Apr 12, 2014


just a classmate,

I was never considered a friend,
just a classmate,
a time-pusher that was all i was.
But today,
i planted a smile.
A smile so deep and pure,
it came as a shock to her.
A surprize indeed.
But surely my own heart rejoices to know that i planted a smile.

Last year, a classmate told me
Mark Parker

My friends describe me
as a man of few verbal words.
Funnily, the words are chosen
poorly for someone who
thinks so much about what
a person should and shouldn't say.

Last year, a classmate told me
she would get at least three words
out of me before our study group
quit for the night. I responded,”You lose”.

I saw the moment, and I pulled a Calvin Coolidge. I don't know if I'll have another chance in my lifetime.
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Apr 14      Apr 15

Sa maraming taon na ating pagsasama
Maghihiwalay para sa panibagong gera
Bawat istorya tumatak sa utak nitong makata
Wag kayong iiyak, tayo'y muling magkikita.

Ang pakikipagsapalaran sa susunod na kabanata

A special 4 bars set up for my batch mates in Highschool. It's also a Filipino poem written in our own language, tagalog.
inseparable classmate!
Pradip Chattopadhyay

In the wispy glow of dusk
he came

mazing through years of husk
memory groped his name.

Then I remembered.

Though drew us apart fate
once we were very close

inseparable classmate!

Seemed so empty
even an hour without him
more together more the happy
we bonded too in dream.

Shared we two
same liking and taste
loved to do
living without the rest.

I have come to close a deal
in his eyes was sadness spread
hope you remember still
the promise we made.

I remembered.

when we last met
he said

let’s seal this with trust
must come to meet his heart’s pal
the one departing first.

Oct 2

You should smile more.
It creates a rippling effect greater than that dark waves of your hair.
Your voice puts me in a monotonous trance.
It wakens up my soul yet could put me in a lucid dream.

That colorful sleeve on your sink reveals your true beauty
Although I cannot decipher it.
It has a way of speaking to me;
           Who you are.

Apr 4, 2013

a borrowed pencil
coaxing out words
it never knew it had
in the hands
of another

You have my birth name
I hear it and want to die
Stop raising your hand

Victoria Jennings
Victoria Jennings
Nov 11, 2013

Someone asked me "So what happens when you know everything about him and get bored?"And I told them "It's not going to happen, I've known him 5 years and not only am I learning new things still but being re-told old things and I love it, with him there's no getting bored."

Jun 14, 2014      Jun 16, 2014

i looked back behind me
that one time in class

you were sat on the very far back
of the classroom
and i was on the second row

the moment our eyes met,
i felt a spark of infatuation
you were looking at me
as if i was the shining sun

but no,
you were not looking at me.
you were staring ahead,
a blank expression on your face
and you only looked at me
because i moved too quickly.

i was infatuated with you,
and you don't even know that
because i'm just a friend.

this is so random :(
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