Jan 9

We both are from different country
specifically very far from each other

You don't know my language
I don't know your language

our culture may be different
our tradition may be different
our belief may be different
our skin color may be different

both of us tried
I'm glad we tried
because there's a spark between us
that you and I can see

The few days we spent together
was the best days of my life

No I wouldn't want it to be over
This is just the beginning for both of us

Long distance relationship is absolutely hard
People say it is impossible
People say it is a joke
an infatuation

but I'll try for 'us'
and I hope you'd do the same as i do
I want 'us' to be real.

Because I wouldn't want it to end
Believe me I know,
This is just the beginning for us two.

They say
Words speak louder than actions,
Why are your actions louder than your words?
You tell me that you love me,
And yet go into her arms.

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If he only knew how much he means to me;
How much I crave his hugs and kisses
I want to look into his beautiful sparkling blue eyes and feel my heart stop beating
If he only knew how much I want to tell the world about him, but no one could ever understand our love
If he only knew how much I want to see him and every night I wish he was lying next to me
I long to lay my head on his chest & hear his heart beating
And to trace every single part of him with my fingers
I want to feel his arms around me where no one or nothing could take me away from him
If he only knew how much I think about him , how I picture his face in my head
I get sad when we don't talk , I feel like a part of me is gone.... missing
If he only knew he isn't like the others who broke my heart
If he only knew how much I need him to stay because without him I am nothing

If He Only Knew ...

one day his words won't feel like knives
or stomach bugs, or shards of ice

one day his words won't haunt your dreams
or show up in once-happy memories

one day he won't be able to wrap his hands around you
even from a thousand miles away, when you've moved
to another state just to get him out of your brain,
wracking it for a thought that wasn't daunting,
didn't remind you every name he used,
one day he won't be able to

and it will be great,
I promise you

Caitlyn Emilie
Caitlyn Emilie
Dec 31, 2016

All of his things still sit where he left them the day that he left.

His button down shirt neatly folded on the top of my dresser.

I can never get myself to wear it because it smells like him and I'm afraid it'll lose its scent.

I can't use his shower gel anymore because what once was a happy smell now makes me cry.

I miss him every single day and every single night has ended with me crying.

I need him to come back.

Life is harder without him.

Life is tough right now guys 8,(((( hopefully 2017 is a far better year.
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Mary Scott
Mary Scott
Dec 28, 2016

I'll be the first to admit it was my weakest year in terms of my spirits. I'm naturally strong but this year I was lazy when faced with the challenge of having to adapt. New and unfamiliar tragedies struck, harsher weather hit and I was last in line to defend myself. Picking it all back up won't be pretty. Pieces lie around like shattered toys. Boy, is it something to watch yourself fall apart but care so deeply about another person you forget to care for yourself. It's another thing, too, to let yourself believe you don't deserve to get better. To deprive yourself of water and light to insist you're strong enough to fight fire with fire when you already burned out. What's that about? I was weak, and I won't pretend I was growing into something worth being proud of. I lied a lot this year, to myself the most. I watched my world crumble around me and those who bore witness claimed hyperbole. That was devastating to me. A world I'd carved with my own hands, shattered and then made into a mockery. So I let go of making the world mine, I ran out of steam. I was weak. I was so fucking weak this year and I lost almost every piece of me. I don't like that attitude, the whole "New year, New me" but boy, am I sick of being this one. I got too scared to ask for help, convinced I was in fact stronger than anyone on my own. That's until I was alone and I fell apart 125 nights in a row. I was weak, but I was more scared than anything. Courage came like sunshowers and lifted me above skyscrapers but only for field trips. We always forget we have to go home at the end of the day, remember? I would ask for a hand only when falling and would wake up and learn that I was dreaming. Reality hit me like a bus this year, and I never reached for a hand when I wasn't in bed. I missed that too, holding onto something warm after cold nights and red skin. Let it sink in, when you're falling out of love for the first time and you don't think you're going to get past it, you will. But you'll lose a lot of who you thought you were, too. I did that this year. I'm sorry. I'm not who I was when I was in love. I'm not that girl anymore and I'm not weak. I'm standing on my own two fucking feet here, now. I'm here, now. You haven't seen the last of me. I was weak, and things were ugly. I was drunk and I can't remember the last time I felt at peace where a substance didn't do it for me, but I've felt it before on my own and know well enough what that heat feels like when it sits in your stomach. I miss the flutter in my heart after writing a good poem or watching a sunrise in May. I miss a lot that I put away this year because underneath their top coats were memories I was not ready to face. I'm only 20, loss is something I understand now. Everyone said I would survive and for months I was convinced they lied but I'm here now, my hearts beating now. I can't say I'm weak anymore because I'm still alive to tell you about it. Just wait until you see what I make from the pieces I choose to pick back up and the new ones I make. This year is mine to take. Here's to you, 2017.

