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Siyana 4d
A premonition,
I feel it in my sleep.
My belly's big,
and my sons are a dream.
My husband's walking up to me,
we've built it at last,
it's all it could be...
We have a coastal lifestyle for two,
my mother's doing great,
my sister is too.
I remember my old friend,
wonder how she's doing,
do we ever meet again?
that's up to heaven...
Siyana 4d
I miss your face and I miss your smile,
the way you'd laugh, and the way you'd lie.
I can't let your pretty face go,
I hope you know that I love you so.
I travel with time & the sun,
we live, we learn, we go, we come.
You're beautiful, you're sun-kissed.
I wish again I could be close to your pretty lips...
Siyana 7d
When you finally cross the line,
And the flashback takes you to all the places you never did go...

- the boy on the train you never spoke to
- the girl you badly wanted to kiss, but never got to.
- the lies you told her to feel better about yourself, when the truth is that you liked her just as she is..
- the boy who never did have your children..
- you never got to build a fort with him..
Siyana 7d
I'm panting, I'm waiting
hoping and praying
that my efforts will finally be paid..
I'm wishing and thinking
"please luck be efficient"
working my life away...
I enter the rink,
with one punch I drop to my knees
blood streaming down my nose,
but I've worked too hard to settle for the broke life..
I'm sick of rummaging the fridge to not be able to grant food,
my stomach loud and hungry,
but there's nothing I can do..
So I take this shot,
yearning for the best,
all I want is to live free of debt.
Not be able to know what it feels like for your rent to be late,
but to live comfortably without worried about money.....
Siyana Aug 9
The way he looked at me,
I could tell.
This man was heartless.
Sadistic as well.
He pulled my hand,
And in the heat
I looked down to see
Bruises on my knees...
He touched himself
when there was blood on my skirt
wanted more,
I copped the hurt..
Then a passerby starts to see
But he turns his head to smile at me.
The same man who once
Ripped my clothes to shreds
His crooked smile,
In the moment I could tell
This man was heartless
Sadistic as well...
This poem is thought to be of a girl and her abusive father... It is not a true story, but is based on events that occur every day in our world.
Siyana Aug 9
The warmth and softness of her lips,
I felt her sensuality, placed through her kiss...
The midnight conversations, the laughter, the fights.
Little did we know, what would happen tonight.
The rosary knocked itself to the floor,
Now your father is knocking on the door...
"Girls, are you ready for church?"
Her hands placed in mine, under my skirt.
"Not yet, we'll be fifteen minutes."
He leaves. She comes. Now I've felt healing.
Siyana Aug 9
Sometimes I think about you,
yeah, I think about your eyes.
The way they'd fluster me,
yeah, the way they'd shine.
I miss them, I miss them, I miss them...

Can you believe it..
We have far past July.
The trees are changing,
like the way we'd run and hide..
One minute it was love,
the next minute we would hate
but I just miss you,
but you don't feel the same..

It hurts because I know,
deep down inside..
That we will never happen,
your love was a lie...
Your just a cosmic fantasy,
when i want to step away from reality..
but, if you existed, it would be great,
but life just doesn't work that way...
You would never come back,
because I miss you too much,
that's the way it goes,
my love, my sun...
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