3 hours ago

his lofty voice is what i hate most
the way his voice has a certain lilt to it
when he explains science to me
even though i definitely never asked
a walking encyclopedia
did he ever care to imagine
i might be comfortable with my own opinions
and not require a step by step explanation as to why they're wrong?
he hasn't walked in my shoes, he hasn't lived in my mind
that fucking voice

Cherry Cupcake
Cherry Cupcake
May 31, 2013      Jun 2, 2013

Summer scents and summer heat
Teenagers' laughter and water flying
Dripping heads and shoeless feet
Trees wear flowers and the sun is shining

To him the day's grey and there's too much noise
Smothered in his black shirt he's ignored by other boys
Saved by the bell, he joins the row some teacher leads
While a group of pupils talks, two girls argue and one reads

At his usual seat he takes his usual things
Acting like he's writing while he's finishing some drawings
Yet his mind slips away to something near
Someone's stare makes his concentration disappear

Frustrated his eyes find her silent stare
When the teacher turns his back, she leaves her desk in one, two, three
Unbalanced he acts like he doesn't care
He could just pretend like he didn't see

Next to him she takes place
The seat astonished by the company
Her hands slowly reach his face
And before he knows his vision gets blurry

Still wondering what's going on, the poor boy has no clue
Until she whispers- with his glasses on:
Now I see the world like you.


Victoria Jennings
Victoria Jennings
Nov 11, 2013

Someone asked me "So what happens when you know everything about him and get bored?"And I told them "It's not going to happen, I've known him 5 years and not only am I learning new things still but being re-told old things and I love it, with him there's no getting bored."

I think we've met
I'm that girl
You sit by in class
The one who doesn't speak
But never shuts up
I do believe
You've stumbled into
A place where
I'm not someone you know
As you can see
I actually have thoughts
That run through my head
And I put them on here
To retrieve later
Or reflect on a time
Where this is what saved my life
You had no idea
I was this messed up
Did you?
Now sit back
And see what
I really think
It could surprise you.

Mar 9

I don't really know you
But I know that smile
I know it's not wholehearted
And I know that you're faking it
I know you're struggling
I know life is hard right now
I know you feel like nothing will get better
And I know you feel hopeless, lost
But I know other stuff, too
I know how happy you make people
I know how amazing you are
I know that your life is just at the start
And I know how great it will be
I don't know a lot of things
But I know that you can't give up
So please
Please don't give up

fellow classmate
Apr 23, 2013

a snort of derision
assails my ears
a gift from the slack-pants boy
that walked by me
i apologize for existing
fellow classmate

no i don't.

i'm sorry if you find my cat ears funny. ohwaitnoimnot.
My Friend, My Soul Brother, My Classmate
Sean Antonio Tyson
Sean Antonio Tyson
Jul 12, 2013

Feb 19, 1991 - July 7, 2013
My Friend, My Soul Brother, My Classmate
Joshua Louis Von Steenburgh
I Love You
I Miss You
May you Rest In Peace

I know you're still here with me Vonnie I love you bro I'll always remember you and continue you writing you always believed in me. You were one of my favorite lyricist just could flow off the top of your head and rhyme exquisite lines that captured my mind, I still hear you Vonnie.
" when i was in high school a classmate looked over my shoulder to catch me wri
wolf spirit aka quinfinn

A Poem by quinfinn
" when i was in high school a classmate looked over my shoulder to catch me writing poetry and asked me to write her a poem. here is that obligatory effort "
here's to bonnie
young and wild
constantly freaky
a real hippie child

lover of beauty,
innocence, youth
trust and love
and peace and truth

© 2011 quinfinn

A classmate exclaimed
Hannah Wild
Jul 17, 2011

A classmate exclaimed
As Mrs. Ragan shoved
An Aladdin mug
In my face as I
Gained consciousness
During sixth grade
Art class

My first seizure

The depression started
Soon after

10mg of lexapro
Five thereapists
Three neurologists
Doctors suck

Middle school was
A Deep Dark
Dooming Depression
I had no friends
I hated everyone
And everything
But mostly
I hated myself

Wishing I had drowned
Or never woke up from
My first seizure

Well, my skinny jeans and sweater classmate
Kate Murphy
Aug 25, 2011

Tell me what's wrong
Tell me why you give me these nervous glances in the hallways
Cross your arms and look away.
Are you worried?
Unsure of how to talk to me?
Well, my skinny jeans and sweater classmate
I am happy to chat.
I am apt to say hello to you.....
But I guess I'm worried too.
Do you have hard feelings because of the Venus flytrap I pulled us into
The scary thread I wove with the needle labelled SUICIDE?
Do not worry, for that tapestry has long been torn in half.
I'd just like to be friendly.

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