#love   #sad   #loss   #happy   #free   #prose   #long   #mine   #2016  
Mary Scott
Mary Scott
Dec 27, 2016

Days like today where I wake up and my astral eyes are not tired, I go outside. I spent most of my summer this year drowning in blankets, sleeping away what days I was not at work. The heat hurt my heart for it reminded me, every day of the summer I was happy. You know, though, I've been happier than that one, and I know I will again so I regret laying in bed when I could have realized that happiness is not a memory just as much as it is not a destination. It's not a cardinal direction, a left then right with an ending. I don't know what happiness is, honestly. I still spend a lot of my time sleeping, pretending to know what's going on and it bothers me. Deeply. Someday I expect my life to fall into place because I was taught that it will with time, but the strides that build the pathway there are all still shaky and I wonder if I can live a life without crutches someday or if I will still be using stilts to convince the world I'm okay. I have it under control. Today was one of those days where I breathed in air that smelled like my 14th year and normally the memories would surge into my veins and I would go insane trying to rewatch clips in my brain from the times I was laughing, in love. I am not watching my life through rose colored lenses anymore, though. I'm living it through green doors. I miss the conquest. I miss the adventure, control. I used to wake up early just to watch the sunrise and now I'm lucky if I see a sunset. All it took was an extra push and suddenly, for 6 months at least, I was someone else. I was floating in time and I could dictacte every feeling I experienced because I fucking tried to. I just need a redo. Today was that. I will try. I always forget that it was not one big mess with a beautiful ending that created the universe, but instead one big bang with millions of years of evolution, that which still included decay- to build what I stand on now. The Earth was not built in a day, nor was I the summer I'm convinced I was my happiest. So I know that it's one step at a time. And I'm ready.

#sun   #happy   #time   #nature   #personal   #prose   #long   #freeverse   #hike  
Atul Kaushal
Atul Kaushal
Dec 26, 2016

A long time has passed since I loved,
When I loved someone not my parent,
And I said some cute words to someone.

A long time has passed since I was loved,
When I live right now as I pay a life's rent,
And I committed no sins for the loneliness.

My HP Poem #1345
©Atul Kaushal
#time   #past   #of   #sins   #loneliness   #immortal   #long   #punishment  
Susie Ivan
Susie Ivan
Dec 24, 2016

Please go ahead
and melt in each others arms
Fusing together over and over
so much that you don't know
who is who.
So when you break up
You won't even know your own name.
Just the name

Three months later, when you break up
I hear sobbing.
"Hey it'll be okay" I say,
"This was so toxic for you. It'll get so much better after you're done grieving!"
"I know it was. But I'd do anything for her. I'd do anything to be with her. Even if she treats me like garbage."
"I know. I understand. We've all been there but, it's good you're out of it"
Several days later you start to function again.
I am glad for my friend
moving on is hard.

