Leal Knowone
Leal Knowone
2 days ago

The crack in the window brings the light, beautiful to many, vile to to my sight. Can I sleep? don't remind me of what I must do.
Leave me my silence, leave me my grace,leave this dirty grimy disgrace. We all should lie in obscurity.
The cracks in the pavement wont break her back. If you fall , get up, if you don't break your neck.You can make it through.                                      
Leave me in the distance. Recognize the light. Walk paths of fear, and acceptance takes flight. Things cloudy eyes may not see.
Leave me in the distance, I'm not here to race, another dawn the darkness breaks
In my opponents I see teachers, family, monsters, men and preachers.Lie in the shadows, or a darkened room.
Lie in the twilight, to embrace the light. Does anything have one side? how much does it take?
This is just a play, can you make it through.we all hold the pen in our hands, we all sing the tune
many stories will be told, many pouring out their soul, was it love or rock and roll

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Its crazy to think that after all this time you have yet to get sick of me.

- LM | Everything I Didn't Say #39
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Kasey Wheeler
Kasey Wheeler
6 days ago

Its been a while since I last saw you
Oh my, how far you have grown
You're about to reach the stars above

Its been three years since your last visit
Were you just as busy?
Did you, too, have battles fought?
And work undone

Time has aged you, my dear friend
Your now have wrinkles
By your eyes
They say you've smiled more than before

Oh how it makes me so happy to hear that
You've had trials before
You've dealt with them over and over again
But now you seem to be at peace with the way you sleep
There's no longer bags beneath those eyes

Has life been kinder towards you, my dear friend?
Did she give you the chance you've been asking for?
Before she only took and never gave
But that never seem to shake you

Your hair has grayed
Is that from the stress of a past?
Did it just come naturally, my friend?

I have forgiven you for leaving
So please don't worry,
You did what you did
And it was for the best

At the time, I couldn't see that
And you had
So thank you, friend
For breaking me in the best way possible

I hope now things are clear
Because I don't want to lose you once again

Here's trash enjoy

we will pay for everything
in the future
we will pray for nothing
     I had dreamt a silver, shining  dream
once, but now that dream
is a mocking commercial
broadcast from dingy screens
beneath ozone depleting
     we will pay
for living our lies
     we will pay increasingly growing prices
for increasingly decreasing substance
     I had dreamt a green leaf, blue sky
lie once, but now
that dream
is just chemicals in the water
     now trees are just a dream
now deer, now birds
now fish, and now
now there are no more words
no sounds of life, no thoughts
no lips to tremble
and nothing new for "God's" blundering
sons, nor for Her daughters
     now there are no forests, now no cities
     now there are no oceans, no airports
no drive-throughs, no "losers" to date
no lovers, , no families
no malls, bridges, or buildings
     now there are no could-bes
no factories, or flowers
     now there are no smiles, or tears
     now there are no old folks, or youngsters
     now there are no cars, no buses
no night clubs, parties, nor restaurants
classes, passes, nor tickets
no pillows, no blankets
no warm beds for sleep
     now there is no now whatsoever
nor is there a future
because all that remains
is a past that has passed
and some once weres
that cannot be remembered
we will pay for everything in the future
and then we will pray
for nothing

Previously published in the Long Shot Art & Literary Magazine, Vol. 27, the Beat Bush issue, 2004
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An issue it has been for many a year,
A secret behind doors of which you often do not hear,
Within families and friends, workplaces the lot
To seek of this would not be a long shot.
It gets to us all through one channel or another,
Whether it your neighbour,friend,sister or brother,
Observe and you will see just how easy it can be,
A source, a connection you could get to in 3.
Little fear when it is felt it is required,
Over and over never seem to get tired,
A deeper need creates desperate measures,
Often leading to the sale of many treasures,
A family breakdown, withdrawal and depression,
It was only meant to be for the night of that one session,
It gets out of hand, you slip through the cracks and man oh man you wish for normal life back,
At the start, it was good, a trip like no other,
Now so deep you steal from your own mother,
Looks have changed, personality altered, an unknown individual who would have thought it?
Bruises and cuts, owed money and hideaways now a thing,
A strain to everyone's lives drugs do bring,
Your own person no longer, you thought of yourself as stronger,
Your life stolen, taken away if only that one time you had not strayed...

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Please don't hurt
Across the computer screen
I cannot hold you in my arms
I can't stand when your eyes fill with fear
And your voice becomes monotone
Our souls are too similar
That your pain seeps through your monitor
Into my veins
I know my touch
Would wash your worries away
But for now
I send my light to you, my dear
One day
I will press my palm upon your face
As you do mine

#love   #pain   #hurt   #you   #missing   #distance   #ldr   #long   #empathy  
Jan 30

comes in a text that says,

"I'll miss you every second. I love you. Goodbye."

instead of a final kiss.

#love   #heartbreak   #sad   #up   #break   #distance   #long  

Patience, my dear, is a mature trait,
Greater than just to love, or to hate?
I would rather keep a watch on my gait,
Shall I move on, to dirty more my slate?
Have ye moved on to demonstrate,
Would ye still hold strong to wait?

Main waapas aaunga agar tum ho.

My HP Poem #1398
©Atul Kaushal
#stay   #on   #hold   #strong   #right   #so   #long  
Jan 26

Memories have become my best friend when I am missing you.
Daylight and nightfall have become the only clock of time when I am dreaming of you.
Out of what dream will you arise?
Back into the arms of my reality.

Una mensis

C) 2016. Copyrighted 25 January 2017. Breeze. All rights reserved. Please quote poem with author name, poem title and date published if sharing to external sites without the link or/and if sharing an excerpt of the poem.
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Jan 25

The smoke go to your brain,
Even though,
We're told,
It only fills our lungs,
Cuz you just wanted fun,
For a night,

And now,
Your obsession growls,

While you try,
Not to let,
Engulf you.

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