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  Apr 28 Siyana
maybe people are meant
to fall in love
but not meant
to be together.

i was coming to terms with this
only to find out
we werent in love.
i was.
you never loved me
you didnt feel anything for me
you tried to,
but loving someone isnt something
you can make happen.

we always said we were meant to be, right?
perfect for each other
you said our love was pure
and real
and unbreakable.
look at it now,
its shattered.

falling in love with you
was the easiest thing
ive ever done.
falling out of love
will be the hardest.
i guess the [lovers] code has been cracked.
Siyana Apr 21
Dirt Roads
Drunk Nights
Fast Cars
Mixed Feelings
I'm In Love...
Siyana Apr 20
“Little girls like you play dumb, but I know you’re not… You are just broken, waiting to be saved by a world that died a long time ago…”
  Apr 16 Siyana
i still
do not know
the poem i've been trying to write
and maybe
that's because
i haven't been
writing one at all
or maybe it's because
the poem i've been trying to write
is not ready for paper
and maybe
i'm the paper
that's not ready for it
Siyana Apr 14
The Boy That Every Girl Wanted

Fell In Love With A Girl That No One Wanted...

He Planted Roses Inside Her Heart...

But Her Roots Started To Feel Weak

So She Watered Them Down,

Until They Grew...

Into Thorns That Pricked Every Man Who Tried To Plant Their Own Seeds......

Now She Is A Woman With A Heart As Wild As An Untamed Garden....
Siyana Apr 14
They say I'm a pretty girl,

that I could have anybody...

yet my stubborn mind is stuck on you
Siyana Apr 2
I unpack my baggage on cold, tile floors
where as a child I rested my head.
For the first time I admit to myself,
the truth is hard to swallow but it's what I've been hiding from...

I overthought everything there is to think about, and I realise I made you up in my head... I forgave you when I shouldn't, and now I realise, you are a stranger who never deserved my attention...
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