Sean Scribbles
Sean Scribbles
2 days ago

It's been too long since I had sap on my fingertips, beneath my nails

It's been too long since I've passed by the turkey blind which I built for myself, almost a lifetime ago

It's been too long to know exactly how a clearing fades but never grows

But it's never been too late to walk there again, to dirty my feet in the spring of Earth, and to speak out loud in the cool breeze until I can no longer feel my nose

No, it's never been too long, or too late, for walks like those

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Jeanette Hersey
Jeanette Hersey
6 days ago

So familiar
yet still you are  mystery to me
I have kissed these gentle lips
a thousand times before
but each time it feels like the first

So much time
yet never enough
I love to while away the hours with you
exploring, laughing, just being
each moment lasts a lifetime - but is fleeting

So much love
yet still I fall deeper
I have felt your heartbeat in time with mine
for two decades and more
and still I am discovering you

For my husband

Please do not steal my words
They are my most   precious  inward * thoughts.
My style is my own creative  ideas
To write  the way I feel
Please do not like my poem
And  then  write  an  extension
It feels like you have *

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Words like water,
oh how the speech can delay.
Dripping eloquent but lost to rivers,
indulged in deluge,
overwhelmed in expression, comments and decree.
I want you here,
oceans away.

How can I touch the chatter,
be diluted in a voice.
Move me with your extract,
alluded, trembling from afar.
Waking up to different sides of the moon
I need you here,
sunshines away.

and the blades from petals still stabbed
like it was torture
though it crumbled in effect
why the trouble for pistol flowers
when aching is within a splinter.

Something so beautiful,
lost to an operating system.
Quiet rumbles, not big enough
to make a sound.
Even if I screamed,
my vocals typed to characters,
you would not,
could not hear my strain.

our love it blooms.
Flourished in email, video plays, stills.
Across the ocean I came,
to wake up in the sunshine,
with the moon at our side.

Sprouting up new love,
greater than we thought equip.
Even through storms, snow, rain,
I am ecstatic here,
your body I call my house,
your smile I call my home.

Copyright Tessa Calogaras
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She wanted to touch the thorns
and every living organism that would brought her to her knees,
subtle and dangerous; a gargantuan curiosity peaked and intervene;
affinity faded into something frivolous,
perspective flashing ruby before dawn broke.

she wanted risks,
and short-live melancholia for her far-fetched disappointment
when she found the magnolia had ceased to bloom
in an early spring,
and by Tuesday
she had forgotten her name purposefully,
a woman's folly always bound to be questioned anyhow.

'twas the beginning of her decadence, one thousand seven hundred and seventy-five,
a withered English rose that lovers wouldn't infatuate,
nor they would let her stay at their den.
a stunner devoid of attention;
a story abound of illusion,
but a gaze in her eyes,
I melt.

never had I seen a creature so free,
never had I seen a curve of smile preened,
and swathed with such glory.

or so as I believe.


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Mar 3

how many more glasses of milk did you down to clean out the stars in your eyes that never looked directly at the moon who knew your soul corner to corner, at 11:52pm your palms were trying to hold on to something that didn't want to stay, i heard the door open but only silver light came in and nothing but old vibes went out, you never lock your heart like that, the cottage windows remind me of the days we had pink & blue skies with an accent of 32 clouds for breakfast, this yurt smells like the most acidic lemons and ck2 perfume, on the 2 hour and 19 minute drive here you got lost thrice and found your way by through corner-store cookies, a plaid shirt and pens with running ink

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The place where I find out more about myself the most are the nights I spend alone.

Foggy cold nights driving wherever, listening to music that sets the mood.

Whether that be upbeat or slow or upsetting or happy or devastating or nostalgic bliss.

The lights in the fog blind me. I almost die, but I dont. This seems to be a reoccurring theme in my life.

The fog enshrouds every object I recognize
Only leaving behind unfamiliar eerie silhouettes.

Behind that thick hazy veil could be a monster. Although that is unlikely. What's more likely is a white tailed deer jumping out in front of my car.

Somehow I am more scared about the idea of a fictional monster than hitting an 150lb animal going 60mph.

I love my alone time almost more than I love myself.
However, all the nights spent alone could not add up to all the nights I have spent with you.

This wasnt supposed to end as a love thing but poetry always seems to go that way huh?
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Buddy T
Buddy T
Mar 1

what a pretty sky
on a pretty day
not a cloud in the sky  
the sun beams down

a single cloud
on a pretty day
the sun beams down

perhaps I am the cloud
alone by myself
never surrounded by peers
a spot of paint

perhaps you are the sun
with me
pulling me up
hugging me

the universe turns
with you
orbiting a centerpiece
we can't name

a lone cloud
on a pretty day
no other in the sky
the sun beams down

another cloud apears
no more loners
in the sky
the sun beams down

perhaps you are the sun
and I am the cloud
how do you feel
I am not with you

the universe turns
you tear me apart
we grow big
you grow dark

rain in the sky
on a windy day
so many cloud in the sky
no sun beams

perhaps I am the clouds
and you are the sun
I move on
you continue to turn

a pretty sky
on a pretty day
no cloud in the sky
the sun beams down

the sun beams on
the universe turns
the sun beams on
the sun beams

it was a pretty day today
Feb 26

Who says we can't break the rules of our own creativity
Why should we stick to one method, one label, one technique
Can I not be a painter who draws
Or a builder who designs
Or even a reader who writes

I don't want to be just one
I want to be them all
I want the freedom to choose for myself
To be able to say I am me
I can change day by day
Being a new me as I please
I have no boundaries
I can be myself and that is all

To be a label is unnecessary
We define what is indefinable
We reach for the sky instead of the whole universe
Why are we limiting ourselves
We have no need
Just to give a name to simply an action or product
A creation which is observable as what it is

It is such a ridiculous notion
But as ordinary as a tree or a blade of grass
Yet even these are not limited
The grass can grow wherever it pleases
It can be whatever it desires
The tree can climb as tall as it wants
It can grow leaves or flowers
Bringing fruit in the spring

No one decides what is best for the trees and the grass
They decide for themselves

So why are we deciding for each other
Why are we limiting ourselves
Our peers
Our elders
Our colleagues
Our students
Our teachers
Our friends
We should all be allowed to flourish, grow and prosper
Without boundaries or limits or rules
We should encourage and inspire

So everyone can choose or not
Can label and build a box or not
If I hated to eat banana why would I allow someone to make me eat banana
I wouldn't
So why are we allowing each other to force a passion and a label on to each other
We shouldn't be

Just because we all choose to spend some of our time as one thing
Or doing one activity
Does not mean we can't develop or change or grow into another
We have no set job or meaning in life

So why aren't we letting ourselves go
Being ourselves
Being our true selves

Accepting ourselves and each other
For whatever each and every one of us decides is who we are
As an individual
Not as a label

12:24, 08.08.16

I wrote this piece in response to Elin Loow's post called, Reclaim Your Creative Freedom, because I simply couldn't help but write my thoughts down.

healing takes time.
it could take several weeks,
or months or even years.
we are uncertain.
but the only certainty is that,
we will heal.
we will grow again.
we will be whole again.
we just have to be patient, love.
yes, there would still be nights
that you'd cry over what had happened,
there would still be times
that they'd pop up in your mind,
but, love, you will get through it.
the road is rough
and everything seems tough,
because heartbreak is not a joke.
yes, it is never a joke.
but let me tell you that
He, who created you---
fearfully and wonderfully---
has a purpose.
and sometimes,
His grace comes not in what He gives,
but what He takes away.
everything will get better.
keep fighting, love.
keep fighting.

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