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Sabbathius Jul 2015
The burden’s growing heavier with each second
Been keeping my head up, and never beckoned
On through the night, dragging this weight alone
These winds are strong, they freeze me to the bone

Constantly afraid of what may be lurking
No matter the cost, I have to keep looking
In the unknown, I place my only hope
Feels like waiting for the snap of a rope

“To start anew”, they said with smiley faces
“Go in peace! Travel to find different places.
This land is dying and so are we all.
Go now! But remember, you must stand tall!”

So far, I haven’t found a place to settle
Many days went on in this constant battle
Got no map or compass to guide my way
As I advance, deeper into the fray

Water and hail, fall heavily on my path
For far too long, I faced the storm god's wrath
For how much longer will I have to roam?
Must it be this hard, to find a new home?

Maybe I’ll just stop, sit right here and wait
Calm my body, spirit and fast heart-rate
Perhaps someone might pass around these parts
Provide some help, so that my journey starts

*Journey Short on Hope by João Massada is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-NoDerivatives 4.0 International License.
Sabbathius Jun 2015
In vain, the priest attempts to exorcise
He struggles hard to cease the demon’s rise
His prayers prove to be of no avail
She's almost sure they will completely fail

Contorting limbs, in pain and immense fear
From one of those alluring eyes, a tear
Cannot control the one inside no more
Without a pause she screams, so sick and sore

The wretched spawn is crawling right within
Her aching throbbing belly weak and thin
Some spikes are seen already tearing flesh
She feels each one just like a dagger's slash

With blisters-covered skin, expelling pus
There is no true escape from all this fuss
Entirely drenched in sweat, in **** and tears
Atrophied head rotates, her judgement nears

Amidst the blackened blood, now flowing out
Applying strength, ignoring cry or shout
Exuding putrid smells, an horror-born
Keeps screeching out as if destroyer’s horn

*Possession, Defilement and Birth by João Massada is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-NoDerivatives 4.0 International License.
I fear for my mental faculties :/
Just kidding, but sometimes my mind is a really scary place xD
  Jun 2015 Sabbathius
Flita Fernandes
The soul reaps it's way,
Through turmoil and pain.
Branding it's essence ,
By the scars of life.

While the spirit runs free,
Naked in the land of oblivion.
Pure and serene;
Embraced in ethereal wisdom.

The embodiment of immortality,
Twinkles like wind chimes ;
Born from eternal sleep,
To the dawn of a new age.
Sabbathius Jun 2015
There he falls to his knees
Stung by a thousand bees
Close to his dying wife
Slowly draining of life

“No! This cannot take place!
Right here in my embrace,
My beloved soon dead!
Oh Lord, take me instead!”

“Cease all the liquid flow
And shine thy holy glow
Gently upon her spirit
She’s almost at her limit!”

From out of smoke and fire
Appears a spectre liar
To bring a twisted deal
That only blood may seal

“But what explains thy presence!?
To carry out her sentence!?
Wert thou sent by my lord!?
I’ll strike thee with my sword!”

His blade is raised but stilled
The eyelids as if peeled
Limbs paralyzed in terror
‘Twas that an awful error!?

‘Tis the odd spectre’s hold
On his form now so cold
Approaching the young girl
His words, start to unfurl:

“Of her I shall take care
If only wouldst thou dare
To grant to my possesion
Assets, for my collection”

“For riddles I care not!
Of those I’ve heard a lot!
What could someone like thee
Do now, to set her free!?”

Raising arms high above
It starts to cure his love
Making it seem so true
But stopping half-way through

“Thou art a seraph, right?
Please, bless her with thy light!
Please, what desirest thee?
Take anything from me!”

“To make her again whole
Requires thy own soul
It will suffice to mend
The wounds of a dear friend”

“Well, If it must be so
As I won’t let her go
My essence may fill hers
Seems like that she concurs”

Their fate was swiftly sealed
Turns out she was not healed
Both meant for hell’s inclusion
‘Twas all just an illusion

*The Promise Of Hell by João Massada is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-NoDerivatives 4.0 International License.
That was surely my longest write until today, and one I'm very proud of, still can't believe I wrote it xD
  Jun 2015 Sabbathius
My words crawl
away into the shadows
cowering under the
echoed silence, the fear
of pasts claws.

It's a quiet place here in
the chasms of the soul,
where forlorn murmurs
of wisdom, breach the
signature of mystery.

Feeding the lands of
my mind, seeking oceans
hold, I cannot listen to
the voice of reason.

I follow you into the
woods and dancing in the
light of our dying fires
*I rise, I rise, I rise.
© copyright
~ Sylvia Plath tribute ~
  May 2015 Sabbathius
Flita Fernandes
Salty wind grazes his skin,
Embracing the ocean in his eyes.
Staring at the infinite horizon,
With memories from another life.

She would wait at the shore,
A small cottage by the sea.
Lullabies from distant waves,
And untold stories in the breeze.

She hummed a tune for her sailor's return,
Aware of the dangers and the deep.
She sang her song to the ocean,
That made the mythic sirens weep.

He still remembers the day he returned,
The cottage in the distance, hazy like a dream.
He searched for her, months and years,
But her sea green eyes were never seen.

Not once did he visit her grave,
never knowing what happened to her.
Memories of her still float ashore,
As he could never love another.
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