Temporal Fugue
Temporal Fugue
5 days ago

I feed upon the words of others
like manna, to my heart and soul
it binds me too reality
and fills, empty poetic holes

Jotting down my thoughts
no slight meant by mere words
inspired by the sentiments
lines and prose I've read, and heard

Simplicity and flow of writs
never reused, or resold
each and every one of them
unique, completely uncontrolled

I apologize for any slights, perceived or otherwise, that relate to my perchance for poetic commentary and rhymed responses :)
No excuses, I simply can't help myself, as all of you, and your words, are muses and inspirations.
I do post some snippets to my profile, and feed upon them for creation of more than a few of my poems.

Are you a radioactive isotope?
'Cause I would ABSOLUTE-ly DATE you

#science   #lol   #lines   #pun   #joke   #pickup  

Be not mistaken
I'm here as a creator
Your words hold no sway
Over my designer's eyes
So keep them in your own lines

There are two kinds of people in this world.... (;
#word   #creative   #lines   #design   #tanka   #mistaken   #scribbles   #sean   #creator   #designs  
Brooke Lewis
Brooke Lewis
Dec 30, 2016

Are you an angel?
Because that face is heavenly

I'm joking, I know you're from Hell
You're just so devilishly handsome

#love   #lines   #pickup   #pickuplines  
Mysidian Bard
Mysidian Bard
Dec 13, 2016

Between the divide
You just can't get agreement
In this time and age

#haiku   #conflict   #lines   #divides  

Your active fingers
stringing sentiments to me
spoken through text speak,
yet you can't text those same lines
from your lips to my close ear.

#love   #kiss   #life   #lips   #uncertainty   #lines   #phone   #text   #android   #mobile  
Devin Ortiz
Devin Ortiz
Nov 22, 2016

As a sensible,
As a logical,
And a well informed fellow
I asked that when you meet the Devil
Where do you draw the line?

Quick wit, to leave me assured
You affirmed, my friend, I'll never cross this line

Persistent and fiendish, as Devils are
He barreled through the line, with evil in his eye

Thankful to have a friend, I asked, is this enough?
Uneasiness overcame me when you said it was okay.

Quick wit, to leave me assured
You affirmed, my friend, I'll never cross this line

But he truly was hell, this damned Devil
Carelessly he pushed right through, past the line again.

Worried, I asked, well surely we're in danger?
Of course not, he replied, siding with Devil and his plan

Quick wit, to leave me assured
You affirmed, my friend, I'll never cross this line

With no limit, his forked tongue just laughed
Storming through again, no one in his way

Terrified, I pleaded, this nonsense had to stop
My friend, now foe, said this is the only way

How foolish I must be to,
To ever believe a line that couldn't be crossed.
And to think you'd stand by me.

#love   #hate   #evil   #devil   #lines   #bigotry   #racism   #minorities   #crossing   #fascism  
Ian Woods
Ian Woods
Nov 17, 2016

is it cause and effect
when you pause and reflect
through a bus window driven at night
or a new universe
there to view in reverse
with a face looking back that's not right

someone faking a smile
maybe taking in bile
with a profile of rake thin grey cheeks
once enhanced with laugh lines
circumstance redefined
in a matter of just a few weeks

lights aglow on high streets
put on show the crows feet
that don't go with the face that's on-board
and etched in like stretch marks
they're a sketch of the darks
from a smile that's been spread far too broad

and refined by raw anger
this malign doppelganger
has no warmth in its eye only cold
where the dread's run amok
and has sped up the clock
left a handsome face premature old

and it leers out of space
that familiar queer face
that might once have been eager to please
looking weathered and strained
from endeavours that maimed
through the life it spent down on it's knees

in the glare of headlights
it stares back for a fight
and the raindrops leave pock marks and scars
like a cosmic inversion
or a comic perversion
or perhaps just the person you are

Lunar Love
Lunar Love
Oct 28, 2016

"Read between the lines," they say.

And I watched you stand there; a living, breathing
existence of lines.

You walked right up to me. Lines are moving dots.
Your being is a point in motion.

I looked at your face to see the bold lines
under your eyes and above your brows—the ones
that made me think of your strength and masculinity.
They are all an aspiring bravado exuded on your face
with your years of experience and hard work.

I love the curved lines of your eyes and lips too
as you smiled at me as I called your name.

Sometimes, I owe my success of finding you in crowds
to your tall height and I freeze whenever I do:
Vertical lines can stop eye movement.

Your dancing also catches my attention.
Did you know every part of your body consists of
dynamic and action-oriented lines?

An important line in my life.
Highly directional, and I now know
where to go to
when I draw or write
the edges of my love.

|   LINES   |   ENDING II   |

Lines act as borders
between ideas and concepts.

They also tell me
to "never cross the line."

It goes the same for my mind
which draws your existence
in front of me, in Picasso style:
the single, drunk and confused

Or those psychic lines that your eyes
connect to mine. I feel them there,
when you're not really looking at me
in person.

Lines allow you to quickly visualize
an object, or someone, with a minimum
of time, space and material.
But all I wanted was to feel
your hand in mine forever.

And all the lines I've ever written
about you and for you
will queue up to lines
of waiting, unrequited feelings.


i enjoyed writing this one so so much!!

1) i got inspired looking at wjh's eye bags and the lines on his face and i just thought about how much i love looking at them and every part of him.
2) i used line, the design element and its definitions and properties!!! I'm so happy I can put my knowledge of design elements in my writings.
3) The original draft of this is in my journal!
4) LINES ENDING II is the alternate, sad ending to LINES. It shows that all the lines of him that I was talking about, was all made up in my imagination. Both pieces can be read as a whole, or separately.
5) I hope you enjoy reading as much as I researched for and wrote this :)
#love   #poem   #sad   #happy   #ending   #unrequited   #face   #admiration   #lines   #alternate  
Vicious Circle
Vicious Circle
Oct 21, 2016

It was just another night people slept in beds together and some slept alone .
Others shared beds wishing only to roll over to find another .

I never slept at night so my wants never truly seemed to matter.
Great men lose everything and know misery like some mistress kept across town.

I never cared for love .
It was something that seemed only to kill you while giving you just enough to grasp sanity .

A head above water is still half towards a murky grave .
We will all know temptations they appear welcome as a mirage on the vast empty plane .

You can read all you will and never fully grasp the truths in between.
I have chased the night far to long.

Maybe tonight I will simply sleep
And do so ever so pleased to be alone .

#poetry   #sadness   #art   #poems   #writing   #lines   #emptiness   #existance  
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