Oct 6, 2015

ching, ching
Two men walk into a local cafe.
A city boy, and a Townsman

The cityboy sports
Slicked up hair.
Blue button up shirt,
Grey slacks.
Dress shoes.

The townsman simpler.
Brown hair.
Orange T-shirt,
cargo pants.
Work boots.

"Hey there!" Says the city boy.
walking up to the counter.
"Do you ladies have different roasts of coffee?
Or do you have just one kind?"

The Register girl looks at him sideways.
"What are you talking about?"

"I want a black light roast if you have it. Also, two shots over ice."
He hands her his travel mug.
"What's this for?"
The girl fondles the travel mug.
"I'd like my coffee in that please."
The manager puts a hand to the girls shoulder.
"The house coffee is a light roast doll, give him that."

"Cream and sugar?" Asks the register girl.
"Oh god, please no." Laughs the city boy "Thank you."
Handing over a credit card.
The register girl does not understand
what is so funny about cream and sugar.
"Cash?" Says the manager.
"Is there an atm? I can only offer this, but I know how to change that if you point me in the right direction."
"No ATM. We just Offer a discount for cash, we'll take your card." Says the manager.
The city boy waits for his drinks.

The townsman, walks up and says
"Coffee, please"
The manager hands him a paper cup with coffee, cream, and sugar.
He pays them in cash.
smiles, nods. Says: "Thank you"
Then waits for the city boy.

"Here's your sippy cup."
Says the register girl.
Handing over his travel mug.
The city boy stands there waiting patiently.

"Are you waiting for something?"
"Yes. my two shots over ice?"

"Oh I put it in there."
"Could I have two shots over ice please? I'll pay for it again if you forgot."
"Oh we don't have an espresso machine.
Our shots are like a syrup."

"Oh... Is there syrup in here?
I just wanted two shots over ice."

"Well like... I mean our prices are so low anyway, it's no big deal, but we don't have an espresso machine so..."

"Sorry" says the manager.
"Thank you ladies." Says the townsman.

The cityboy grabs the townsmans hand.
They leave the Cafe.

The city boy sips his
Botched coffee.
"I've had good, bad, and know what I want.
I don't want to be seen as difficult because I'm educated."
He tolerates it.

The townsman sips his
Familiar Coffee.
"Sometimes ignorance is bliss."
He enjoys it.

We are in a monogamous relationship
Jun 10, 2010

"Since you took care of
That filthy mess
What should I do with the body?"

"Do as you like, but remember.
We are in a monogamous relationship
And a corpse is still a person."

I’m in monogamous relationship
Feb 6, 2015

I got the edge
So you better believe
The letters you received
Were never from me
I spend hours in apathy
I’m in monogamous relationship
With solitude
In the afternoon
I take walks with silence
Under the moon
I enjoy the quite
No one intrudes
No attitude
No latitude
For stupidity
In this society
Because nobody touches me

I am a monogamous animal.
Marshall CB Hiatt

And yes I get jealous,
But what did you expect.
I want your kiss, your touch,
I want every single one.
Okay, I love you,
I really didn't want to,
But I do.
And I don't know what to do.

I am a monogamous animal.
I want only one lover to be with.
And I want from you to feel the same way.

Vultures are monogamous.
Chloe K
Chloe K
Jul 20, 2014

Vultures are monogamous.
Cragged necks looped,
it takes them years to forget.
Wing and wing in a nest of rot,
together they pick at sinew.

Fierce devotion in a hollow church
and no organs remained.

She will consume her dead lover,
spanned on an opalescent log;
regurgitate his remains into a baby’s mouth.

Born into the leftovers,
we become remains.

What it feels like to be monogamous
May 9, 2015

I can't help but imagine
What it feels like to be monogamous
Unfortunately for me,
My loyalty is infamous
I swim in circles between lovers,
If I could, I would mend them all
And create a morphed partner
But I can't have one world,
I like them all,
From the artisans, to the country folk
Short, big, thin and toned or tall
I'm a wreck at my best, with that there's no doubt
I guess I'll just keep going,
Time will figure it all out

Eternally monogamous
Feb 20, 2015

Time mourned
Moving still
At the window sill

Space shook
With what time took
The gravity
Of the situation

Time pushed and pulled
The plush fabric of space
Like to two lovers intertwined

Between their lust
The stars burst
Masses of planetoids
Came together
And broke up

Time and Space
Eternally monogamous
As far as we can tell

#time   #space   #spacetime  
Monogamous nuclear values
Chris Lam

How many people fucked in this room?
Hopped up on speed or coke
Throwing their heads against the walls
Until they cracked like piggy jars

Crutch in a crescent gap
I lost a good friend because I couldn’t bear her
Fucking random strangers
As if sex meant more than friendship

Fuck these patriarchal structures
Disneyfied landscapes
Monogamous nuclear values

This world is wretched
And I took a part in it

10:35am, January 7th 2016

sex isn't sacred
stop enforcing the human body
in patriarchal bullshit
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