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I treaded so lightly
so as not to break
the eggshells
that I broke
myself instead
 Mar 9 Benji James
why am i so small,
when my ambitions are far too tall?

i want to soar in the wind,
i want to feel a lovers kiss.

i want to be good at helping others,
so i may help my mother.

if i want to be tall,
then why am i so small?
another sleepy poem
 Mar 9 Benji James
i’ve worked three years
of my sweat.

of my cold, red blood
seeping out of my neck.

and the rain still pours
when i despise of its day.

but still the sun
comes out one of these days.

three long years
of working instead of play.

just to help people
who feel like the rain.
sometimes, it’s important to remember the beauty in the rain and thunder
 Mar 9 Benji James
It hurts the most
When the person
That made you feel wanted yesterday
Made you feel so unwanted today.
before you go and do something dumb
I know how it is just to feel numb.
take a moment to let me tell you people care
because maybe you want to share but you don't dare.
don't be afraid to tell somebody you need help
because no matter how small the yelp
they will be there to listen to you
so maybe this is your cue.
this world is better with you in it so don't quit
Please stop hiding that pit
speak out and seek attention
let's start the process of ascension
I know that you feel alone all by yourself
like you've been placed on a dusty shelf
cut off from a society that doesn't love you
but I'm telling you that isn't true.
just give a call to that hot line
let it be a light in the dark that shines
because they will answer and listen
the tears will fall and glisten
because you'll know that they care
you can let go of the tremendous weight you bare.
people love you and they always will
so before you take that pill
before that Blade touches you again
before you step off the end
put down that gun
and just call them so you live to see the morning sun
I love all of you with all of me
I just hope I reach you in time for you to see.
I beg and plead
before you start to bleed
just call them and talk
they want to help you they really do.
don't be afraid to take that first step
don't be like me and never speak out.

-Caleb J. Collins
Please feel free to share this with loved ones. I hope it helps some of y'all and I want you to know I speak from my heart with this one.
 Feb 24 Benji James
if you knew how to love

i like to think
you’d have loved me
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