Little Bit
Little Bit
4 hours ago

buried among
other favorites
you sing to me
about the girl
I used to be
preoccupied with
my own pain
so naive

I dreamed then
I was naked
I dream now
I'm in the
driver's seat
but the car's
driving me
out of control
out to sea

I hear your voice
and I want you
to come over
and wrap your
arms around me

but then, too soon
the music changes
mick fucking jagger
reminds me
I've already
found what
I need

but instead of
being comforting
the choir, that chorus
it mocks me
it taunts me

maybe I will blow
a 50-amp fuse
I'm tired of
the self-abuse

I already have
what I need
but I think
you're what
I want

you're what
I feel
but you're
not real

written 3/22/17
#want   #lust   #age   #naive  
Shofi Ahmed
2 days ago

The little zero is big magic.
Count on any number in the number set.
Zero can give the heaps the giant leap,
yet no number can square it,
not even the complete set of digits.

Science trailing through the zero and one  
leads the digital age, continues to grow.
What's in a number is in the know,
but what's in a zero?

Now let’s take a trip into the matrix
without the arithmetic pill of the zero orb.
This time let it be with a poetic dose!

Should you not bask in the sun,
dipped only dew-deep,
shimmering in the sea of its deep
shadow in one little drop?
Can you touch a moon
up high, waxing lyrical  
above the billowing ocean?

#poetry   #science   #age   #digital   #zero   #number   #digit  
Delta Swingline
Delta Swingline
2 days ago

At 10 years old, I argued for my time back. I don't to play piano anymore, I want my 10 000 hours back.

This is the brokenness I am

At 13 I had a double, nothing in common but the title of their being. And yet that is all it took to become nothing.

This is the brokenness I am

At 14 I spent time with a locker, the only friend I had in the jail of a building.  A homeless student living amongst the rich.

This is the brokenness I am

At 15 I was trying to put life together, but it didn't work. Making myself angry about it. Maybe you don't have to accept that life doesn't like you, that people don't like you. That you don't like you.

This is the brokenness I am

Wrote this a year ago. It's still very relatable. I think I was better at allusion when I wrote poetry back then.
#broken   #words   #thoughts   #people   #me   #school   #age   #hypocrisy   #notes   #everythingiam  
2 days ago

The things that I’ve been told,
And all the lies that spread
The rumours I watch unfold
Let torture claim my head

To open who I am
A lock that gleams so cold
To end where I began
To sell before I’m sold

A tragedy unfolds
Not all that gleams is gold
My actions deemed as bold
My habits have grown old

Tiring of this life
Aged before my time
I wish to say goodbye
Unlock a deep bloodline

The dark drowns the light
And the light no longer shines
The key, it gleams so bright
And now I bid goodbye

#time   #dark   #lock   #blood   #emotion   #light   #cold   #age   #key   #vyscern  
Dan McKee
Dan McKee
2 days ago

It seemed, all at once, that the world had ended.
The glass had shattered, the idols had fallen,
And all the world was burning.
He turned to the wise old one,
Tears in his eyes,
And begged "Oh please
"Say that it will pass, that this is not the end!"
Old eyes looked back, and an old throat cackled
"The end, my boy? That we'd be so lucky!"

Felt like writing something- hardly a poem, but oh well.
2 days ago

With autumns ever shortening diurnal light
You pull the dark evenings in
Like a cloak around your shoulders.
Instinctively your spirited open summer strides

Slip into their winter shuffle,
Inviting the scuffle through fallen leaves
And solemn reflection in every puddle.

Once, long summer days brought inspiration.
Now, with morning, just comes condensation
And a crystallised frosting of the cars and ground.
Through the sky’s grey filter the land’s colours are dulled.

These days are shadowless,
With no memories worth mulling over
Other than when the days were brighter.

#fall   #seasons   #autumn   #age  
Peter Balkus
Peter Balkus
3 days ago

Too old to believe that Time has no end.
Too greedy of life to give up on the world.
Annoyed by the laughter of schoolboys on the bus,
though laughing much louder when no one's listening.
Pretending hearing rain when it's raining,
however tinnitus of death rings first bells in his ears.
He knows that the worst is yet to come,
but it is not coming, what gives him a glimpse of hope.
His mirror reflection has got necklace around his neck,
but he is not sure if it's an jewellery, or a rope.
He left all Gods behind, but still turns around,
as there's no road ahead, no footprints behind.
He sees in the far the land of his youth,
but every time he tries to seize it with hand, it got wiped down.
He calls his own name, but no one replies.
He kisses young girls in his dreams, but he's already learned
that the dreams are to fade soon and to erase it all.
Too old to be fooled that Time has no end,
too scared of the death to give up on himself.

#poem   #man   #life   #death   #young   #old   #age   #middle   #nowhere  
Peter Balkus
Peter Balkus
3 days ago

Three middle-aged Scots
had told an English girl on the train
to shut up.
She wasn't even that loud,
were probably louder than her.

She got off on the next stop,
looked at them
and friendly waved to them.

She won,
she beautifully won
this dirty, unfair game
played by three Middle-Aged Scotsmen.

#poem   #poetry   #girl   #age   #english   #train   #middle   #ages  
4 days ago

White sheets flutter...
they dance around the room
they whip and crack like storm-kissed sails
I cower in fear, my bed is empty save for pillows.

I rest my head
I'm nearly dead
I ache with dread
I crumble, like abandoned bread
and the table we set
is unwoven by time.
Splinters, like loose thread, pile up as do bones.
We are no longer held together by compassion,
we are butchered by sharp tongues and piercing glares,
for shame! We thought it was a funhouse, but we revel in slaughter.

White sheets flutter...
they wave like sleeping flags
they wave like quaking lands
then they settle and I hear the white sheets whisper
and the whispers haunt me
are they soaked by old lovers
tears like oceans raining into the sky
blood like rivers escaping the bed
bowels of deceit coughing up their secrets
let us drink all this vile bile and be drunken by horrors.

Is that the only way we can escape?

Not sure how all the ideas came together or where the inspiration was derived. I just had a thought:
"What if our bed sheets were ghosts? What would they say?"
#love   #death   #time   #past   #lovers   #memory   #age   #history   #prison   #hotels  
Philip Lawrence
Philip Lawrence
4 days ago

Hair grown white

brushed straight away

Gnarled spine

Shoulders unsquared

Padded stool

Red leather tome

Pencil scars

Yellowed borders

Crooked finger

Brittle leaves

Blurred mass

Rimless descent

Old friend


Comfort alights

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