2 weeks later
Everything repeats.
This is like Deja vu.
Has any time even passed?
It's been a whole year of this.
You are talking again
A familiar, but not friendly parked car, in my parking spot.
A fourth toothbrush
Long hairs clogging up the shower drain
the sleepovers
loud noises of sex and moaning and grunting and slapping even though you think you're being as quiet as a mouse.
"I know it's bad" you say "but it feels so right. Like we are made for each other"

I look at you with sad eyes. You're hopeless. Although it seems that way sometimes, no one is made for any one.
Some people fit together well in a mild manner. Others connect fast and perfect but die out quickly, like lighting a match. Those types are so sudden that if i blink too long, I miss it. Life happens like that. Blink too long. And suddenly you're 40 and regretting the one you're with. Because when you were 19, you thought you were perfect together.
"We fit together so well" you say

Maybe, if that's even true, it doesn't matter.
If you fight like stray cats in the night, tearing at each other as if to the death, that is not love. Invalidating feelings, playing the victim card everytime you fuck up, lying, cheating, isolating them from their friends. That is not love.

If you two fell off of a boat into the sea
You'd both drown
Because you'd push each other under water trying to climb to the surface.

Continue this vicious cycle together. Fuse together so much you become an empty shell. That way nobody else has to ever love either of you. In a way, you're saving the world from your toxic selves.

thank you

This is really long I'm sorry. I can't deal with this anymore and I'm not even involved.
#friends   #relationships   #sex   #free   #drowning   #toxic   #verse   #abusive   #breakups   #long  
Eric Martin
Eric Martin
Dec 22, 2016

There is not much people fear But I you will tell you here
That every one in this mortal world
Are all scared of dying without their loved ones near
Or simply just getting old
But I tell you here there is nothing to fear
Because Death isn't that cold

Now my story starts with what I hold close to my heart, See there is nothing more important then my loved ones to me
But I am a broke slob without a job and can't even feed my family
My wife would whore while I snored and we would never let are children see
But finally one day I got fronted pay to set sail on the sea

It was long days for not much pay to hunt something under the waters hid
The men would tell tales that it was a monsteress whale but others said it was a giant squid
The one thing every one did know is this wasn't a trip for rich to go because there wasn't a single night
That we all didn't miss our wife's or fear for our lives that we weren't going to make it back alright

On one cold night under the stale moon light the monster every one did see
But I was last to know because for my last shift I didn't show and no body awoke me
As I snored inside water poured and in my dream I thought a giant was taking a pee
But as I awoke I knew this was no joke so I began to flea

I climbed up rail and felt the hard rocks hail as I saw the most grizzly sight
The ship was red, every one was mutilated and dead; I couldn't help but go white
All that was left was me but in the water a shadow I did see and in my soul there was still lots of fight
I set set sail threw a harpoon in the monsters tail as I promised the crew I would make things right

Before I knew what to do the horrid creator had turned around
As he hit our load our ship did explode but I wasn't going to drowned
I pulled out my knife, fought within and inch of my life and stabbed it in the heart
As it sank my mind went blank but I knew going after this monster wasn't smart

On top of the waters sea there was a man walking toward me as I took my last breath
I was in a trance and pissed my pants as I saw it was Death
He pulled me out as I began to shout begaing him for one last chance
Life is tough but I haven't had enough, at least let my give my family one last glance

Behind his cloak I saw a smile that made me choke and caused me lost of stress
He said "buddy this is my job I am just a working slob and that monster caused quite allot of distress
You don't have to cry I wont make you die because I still have to clean up this mess
Even though I will let you go I still have to reap the rest

Heres a life boat, oar and that way leads to shore but just know there is nothing special about being alive
One day you will see, you will be doing this job like me; working your 9 to 5
You shouldn't care because eventually your family will also be there and your life again will be stable
You can still have fun even if there is always a job to be done but at least you will be able to put food on the table"

There is not much people fear But I you will tell you here
That every one in this mortal world
Are all scared of dying without their loved ones near
Or simply just getting old
But I tell you here there is nothing to fear
Because Death isn't that cold

Wow this is starting to climb up their fast as one of my more popular poems. If people see this can you comment Y OR N if you Finished It Or  NOT
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