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j a connor Jun 1
life is poetry
unknown futures ( and presents)
all await the discovery of the creative mind
j a connor May 27
Open your future to the mistakes of the past
Accept the fragility of dreams that don't last
j a connor May 27
Do not identify as slaves
But know as those
Who took their place
j a connor May 14
escaping darkness
enveloped in dreams
alive in shadow
j a connor May 6
I think myself to another level
A consciousness of my own
Needing freedom to live in this projection
Finally realising
We are limited in the control of our lives in this uncertain future
j a connor Apr 30

glowing apparitions  
reflecting in a blank mirror

step forward
there is nothing to fear
j a connor Apr 11
the smell of broken trees on a hot day
salty scent of travel  
aroma more powerful than Chanel
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