inseparable classmate!
Pradip Chattopadhyay

In the wispy glow of dusk
he came

mazing through years of husk
memory groped his name.

Then I remembered.

Though drew us apart fate
once we were very close

inseparable classmate!

Seemed so empty
even an hour without him
more together more the happy
we bonded too in dream.

Shared we two
same liking and taste
loved to do
living without the rest.

I have come to close a deal
in his eyes was sadness spread
hope you remember still
the promise we made.

I remembered.

when we last met
he said

let’s seal this with trust
must come to meet his heart’s pal
the one departing first.

You have my birth name
I hear it and want to die
Stop raising your hand

Cherry Cupcake
Cherry Cupcake
May 31, 2013      Jun 2, 2013

Summer scents and summer heat
Teenagers' laughter and water flying
Dripping heads and shoeless feet
Trees wear flowers and the sun is shining

To him the day's grey and there's too much noise
Smothered in his black shirt he's ignored by other boys
Saved by the bell, he joins the row some teacher leads
While a group of pupils talks, two girls argue and one reads

At his usual seat he takes his usual things
Acting like he's writing while he's finishing some drawings
Yet his mind slips away to something near
Someone's stare makes his concentration disappear

Frustrated his eyes find her silent stare
When the teacher turns his back, she leaves her desk in one, two, three
Unbalanced he acts like he doesn't care
He could just pretend like he didn't see

Next to him she takes place
The seat astonished by the company
Her hands slowly reach his face
And before he knows his vision gets blurry

Still wondering what's going on, the poor boy has no clue
Until she whispers- with his glasses on:
Now I see the world like you.


Victoria Jennings
Victoria Jennings
Nov 11, 2013

Someone asked me "So what happens when you know everything about him and get bored?"And I told them "It's not going to happen, I've known him 5 years and not only am I learning new things still but being re-told old things and I love it, with him there's no getting bored."

Emma Chatonoir
Emma Chatonoir
Jan 25, 2014

I think we've met
I'm that girl
You sit by in class
The one who doesn't speak
But never shuts up
I do believe
You've stumbled into
A place where
I'm not someone you know
As you can see
I actually have thoughts
That run through my head
And I put them on here
To retrieve later
Or reflect on a time
Where this is what saved my life
You had no idea
I was this messed up
Did you?
Now sit back
And see what
I really think
It could surprise you.

just a classmate,

I was never considered a friend,
just a classmate,
a time-pusher that was all i was.
But today,
i planted a smile.
A smile so deep and pure,
it came as a shock to her.
A surprize indeed.
But surely my own heart rejoices to know that i planted a smile.

We had never even talked;
I really only knew of you.
We passed by each other in the hallways,
Consumed by all we had to do.

Now, three years later,
I suddenly discover you are gone...
Makes me wonder if we had been friends,
Could you have found the will to carry on?

Maybe just a weak "hello"
Or a smile of silent understanding
Could have been enough to keep you here
When life had gotten more demanding.

I wonder if my friendship
Could have simply helped you to know
That life is hard for all of us
And that you were not alone.

The feelings must have been raw,
As the voices in your head got louder.
Maybe if you could have foreseen the fallout
You would have lived your life a little prouder.

I don't know what you went through
And I probably wouldn't have been a huge difference
But perhaps, for you, I could have been
Some sort of interference.

I'm praying for your families--
Because I wish you knew that you had two.
There was the one with the same last name
But also those friends who chose to love you.

I wish that you could see
How much everyone here is grieving
Asking what more they could have done
Just to keep you from leaving.

And I am sorry I couldn't help you
That you felt there was no other way--
And I wish I had given you a bit more thought
Than just finding out the other day.

Even though I didn't help you
I just wanted you to see:
In one day, you touched so many lives--
One of those being me.

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7 days ago

You should smile more.
It creates a rippling effect greater than that dark waves of your hair.
Your voice puts me in a monotonous trance.
It wakens up my soul yet could put me in a lucid dream.

That colorful sleeve on your sink reveals your true beauty
Although I cannot decipher it.
It has a way of speaking to me;
           Who you are.

Last year, a classmate told me
Mark Parker

My friends describe me
as a man of few verbal words.
Funnily, the words are chosen
poorly for someone who
thinks so much about what
a person should and shouldn't say.

Last year, a classmate told me
she would get at least three words
out of me before our study group
quit for the night. I responded,”You lose”.

I saw the moment, and I pulled a Calvin Coolidge. I don't know if I'll have another chance in my lifetime.
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