23 hours ago

• dearest, dad.
dead. •

alice, "daddy, i love you. i love you, dad."

tuli, "he's just sleeping." laughs "dad,
wake up."

junior, "dad, i'm sorry, sorry, dad." hysterically crying.

lynn, "dad, i'm here dad. i'm here now."

mom, "you promised you'd never leave me, hun."


me: crickets

I feel so.much of what I didn't before.
This is what I recall from this day.
Haven't really been able to write poetry in a while.
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The Supporters
Of President Donald Trump
Had finally become sick and tired
Of all the Environmentalists,
Who were interfering
With Trump's promise
To "Make America Great" again.
On Sunday, April 22, 2018,
A Group of Trump Loyalists
Opened fire on Environmental Activists
Gathered in Denver's Civic Center Park
In observance of Earth Day
With High-Powered Assault Rifles,
Killing 180 of them on the spot.
It was the largest Massacre
In the History of the State of Colorado.
The residents of Denver
Avoided the corpses, rotting in the Park
For 10 days
Out of fear
That they would also be
Gunned down.
The Denver Police Department
Was not on the side
Of these White Supremacist Terrorists
But the cops were intimidated
By their firepower.
Only the crows flew into Civic Center Park
Poking away at the eyes of the Demonstrators....
Sucking out the juicy, tasty  fluid.
A Group of Native American Activists arrived on the Scene
With wheel barrels,
And loaded the corpses of these Environmentalists
Into waiting trucks,
Parked on Lincoln Street.
They then drove the trucks
Clear up to the the Pine Ridge Reservation  in South Dakota,
Where they had prepared wood for funeral pyres
Along the White River.
They burned the bodies as  Hindus would
Along the Sacred River Ganges.
The Women wailed, moaned and screamed in terror,
As the Men said prayers to the Creator,
To as  for Forgiveness for Humanity
For What we had  done to Mother Earth.
It was said that a Lone Bison arrived on the Scene
And silently observed this Mass-Funeral Ceremony
From an Escarpment overlooking the White River,
Mourning the Victims
Of the Denver Massacre
Along with the Tribe.

There were many who believed in ideals,
Fretting about in their heels,
With bollards and plackards,
They marched and nattered,
All hell they would repeal.

ISIS let rip in the east,
Fear more important than peace,
Assad called the Russians
We heard the percussion,
Aleppo mourned daily deceased.

The climate was caught unawares,
When it realised nobody cares,
The smog came in strong,
Al Gore wasn't wrong,
When people flirt with despair.

Brexit was no laughing matter,
The public blind to what they were after,
Trigger at the ready,
It isn't looking steady,
For a kingdom with too many actors. 

Trump, we thought at first glance,
Didn't have much of a chance,
But Hilary's scandal,
Left the US at a stand still,
Now the world's in Russia's trance.

Farewell to the icons we'll pine,
Our culture was built on their spine,
Prince, Bowie and George,
With legends we forged
The moments that will surpass time.

Ireland became a haven for a few
Pity there wasn't a queue,
With a fight for corporate heads
Banks left dry and bled,
Tech an oligopoly? Who knew.

Aleppo left drenched with no fate,
The little reaction to late,
UN cries unheard,
Media reports blurred.
It's hard to keep up at this rate.

Silicon Valley is offering free food,
to workers becoming robots or goods,
12 hour days,
extraordinary pay,
But with no creativity they're screwed!

Sporting greats made their way to the stage,
this year's Olympics causing outrage,
medals were plenty,
seats were empty,
And controversy graced every front page.

Here we go blindfolded into 2017
Only the wealthy living the dream,
while most young folk,
believe politics a joke,
Tell me, is it time for a new regime?

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I knew you as a person
who wore daffodils in her hair;
dancing barefoot in the fields.
Always unpredictable,
your aura, like an aurora of Pandora's open box.
Recklessly compassionate in your unrelenting affection.

I remember when they told me
that you had passed away.
I watched as they returned your body to the earth.
They say that you're in heaven now,
but I don't know how this can be true
when every day I still feel you in my heart.

Maybe your daisy chain was a halo
and the fields that you danced on were clouds.
I think I finally understand.
I knew you as a person,
but maybe you weren't.
Maybe you were just an angel
that got lost along the way.

This is my first attempt at a free verse poem, please feel free to send me a message with feedback or critique. I honestly don't know what I am doing and writing this was a huge challenge for me. This is for anyone who has lost someone close to them in their lives. People die, but they live on in the hearts and souls of the people who loved and cherished them. Carry their spirits into the new world and they will live on forever.
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Jan 4

mourning a loss
that came before me
Is an invisible burden
I try to forget

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Dec 30, 2016


    In memory of Carrie Fisher, a woman who will be sorely missed.


They knew you as Leia from Alderaan to Coruscant,
But when it comes to Earth we know that you were more than that,
You were a hero, your legacy will live on forever,
Through all your battles you stayed strong, did not surrender,

From drug abuse to mental health, you needed special help,
But you always were a rebel, hell or heaven, hear me out,
Even when bi-polar, had your eyes swole-up,
From the lined coke but you were still on set, saying "Hi, Yoda!"

The chorus sings goodbye, it's an awful thing to die,
You were a Skywalker, now you're walking in the sky,
So Lei-a down, twist a lightsaber, make a halo,
The Force is always with you, tell Kenny Baker, hello...

Alice Malice
Alice Malice
Dec 18, 2016

I found love
in a silent symphony
of sensations and
in flickers of violent energy
zinging across the
bruised skin
you left behind
and when I told you I
was wholly yours
I thought that you were wholly mine
and I guess I was wrong
because now
I'm facing the reality
you never could have loved me
and now I'm seeking
in the silent symphony
the memory
all the kisses
you left behind

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to the brilliant minds of the warehouse
who embraced all oddities
in painted nails and tattoos,
whose hands worked wonders
and made masterpieces,
who loved the world
and spoke up
in technicolor and loud sounds...

you will always blaze brighter
than the fires that took you

to the victims of the oakland ghostship warehouse fire... you will always be remembered.
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Dec 8, 2016

Life is a paradox,
a sweet disposition.

There's a sanctuary of sweet scented sorrows,
flowering vines and blowing chimes and soft symphonic tunes.

There's a wild radius of plants, some of which rarely seen,
he shows you around his paradise with eyes that only gleam.

It's a place full of life because a man lost his wife.

The air is cold but the sun warms my back. It warms his, too.
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