We are in a monogamous relationship
Jun 10, 2010

"Since you took care of
That filthy mess
What should I do with the body?"

"Do as you like, but remember.
We are in a monogamous relationship
And a corpse is still a person."

where there is trust and safety in a monogamous relationship.
Darrell Wade Elverum

do they really feel the way
                            they say
                            they do
when they say "I love you"
                            lovers words
                            lovers eyes,
soulful gaze expecting you,
         while respecting you,
                              to undo inhibitions,
a zoo,
unfettered, no be still, my beating heart,
      this may be too much, walk the fence
without falling into the wild monkey
cage with pillows and four poster dreams,
walk the line, be sure to be dressed in black,
oh caught in a fantasy NO!, escape to reality,
      where there is trust and safety in a monogamous relationship.


Threw Johnny Cash under the bus.  Para phrase Queen
Brady Johnson
Brady Johnson
Feb 2, 2012

what is sex anyway?
is it what two people do when they’re bored?
nothing better to do on a wednesday night?
Sex is just a killer of time.

or is sex what happens when the air is flooded
with the taste of too much whiskey?
can sex only happen when people are intoxicated?
Who cares, you probably won’t remember anyway.

isn’t sex to happen when the people love each other?
A night of sweaty passion that ends in “I love you”
who believes in sex after marriage anymore?
I was under the influence that sex was the ultimate act of love.
I’ve been wrong before.

'-monogamous? Yes.'
Oct 6, 2012

'Have you ever done it to a woman before?'
My throat runs dry, suddenly I'm a fourteen year old boy
shoving my hands into my pockets
dumbly shaking my head.
'Do you want to?'
The boy shuffles feet and casts down his eyes.

'Are you-'
               '-monogamous? Yes.'

Her eyes narrow.
My face suffuses with blood which
suffuses the air a startled electric pink.

The scent and hue are unmistakable.

I feel betrayed.

Don't come any closer.
She draws near. Her lips graze my left pinna.
I groan an ancient groan.

'I'm not going to make this... easy for you'
Her voice is more air than vowel and as thick as red meat.
I shut my eyes.

When I open them, hours later, I peer through my fingers
at the Straight Girl in the mirror
and wonder who keeps
changing the bloody rules.

mold mountains out of mud, make missery monogamous with merry.

All I ask is an antidote allowing all adults around the atmospher an appointment about arguing.
Because brother basic bodies are bound to believe bragging & bribing basically being broad brings about the best. But be
Cautious, cause carpets can't carry couches alone, concrete creeps. Causing careless catholic christians to create children.
Don't damn the deranged, dedicate the distaste to the drugs. drinking, and dumb deeds that did it.
Even Eminem explains enternal emotions excellently.
For fear feeds frusttration, though frustration can find fun in fornitcation. Foul. Focus on friends and family.
Getting grouchy gonorrhea grants graves too gorgeous gilrs. Game over.
However, having herpes hardly helps handsome happy hands.
Indicating interesting intakes, involving inception in indecive individuals.
Just joking, jealousy just justifies Jose Cuervo.
Kinddling kindness kidnaps king kong's kingdom.
Learn like lovers, loathing little, liking largely, letting laughs live loudly.
Maning mold mountains out of mud, make missery monogamous with merry.
Never neglect the notion of nice.
Optimism overcomes others opinions.
Personally, persisting perfection probably puts pessimistic patterns in people's personalities.
Quietly questioning their quality.
Rest assured reading random reactions really is redundant.
Searching someones soul secretely sends self salvation.
Take turns, tell truths, talk, these things take time, they are talents to be treasured.
Understanding ultimatums unlocks unlimited unison.

So beyond the romance and the monogamous harmony,
Carmelo Antone
Carmelo Antone
Mar 20, 2012

Luscious lovers strangled by sheets of seduction,
Is this for real or is this our thirst for another,
Do I need companionship?
Or was the smut simply not good enough,

A man on a makeshift crutch
With a dependency fed by lust
Not a bastard son,
But close to the Judas of Love,

Defying what those before me had done,
Doubting the prospects of the one
So beyond the romance and the monogamous harmony,
All I care about is the curves that caused us,

To get close enough to realize,
It’s no longer about trust,  
Since a physical attraction caused us,
To get close enough,
To experience what we can’t live without,

Is this a weakness or my evil plot?
To enjoy what I perceive,
Without the prospects of a teaching an infant to walk,

An action that caused a religious reaction,
A natural necessity once socially ingested,

We are fighting to keep from,
Regurgitating our misguided perceptions,
Of what brings you and I close enough,
To abandon those popular convictions

An extension of humanity,
The exemplification of our species physical conformity,
In the wake of a pleasure, an enjoyable experience,
Came prospects of fostering generations to show what we’ve done,

My fantasy goes beyond the seductive sheets of lust,
As I hope that my words will one day be carried with those who follow,
Those who will inherit a world of,
Sexual deviants,
Ego edified lunatics,
And love.

