3 days ago

Buds, sprouts, shooting forth
From wet soil and melting snow.
The Animus stirring from their slumber,
Creaking open their eyes glued shut by the dark of winter.
Birds beginning to flutter again.
The cicadas crawling from the thawed ground.
Trees growing leaves, bringing with them the shades of summer.
The shades of chlorophyll pouring from the verdant forests.
Sunshine bathing the land in warmth and renewal.
Where man has worked all winter,
Animals have rested, to recover for the summer.
Man never recovered, he has forgotten how
To hibernate for the winter months.

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Shofi Ahmed
4 days ago

The little zero is big magic.
Count on any number in the number set.
Zero can give the heaps the giant leap,
yet no number can square it,
not even the complete set of digits.

Science trailing through the zero and one  
leads the digital age, continues to grow.
What's in a number is in the know,
but what's in a zero?

Now let’s take a trip into the matrix
without the arithmetic pill of the zero orb.
This time let it be with a poetic dose!

Should you not bask in the sun,
dipped only dew-deep,
shimmering in the sea of its deep
shadow in one little drop?
Can you touch a moon
up high, waxing lyrical  
above the billowing ocean?

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Shofi Ahmed
4 days ago

Keep rolling, like sailing, rowing the science voyage.
Discovering a new discovery, then much happens:
a new crescent, new moon on a new turn is found,
yet a night to be invented eclipses it furthermore.

Will the voyage float at the newest dark energy frontier?
Will it now pierce verily the virgin-skinned heaven’s last barrier
that divides the seen and unseen, holds the uncharted water?
Will it by design decode or recite the word, the language
the lock is coded in, the very command written on the stone?
Till then it won’t move, nor does one see the skin black or white,
and till then one won’t stop the sun lighting up the night!

#dark   #science   #energy   #voyage  
5 days ago

Matrixes of information,
Complexity arising from simplicity,
DNA twisting up into the heavens,
Chemical compounds composing central axis,
Compounding the data of the human genome,
In a helical twist, folded into compacted perfection.
From the mighty general who sends men off to war,
To the parasite who feeds on others,
To the beast who wanders the woods, or the bacterium that thrives,
On a microscopic level.
All are made similar by Strings of genetic code.
Almost as great or powerful an equalizer as death.
In most cases even more so.

#love   #anger   #hate   #science   #reality   #human   #magic   #dna   #biological   #rna  
JJ Cooke
JJ Cooke
7 days ago

Above, if you'll look,
can be found breathtaking
views to the olden.

A flickering faraway warmth
rests in the vacuum
welcoming souls that peak.

Recall the stage before;
when you cannot remember,
as a child indifferent.

Abandon now, project yourself
to that bright star
and emanate pure contentment.

6 days ago

The rule of north and south
Opposites attract
Likes repel

But we were not opposites, you see
Tiptoeing on the branches of the same tree
Uncanny similarity and we both knew
Something is wrong and we have no clue

Evidences and theories and proven laws
All were broken for our good cause

The improbable is what made us
And though it might seem very foolish
Breaking the rules and be as selfish
We can both admit how delightful it is
We have just beaten the laws of physics

This is what we choose
Same polarity but we have fused
Same as ever, I and thee
You are you and I am me
#love   #science   #selfish   #physics   #magnets   #likes  
MP Martinez
MP Martinez
7 days ago

we're not magnetic
we're covalent
like hydrogen to oxygen

love reaction~

Forest Lake Academy
Writing, biology, anatomy
Where I first loved science
Found a word smith's defiance
Asian, male, teacher to blame
Don't remember his name
But he taught me well
And now I excel
White, female, teacher to blame
Don't remember her name
But she started me writing
Words come like thunder and lightning
And it's kinda exciting
Sensing synapses igniting
The proverbial bulb of light
An idea with untold height
The honor to write

Mar 16

Science and poetry
are two fields
that breed insanity.

The normals call us crazy,
but we prefer the term

We want
crimson rivulets
decorating our pages.

We experiment
with toxic substances;
love, chemicals and pain.

We are the outcasts
and we cast away
the sane. 
by anything that breaks;
forever experimenting.

We are the insane,
and crazy
is what we crave.

#poetry   #science  

doubts of man
landing on the moon
and doubts of me
loving you

is it wrong to love someone who doesn't even know they're being loved?
#love   #man   #moon   #science   #him   #theories  
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