I’m in monogamous relationship

I got the edge
So you better believe
The letters you received
Were never from me
I spend hours in apathy
I’m in monogamous relationship
With solitude
In the afternoon
I take walks with silence
Under the moon
I enjoy the quite
No one intrudes
No attitude
No latitude
For stupidity
In this society
Because nobody touches me

We are in a monogamous relationship
Jun 10, 2010

"Since you took care of
That filthy mess
What should I do with the body?"

"Do as you like, but remember.
We are in a monogamous relationship
And a corpse is still a person."

I am a monogamous animal.
Marshall CB Hiatt

And yes I get jealous,
But what did you expect.
I want your kiss, your touch,
I want every single one.
Okay, I love you,
I really didn't want to,
But I do.
And I don't know what to do.

I am a monogamous animal.
I want only one lover to be with.
And I want from you to feel the same way.

Vultures are monogamous.
Chloe K
Chloe K
Jul 20, 2014

Vultures are monogamous.
Cragged necks looped,
it takes them years to forget.
Wing and wing in a nest of rot,
together they pick at sinew.

Fierce devotion in a hollow church
and no organs remained.

She will consume her dead lover,
spanned on an opalescent log;
regurgitate his remains into a baby’s mouth.

Born into the leftovers,
we become remains.

Eternally monogamous
Feb 20

Time mourned
Moving still
At the window sill

Space shook
With what time took
The gravity
Of the situation

Time pushed and pulled
The plush fabric of space
Like to two lovers intertwined

Between their lust
The stars burst
Masses of planetoids
Came together
And broke up

Time and Space
Eternally monogamous
As far as we can tell

#time   #space   #spacetime  
What it feels like to be monogamous

I can't help but imagine
What it feels like to be monogamous
Unfortunately for me,
My loyalty is infamous
I swim in circles between lovers,
If I could, I would mend them all
And create a morphed partner
But I can't have one world,
I like them all,
From the artisans, to the country folk
Short, big, thin and toned or tall
I'm a wreck at my best, with that there's no doubt
I guess I'll just keep going,
Time will figure it all out

Brady Johnson
Brady Johnson
Feb 2, 2012

what is sex anyway?
is it what two people do when they’re bored?
nothing better to do on a wednesday night?
Sex is just a killer of time.

or is sex what happens when the air is flooded
with the taste of too much whiskey?
can sex only happen when people are intoxicated?
Who cares, you probably won’t remember anyway.

isn’t sex to happen when the people love each other?
A night of sweaty passion that ends in “I love you”
who believes in sex after marriage anymore?
I was under the influence that sex was the ultimate act of love.
I’ve been wrong before.

where there is trust and safety in a monogamous relationship.
Darrell Wade Elverum

do they really feel the way
                            they say
                            they do
when they say "I love you"
                            lovers words
                            lovers eyes,
soulful gaze expecting you,
         while respecting you,
                              to undo inhibitions,
a zoo,
unfettered, no be still, my beating heart,
      this may be too much, walk the fence
without falling into the wild monkey
cage with pillows and four poster dreams,
walk the line, be sure to be dressed in black,
oh caught in a fantasy NO!, escape to reality,
      where there is trust and safety in a monogamous relationship.


Threw Johnny Cash under the bus.  Para phrase Queen
elf that only 3-5% of mammals are truly monogamous,
Lizz Parkinson

And I wanted to tell you how listening to The Cure
could heal your soul on the worst days.

Instead we just joked about taking our clothes off.

If I have learned anything these past 12 years, it's to trust
I am not the only girl
worrying that I am doing all these things we tell ourselves we won't do
just because we're asked to.
Just to feel wanted and beautiful.

As a scientist, I explain to myself that only 3-5% of mammals are truly monogamous,
as I woman I justify that society made me crave the attention;
made me need sex to feel.
As the owner of a small heart I struggle to make room and find it is not room I was lacking.

But it's Friday, I'm in Love.

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