There are certain dualities to monogamous promises
Kida Price
Kida Price
Jan 1, 2013

The mirror's reflection looked away from me today.
She knew my secret and my shame...
Even now I thought I could hide it from her.
There are certain dualities to monogamous promises
Because emotions are never made just for one.
If I knew I would have loved him then I would have hated him first.
If I knew I would hurt him...then I would have killed him before I could.
I've traced all my steps back into a wall.
The path that was there before has be blocked by my own hand.
I built it with every lie and every truth about myself,
And yet I stand dumbfounded at the choice I am to make.
I'm panting and wild eyed for an escape
And my captors are threatening for an answer.
Both breathing fantasies and lives that I want to see
And all they get from me is a choke.
A stammer.
A stutter of a choice made but not thought through.
I give them both each hand to have but the joke is on me...
Basic anatomy only gave me one heart.
And them as well.
They both gave theirs to me and now I'm overly supplied
And worrying over them spoiling if I leave them out too long.
Then I think to myself of a prose well said,
"Get thee to a nunnery."
And like a coward, I flee.

In this monogamous love has started mind wars.
Feb 16

How can I prove to you that I am yours,
In this monogamous love has started mind wars.
You believe that I can not hold your heart,
But to me your mind is sophisticated art.
The feelings which course through your soul have only intrigued me,
I can only hope you will understand my plea:
Of when I look at you smile it is as if there is a race inside my veins,
And I can't run from the feelings because it is as if I am in chains.
Your eyes make me drown as if I am diving into a pool of thought,
I love you too much to realize this is all part of your plot.
To have me love you and care forever,
You really are quite clever.
Caring and loving me with all that you can,
It is as if this was always your plan.
To capture my heart, body and mind,
And in doing so you have made me blind.
Being without you is like a candy without sugar,
and I'm just a big kid.

Of my monogamous thoughts of you.
Ronald Ryan Carrasca

Parking lots are empty

Streets dragging the sun in silence.

But my mind and heart do their labor

Remaining to be occupied by you.

See me singing and dancing on the floor

But maybe hear me make no sound.

In here to fill the space of uncertainty,

Urgency passes by in short notice.

Waiting calls from men of need

Disregarding what made sacred to this day.

Just like how you stole my soul of reasons

I’m buying back with my spirit of trust.

Clocks of the World in perpetual ticking,

Golden Cat catching luck hovering in the air.

I’m wanting to break the monotony

Of my monogamous thoughts of you.

Wishing for a holiday, of short eclipses in the afternoon;

Yet you outshine them all in my darkest hours.

Sad truth, you don’t send me flowers at work,

Or love notes to cheer me up in the morning.

All I have is your sweet memory for comfort

Written in a thousand forms without end.

Just like the butterfly outside the window,

Kissing the redolent mark left by the wind.

Unspoken promise had my wings

Flutter to where heaven was embedded.

My chest and stomach brimming of your taste,

I search for respite that never comes.

Should I trace it downstairs instead,

Where I perhaps find you waiting for me?

can also be viewed from http://dreamweaversplane.tumblr.com/
search of the monogamous
Pieter Andries Christiaan

I gavel a wooden grave
,For my infancy set my
Golden sun over the fields
Of repetitive sirens milling
In my head and tipping
Scales of a blinded saint.

Order , order be proclaimed
Innocence is to be adjourned
And sent to preliminary trials
where I constantly seem
To look up at minerals
Smiling at flashing lights
With a chain of mediocrity
Like a noose around my neck
Declaring the plausibilty
Of my golden thread!!

Every tick and tock
I break away to
Dabble in the dark arts
Of marketing humanity
And turning my eyes
Into shop windows
...-Display cases to sell
My soul to the masses.

Order! I strike down in an attempt
To order myself to order!!
Confess your sins upon the Lord!!
My hand burns strikingly
Into charcoal on the light
Word of a guiding shepard.

Order lies with honour, my
Leash prevents me from
Tassled pillows and applause
And eradicates the whispers
Of order in my infernal mind

Guilty as charged ,to life
With abscence of parole
And good it be
If searching for love
Naked cuffs be
Then maybe this life
Is not for me

Draw your verdict on
The tangy taste of my hide
As you pleasure yourself
At the sight of my downfall
Into an endless abbys of
Doing wrong things in
search of the monogamous

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