Last night, I saw a clear blue sky
In the darkness of the moon
And my lover said
that blue are just the
color of my eyes.

So, I turned and looked at him
But he looked just the same
And my uncultured heart screamed
That I loved him

Two days later, he rings me and says
That his eyes never saw my bleeding sexuality
And was sorry
But my lover always knew
That I am not okay
And I would let the darkness in
In hope of him.

So much for the night sky
And so much for his love.

But my lover, he has no name.

One dozen red roses, that's all it ever takes,
For him to be forgiven for all of his mistakes.
She'll overlook his latest blatant set of lies,
And there's no chance at all that he'll apologise.

He doesn't really love the other girls he meets;
He only wants to do that dance between the sheets.
He feels a twinge of guilt, but not for very long.
He tells himself it's fun, and isn't really wrong.

It's true that he's unfaithful, but roses save the day;
At least they always have done, so far anyway.
And here he is again, with roses and more lies.
But once he's through the door, he gets a big surprise!

There upon the table, one dozen red roses.
He blinks in disbelief, then reasonably supposes
She must have bought herself a bunch, merely on a whim.
But then he finds the card, and sees that it's for him!

He reads her words, "My darling, these roses are for you!
They're here instead of me! I'm sorry, but we're through!"
He calls her name and searches every single room,
But finds he's all alone, to face the doom and gloom.

He cries just like a baby, but tears have come too late.
A life without his sweetheart will henceforth be his fate.
She was the only girl who ever won his heart;
But now she's gone for good, and he quickly falls apart!


A fictional tale of infidelity and its consequences.
Amor Loco
Jan 22

Lost in a dream
Don't want to wake up
Stuck on a carousel
That will not stop
Full of emotion
Raw with passion
Standing still
Craving action
Rejecting what I have
Wanting what isn't mine
Needing what is out of reach
Longing for stolen time
I thought i knew what love was
That I had my other half
Turns out that I was wrong,
Fate placed another in my path
Past the point of no return
There is no looking back
A colorful road ahead
There is no white nor black
Surrender the heart
Submit to any fears
Escape to a secret place
No broken dreams or tears
Souls that are connected
It is obvious, no doubt
Teased with just a little taste
I can not live without
Now we bide our time
Waiting to see
Waiting, waiting, waiting...
Anticipating destiny

I left before I go
Would it scar?
By these hands
By our lust
Or by the feast?

Soon enough, we will bare
The secret we cannot share
A trance that seamlessly occurring
For sour taste of love will creep in.

Remember its heat
A raging awful beast
Did it passed by your sight?
Perhaps gleaned by this delight?

#love   #trust   #broken   #anger   #hate   #pain   #lust   #infidelity   #lovers   #heartache  
Jan 7

dont ask me whats wrong
you know
that i can see the memories
haunting your brain
i know you want her
and im sorry im not the same

i just want it to be us
i want to be your one and only
but i know that in the end
i will end up lonely

you say you love me, but youre the only reason i cry anymore
Jan 7

whenever the monster comes into conversation
i find myself in tears
you know she haunts my mind all day
and still you keep her here

Dec 29, 2016

dont tell me you are sorry
because all you want is my body
and my body doesnt want you back

dont tell me you miss me
dont try to kiss me
because ill fall in love with you again

i cant afford the heartbreak you provide
im all out of tears and all out of time
you have enough slaves to your desires, i refuse to be one again
deal with it.

Atul Kaushal
Atul Kaushal
Dec 17, 2016

Patience is what it takes,
To be happy and successful.

Dedication is what it takes,
To be sincere and well-turned.

Time is what it takes,
To be recognized by a true lover.

Maturity is what it takes,
To be faithful and loyal to one love.

Affection is what it takes,
To be caring and loving in life.

Strength is what it takes,
To be full of fidelity and satisfaction.

Morality is what it takes,
To avoid infidelity and seduction.

Did you have any of it, dear?

HP Poem #1325
©Atul Kaushal
Dec 14, 2016

These eyes, no longer my own
My heart changed its beat
A snake has a hold of my stomach
My body admits defeat

It's merely following suit
After all, the body trails the mind
Rage overtook that system
When my father decided to resign

You might think a job
I guess you would be right
Twenty-five years of marriage
Forsaken overnight

Now if you are uncertain
This was not foreseen
He was fairly content a man
Although a bit extreme

He had all he wanted
That was insufficient
So he went quietly searching
And one lie became malignant

As I reimagine the events
Not by choice or reason
I can't un-hear my mother
Her sobs weak, uneven

I struggle to relinquish
The semblance I have left
Of the life I knew just days ago
Before this unthinkable theft

#anger   #pain   #father   #loss   #family   #infidelity   #suffering  
Ron Gavalik
Ron Gavalik
Nov 18, 2016

I loved you
every single day
especially those nights
you fucked
other men
You're better than me
but you kept coming
back for more

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