Hush little baby don't say a word,
We're just playing a game
Where you can't be heard.

Hush little baby don't you cry,
Daddy's just going on a trip
It's not goodbye.


Hush, I'm a big girl, I can't say a word
Pretending he didn't touch me
Is what they prefer.

Hush, I'm a big girl, I can't cry
Daddy's not coming back
And my happiness
I can't deny.

1 day ago

Oral rape joke is that I wanted to come over
The oral rape joke is his bed that I agreed to lay in
The oral rape joke is I was the one who wanted to make out
The oral rape joke is whatever we call it was finished
My mind filled with guilt
It takes a society to tell a rape joke
The oral rape joke is his neck that I shouldn't have kissed
The oral rape joke is this has happened before with someone else
The oral rape joke is I am still friends with that someone else
The oral rape joke is that I never broke up with the second guy
The oral rape joke is that even with my mind filled with guilt
And my stomach turning with sickness
I still wanted him forever
The oral rape joke is I should have pushed him off
Rape jokes make me wanna just die
The oral rape joke is he got to break up with me the night after
The oral rape joke is he got to start dating another girl
The oral rape joke is he didn't have to feel the guilt
The oral rape joke is he's happy
The oral rape joke is because I didn't leave I'm not allowed to be traumatized from it
The oral rape joke is because I talk about it like it was nothing
I must have wanted to do it
Of course I don't cry myself to sleep at night thinking about it or anything
No I totally didn't hurt myself over it or anything
The oral rape joke is I should have went home
The oral rape joke is I'm the one who kept kissing him even tho he kept trying to do something I was not comfortable with
The oral rape joke is the questions
Why didn't I say no louder?
And why didn't I say no more clearly?
Even tho I said it 5 times
I should have said it again
The oral rape joke is when I got home I acted like it never happened
The oral rape joke is that it was my fault
The oral rape joke is I didn't leave him

(the following poem I wrote was based off of Duncan Slagle's poem "hahahaha")
4 days ago

I am not a landfill for
I am not the void to repair
Damaged masculinity
Yes, I am a woman
Comfortable with my sexuality
But, aren't I supposed to decide
When i want that kind of intimacy?
Everyone's got their demons
I'm always the dirt beneath their shoes
As the climb from the pit
I want to be more
I want to be whole
I want to be strong enough
To stop it when I say no
Rape is a four letter word
I wish I didn't feel it in my bones
When the one I loved hushed my cries,
I said no

#love   #depression   #anger   #abuse   #betrayal   #hurt   #ptsd   #rape   #assault  
Z Trista Davis
Z Trista Davis
4 days ago

I was a whore
When they told me that I “needed” to wear a bra in the third grade
like my eight-year-old body was too sexy
And they would want things that they shouldn’t
Like it was my fault for being this way

I was a whore
The kind that got sent to the office for too short skirts and too much cleavage
Already guilty because I had hips and thighs and boobs
And I was guilty of making them look of being big of taking up space
My body was an ugly indecent thing

I was a whore.
Not the blowjob in the bathroom kind of whore.
Although, given the chance I might have been.
I was the kind of whore that loved them seeing my body.
The kind of whore that was great at phone sex and better at stripping.

I was a whore.
I was the kind of whore who faked orgasms with the best of them.
Because watching them when they heard me, saw me, felt me coming.
Was unbelievable.
It was empowering.

I was a whore.
I did what they asked because it made me feel like I was worthwhile.
It made me feel like I was valuable.
It made me feel like the pits in my heart had finally been filled.
It made me feel like he didn’t leave me when I was eight months old.

I was a whore.
I pawned myself out like answers to the history test.
Because he smiled.
Because he was the kind of boy that made you want to say yes, yes, YES
And I did what I wanted.

I was a whore because I couldn't say no,
Yell no
Scream no
Whisper no
When his hands twinned around my wrists like handcuffs keeping me there in the silence

I was a whore
Because even though his hands were touching me
I was too afraid to say so
Too afraid of it all falling apart
Too afraid of being the thing that broke it

I am a whore.
Because you don’t stop being one.
Just because you learn that sex is more than a strategic move.
Because you see the scars it’s leaving.
Because you finally start to hear your broken heart.

I am a proud whore.
I refuse to be ashamed.
My “number” is a badge of honor I wear right above my pussy.
Because being a whore takes refinement

I’m taking it back one word at a time.

Daddy Issues.

I am a whore.
But now I’m the kind of whore that backs away when it starts to hurt.
When they get rough.
When they bite too hard.
When I can’t hold back the tears anymore.

I am the kind of whore, who stopped giving.
Giving blowjobs,
Giving it up,
Giving little pieces of myself,
Giving a fuck what you think

I am a whore,
My vagina is singing rally songs and yelling protest chants
It’s wearing a sticker that says “I voted”
It running around barefoot in a sundress with nothing holding it down
And it’s backing me up in every fight

So call me a whore,
Because I’m the kind of whore who won’t stop fighting until rape is always, always, always a crime.
The kind of whore who will never be afraid to say no again.
I’m the kind of whore that’s going to tear down your patriarchy one fucking brick at a time.
And I won’t stop until I am bloody and aching on the ground where it once stood.

This started out as my personal vagina monologue (which I was challenged to write around the time I performed in the show), but I realized that it read more like a poem than a monologue.
#freedom   #sex   #women   #rape   #vagina  
6 days ago

if every year of my life
were a chapter
and I could only remove one
from my story:
I would tear out chapter 14.

I would rip all the pages,
mutilate beyond repair,
shred. Shred shred shred
burn burn burn until
nothing was left but ashes.

14, when I was naive.
14, when I thought kissing a boy
would make even me think that I
was straight, 14
when a hot summer event suddenly
burned me hotter than the sun
ever could, because
at 14, a boy I called friend
didn’t listen.

