will end up hurting
your own soul.
  May 2018 Penny Iloa
Noah A
The rain falls onto the charcoal ground
The deepest and darkest of my thoughts weave their way through my mind
Circling like a hawk
Waiting to stab at the peacefullness welled up inside me
Longing to break the endless seams that hide the joyous emotions
The icy moon rises to begin it’s torture
And the darkness overwhelms me
Cracks appear throughout the barricade
The darkness continues it’s endless assault
My emotions inside struggle to keep the darkness at bay
My mind fights against itself
Eating itself up
Killing itself
Until finally, the darkness wins control
I was hoping that someone could relate to this, as I have defenitley experienced this before.  Honestly, I had one recently and so I decided to write about it.  Hopefully you guys like it!
  May 2018 Penny Iloa
Shadow Dragon
If we felt nothing then how
would we be able to write
the darkness
that turns within
that creeps deep
so that we turn our
shoulder the other way
when really
we should have
our devil.
  May 2018 Penny Iloa
you say i love you
like it was some kind of recitation
and i was fool enough to listen to the end of the recital
  May 2018 Penny Iloa
I have seen the stars,
I have seen the moon.


In her eye I saw myself.
  May 2018 Penny Iloa
Shadow Dragon
How come no one really know
what they are doing with their life?

The sun and moon have purpose.
So why don't you?
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