17 hours ago

To all my Poet Friends
I would just like to point out,
When it comes to righting,
A Pohem
It takes  enormous,
Some times ,
We get hour spelling,
Slightly incorrect,
Hour punctureation,
Is somewhat suspect,
Let’s not belittle,
The feable attempt,
Or crittersize,
With words of contempt,
Just applaud,
The effort that has been made,
Better to use words of endcouragement,
Than words  that,
As I am reading this,
I can see several misteaks again
But this will not deter me,
From picking up my pen

JB x

Alice R-P
Alice R-P
4 days ago

Where I am standing now,
I can enjoy the view.
The past was beautiful,
I changed, I grew.
The present I see
as a place to believe,
calmness and contentment
residing within me.
Every step into the future
becomes the present,
then the past.
Whatever I choose to keep,
will be what lasts.

#future   #past   #hold   #believe   #now   #present   #grow   #see   #enjoy  

Climbing the hills to nowhere
Enjoying each step,
With sweat and exhaustion
Still with smile and joy on our faces;
Rose blooming on everyone's cheek
Top of the mountain, I see
Time comes to an end but with wondérful memories engraved in our brain.

#friends   #short   #life   #sweat   #tired   #travel   #hills   #enjoy   #trip  

Shaking in anticipation
Hoping no precipitation
Packing for the occasion

Then once I am on the go
Waiting because lines are slow
There on time? I don't know

Arriving taking it in
The salty sea upon my skin
Forgetting how things have been

Time to relax, time to play
On vacation I get my way
So for now I enjoy the day

#happy   #day   #ocean   #sea   #play   #enjoy   #vacation  

Do me a favour
Sing me to sleep
And pray for me
To never wake up

Life is too tough
and complicated
For me to fully live
and enjoy anymore

And when it all
Finally comes to all
I think a song is a good
Way for it all to end


When life gets too tough
#love   #life   #pain   #death   #sleep   #please   #sing   #complicated   #pray   #enjoy  

When we are born, we are born with fire
Dancing in our souls like madmen,
Feasting on our every desire
And granting every wish you could imagine.

So many times we are told to keep our fire safe.
Don’t let it crackle and waste.
But, what if you do just that?
The light from your world will turn to black
And the fire you now need but took for granted will never come back.

The number of tears you’ve cried will put it out
And the dying sparks will fly about.
Nothing will be left but shattered parts
Of a broken soul wishing to restart.

Save every moment you have alive.
Good ones, bad ones, even “okay” ones will suffice.
Just promise my old and lonely heart
That you won’t reduce yourself to embers dancing in the dark.

One of my favorite poems that I've ever written. Enjoy!
#love   #fire   #happy   #be   #cheer   #to   #live   #enjoy   #inspire   #aspire  
Vida Crow
Vida Crow
Jan 31

Really, he should've seen it coming
But he didn't and now it's too late
And her fingers on his heart are burning
Was this really his fate?

Her cackle is wicked, and oh-so degrading
He swallows; its going to be a long night
And why can't he find it in him to hate?
But maybe she'll be forgiving
[Oh who the hell is he kidding?]

interpret this as you will

Oh my gorgeous partner,
Have you forgot it already?

You spent the night awake,
Ended the action with a splurt,
And we spent the night together,
High on fairer hormones we were.

Boosted by your ethereal voice,
And the lightest clapping noise,
Between our action as you jump,
Yes, up and down on my crotch!!!

A secondary acrostic poem.
I know this is really explicit.
I have marked as explicit.

If you don't wish to read such poems, simply go to your prefences and check the box of "Hide explicit writings" there only.

My HP Poem #1380
©Atul Kaushal
#first   #end   #night   #oh   #baby   #enjoy   #yeah   #action   #hormones   #splurt  

Accepting a her as she is, is basically her showing up for an occasion poorly dressed and yet you hold her hand and enjoy the moment.

#accept   #enjoy  
Oct 24, 2016

Depression please leave me,
I don't particularly enjoy your company.

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