14, he’s in my house,
14, he’s in my room,
14, he’s on top of me,
14, he’s forcing his way in me and I…
I am telling him to stop.

14, my cries go ignored,
14, he’s stronger than me,
14, my parents aren’t home,
14, I didn’t tell anyone he was coming,
14, he could hurt me if I run,
14…where would I even run to?

Shame; Shame because 14
is the story of when I said stop…
and then stopped trying to stop
what I wanted to stop and had asked
for to stop in the first place but
he did not listen to the word

14, when fear paralyzed me.
14, when what was less than an hour
felt like a lifetime. 14
was crying when he finally left,
14 was seeing blood and knowing
it wasn’t my menstrual cycle.
14 was when my whole life

In chapter 14 I had innocence
stolen. In 14 I started high school;
where I had two classes with him

14 was acting like it was fine,
I was fine, it was all fine,
until it wasn’t, and
14 was police reports and questions
and being accused of lying,
14 was “He’ll get what’s coming to him.”
But we are chapters away from that now and
justice has never once been applied, and
he roams free and
I still feel trapped under his body.

Chapter 14 would be entitled
and I would erase it from my story
if only such an action
were possible.


This is likely the most personal thing I've ever written.
#sexual   #rape   #warning   #trigger   #assault  
Pernille Augustson
Pernille Augustson
Nov 11, 2016

You took something from me,
something you were not allowed to take.
You walk around like it was nothing,
when it was everything.
Your carefree persona provokes me,
you gave me nothing not to care about.

All you gave me was fear, anxiety, worries and doubts.
All you did was make me lose my trust.
All you were was just a demon,
a demon disguising yourself as an angel,
to get what you needed.

you didn't care the outlook,
you didn't feel my pain,
you just felt your urge,
your urge to release your sperm.

You lied to me in my most vulnerable state,
to get what you wanted and not what I wanted,
when I suddenly said no,
you took it anyway,
because demons don't listen,
demons don't care,
for demons ''no'' doesn't count,
demons call the shots.

I hope you're happy,
because I am not.

#fear   #depression   #pain   #sadness   #anxiety   #demons   #no   #rape   #injustice  
Mar 12

how could you possibly sleep though the night knowing that the woman at the end of your bed is disappointed because you couldn't help her, because you are healthy and her children are dying, because you may not have a shelter from your own mind but at least you had a shelter from the world and that's more than she ever had? how could you possibly sleep soundly knowing that the woman in tatters at the end of your bed is crying for her lost love and the marriage she was forced to have who a man that saw her as nothing but a vagina for him to play with? how could you possibly sleep peacefully knowing that the woman in tears at the end of your bed is looking at you and wondering why you're alive and smiling while her children were thrown into a mass grave after her town was bombed by your own patriotic country? how could you sleep and not spend every waking moment caring for the poor woman at the end of your bed? how?

a bit of a messy rant based off of a mixture of nightmares and a common sleep paralysis symptom.
#love   #dying   #life   #death   #sleep   #woman   #children   #political   #violence   #rape  

My eyes are the things that should let you know what is wrong when my tongue keeps clicking and popping yet no words can come.


I can not speak.
My eyes are just like my mouth when anxiety comes crawling in a few minutes after I have spoken to my rapist.
My eyes burn and itch from irritation from attempting to scratch out the memories of my mother.
The times she has left me alone
The times she would always hit my sister
The times she would do anything to get her way
The times she has tried to apologize for but no.


I can only speak in words that rhyme with depression because that is the only thing my mind can come to think of.
Depression speaks in words… but I can not.
My hands are like clocks which never stop and time just keeps going on and on forever until I see him.
Until I see the person that has caused me to flinch when touched.
The person that has caused me to have trust issues.
The person that has made loving someone hard.


Shaking means I am thinking about him and the things he has done
So I guess I must always be thinking about the torture he has put me through.

Why didn’t you try to run
Why didn’t you
Why didn’t you
Why didn’t you
Why didn’t you simply fight back?”

Your definition of simply is like trying to tell pink from blue.
My definition of simply is like trying to smash two objects together but eventually break.

My words mean nothing because my eyes can’t speak
They can’t leave that memory
They can’t stop thinking


“W­hy didn’t you just… fight back?”

#life   #society   #issues   #rape   #police   #justice   #injustice  
Mar 2

You asked me to lunch
You asked for a dance
I'm lying here, Sad

Stuck deep in a trance

You called me pretty
You called me a doll
I'm lying here, Sad

Staring at the wall

You wanted my face
You wanted my hips
I'm lying here, Sad

Biting on my lips

You forced me quiet
You forced me in bed
I'm lying here, Sad

Bad thoughts in my head

You fed me sweet words,
Made me feel absurd.
I love you
I love you
Only sounds that I heard.

Quickly, I matured
Quickly, I hid pain
I'm lying here, Sad

When'll I be okay?

#sad   #pain   #evil   #iloveyou   #rape   #imnotokay  

Barack Obama wasn't a Saint,
But he was a Woman's President
With a successful, intelligent wife......
Donald Trump, in contrast,
Fashions himself as a Man's President.
He wraps himself around the Cross,
But he has never really been known to be ethical.
His supporters wanted a Thug,
And they've got one.
However, his masculine, "Yang" energy
Is the type that burns out rapidly.
Being a Hothead is,
Just like his attitudes towards the Environment.
Though he wants to be perceived
As "The Leader of the White Race"
And the "Leading Crusader for Christendom",
If one wants to Keep Going,
One is going to become burnt out with his mentality
Really fast.

#fire   #destruction   #rape   #yang   #masculine   #burnout  
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