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Levi Johnson Sep 28
I could've been anything.
I was so sure of it
before I knew the first thing
about myself.

I could've done it all -
with time to spare

Left the mundane
somewhere near the start
so I would know if I was
walking in circles.

I could've written
my story,
now it seems
I'm no longer
the author.
Levi Johnson Sep 20
I just have to look
at you
to feel it.

To know it
I have to look

Like the pages
of a book

Fragments of
information, the pieces
all out of place.


I believe you
beg to be
Levi Johnson Sep 2
This is tiresome

The thrashing energy
The struggling concepts of
This interior and that exterior

The back and forth,
The up all night but
Still dreaming

The "am I crazy?",
The hopeless spirals
That circle and drain into
The soil, and plant
The "It's gonna be ok"
That sprouts a new day
Levi Johnson Aug 19
This cage is sound proof.
When I feel the need to say
Something nasty
I scream it until my voice
Is nothing but
A hoarse

I could say the meanest,
Most unsavory things

And you'll never hear them.
Unless you find
A way

If you have one too,
A cage I mean,
Scream in it.
Then listen:
Levi Johnson Jun 19
In my mind
Everything has a cabinet
Separated, organized,
Tiled clearly and labeled with
Well written titles
For easy access
When needed

Then you happened

Now the aisles of mind
Are covered in all the things
I organized so finely,
And I can never find
The things I need to say
Because they're all
Mixed up.
Levi Johnson Jun 5
If you could be anyone at all
And walk any path
Who would you be?
If you could see the world
As it is
What would you see?
If you were me
And I were you
What would I dream?
Of love and confusion?
Of untidy rooms lazily
Letting the days pass by?
Of the end of the world
Or at least the end
Of a world?
Or maybe someplace better.
If it didn't end would there be more?
Or would it all mean less
When the mornings never end?
If life wasn't brief
Would the immortals be seeking
The fountain of sleep?
Whether it's meaningful
Or meaningless
It may be better
Than what it isn't.
Levi Johnson Jun 2
The 'ists keep talking to me
Reciting from memory
Something that came to them
When they needed it

They tell me I need them too
Their 'isms
Because if I don't have an 'ism
Then I must be miserable

I nod my head
Single syllables are enough
To give them the feeling
That they've helped me somehow

Despite their insightful 'isms
They're easily agitated
By something as common as
Another 'ist
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