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Flita Fernandes Aug 2017
Walking down cold empty streets
I’ve seen lovers walk side to side
as I stood alone on a sidewalk
not knowing how it would feel
to hold on to someone as I cry

As I lay down on empty sheets
I fear that I will never hear
another heart beat with mine
For I’ve never known love
but i’ve heard its as old as time

I wait for years and years to feel
and I do; but the amount of love I held
never meant anything to you.

So I go on with my life
mind muddled with thoughts still unknown
for somewhere deep down in my soul I knew that
some hearts are meant to be alone.
midnight thoughts! comments would be appreciated! :')
  May 2017 Flita Fernandes
you and i are two different souls,
living on two separate worlds
that collided once
just to be parted
and never meet again.
Flita Fernandes May 2017
Under pink skies along the ocean shore
Toes touching as my lips are on yours
Tiny grains of sand between our clothes
And I wonder what I did to deserve your love

You press me tighter to your chest
a content sigh against my breast
Skin tender with kisses and the breeze
and my heart keeps beating as it bleeds

Because I know when tomorrow comes
We'll  have to part under the setting sun
Until we meet again another time
your heart will still beat next to mine
Flita Fernandes May 2017
In the quiet of night, I walk wild and free
To find something that will bring you back to me
There is a roughness in the silent breeze
The soil wet and soft beneath my feet

I keep walking, leaving behind a trail of blood and dirt
while my head hums and my heart is full of hurt
As I see the blinding light right in front of me
the stars glisten bright above the sea

I look up as I lay half asleep on the shoreline
the bluish white constellation of Lyra twinkles in the sky
and I laugh because even after all that we’ve been through
Everything still comes back to you.
Flita Fernandes May 2017
They say home is where the heart is
but darlin’ my heart is not near me
perhaps it's floating along distant shores
or it’s caged in a building with infinite floors.

I wonder how my heart feels
when you walk by it skips a beat
does it think? does it remember?
but I sure know my head spins when your scent lingers.

My heart may be  a little crazy and a little stupid
wanting to find love and scared of a tiny cupid
And even though my heart may wander and dream
it will still find it's  way home through you and me.
There are holes in the soles of my feet. Open,
bleeding holes. Their edges
are crusted with salt. Their silence
says everything about the nature
of my pain. I'm like a mermaid,
cutting my tail in two just for a shot
at somehow finding happiness. Feet destroyed
from the hot glass I walk on
to find you, hair clotted with blood
and heavy with agony. My legs are long
broken. They fall to the floor
at all angles, shuddering screams
tearing the earth apart around me like weak
skin being ripped open by a thousand claws.
Ocean waves drag my blood back with them,
possessive and snide,
waiting for me, wretched and pathetic, to die.
~~ I'm a mermaid drowning on your shores. ~~
Flita Fernandes May 2017

Love me like the wind
wild and unsteady
encase me in your heart
like storms in the northern sea

If you kiss me goodbye
hold me tight,
but promise me,
that your love will always be mine.
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